Best Cypher Trapwire | Cybercage | Spycam | Ultimate lineups on Ascent

A complete guide to the best attack and defend setups with Cypher for Ascent in Valorant.

Updated on Aug 23, 2023
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Best Cypher Trapwire | Cybercage | Spycam | Ultimate lineups on Ascent

Riot Games’ Valorant alongside all maps have a lot of tactics and strategies you’ll have to use alongside your teammates. But players also have to know how to play the agents and use their abilities correctly to win.

One agent that players oversee is Cypher. He can gather information on the enemy agents unlike any other, and Cypher’s a pretty good pick on Ascent. So let’s take a look at the best Cypher setups Ascent Valorant!


Best Defending / Retake Cypher Ascent Setups

Defendging A-site Cypher Setups

A-site Cameras

Best A-site Camera

To make use of the best camera for this site, stand atop of Heaven, aim high on the wall, jump and place the camera.

You can overview the whole site, get a peek from A-main for the enemy team, and even see into A-link for any enemies from the attacking team coming from Mid.

A-site Peek Camera

If you want to feel more aggressive while playing Cypher though, you can place your camera directly on A-Main like below:

You’ll catch and tag the enemy team who tries to push A-Main aggressively with this setup. But know that this camera setup is really noticeable, so it’ll get destroyed instantly.

This camera is best used when playing with Initiators. If you know the whole enemy team is at Mid, you can tell your Breach who’ll flash and ult them for a few easy kills.

A-site Cages

A-Main Right One-way Cage

There are 2 one-way cages you can utilize to cover A-Main. For both of them, you’ll want to stand at the corner at the A-Link Mid door where the crosshair aims below:

For both one-way cages, look at the abilities UI below. There’s a line in the centre connecting all abilities. You’ll want to align that line with the line in the pillar door frame like below and throw the cage.

Other agents won’t be able to see you, but you’ll see their feet for a free kill at back-siite.

But as you can see, the left side isn’t covered where enemies will be able to see you. That’s where the second cage comes into play.

A-Main  Left One-way Cage

Stand at the corner of A-Link Mid door, as shown above, and align the center line of the Valorant agents’ abilities UI right next to the line of the door.

Here’s what the one-way cage looks like to score easy kills against the enemies:

With this cage one-way setup, you’ll have A-Main on the map Ascent covered fully.

A-site Tripwires

A-Main Tripwires

The first tripwire you can place is right beside the entrance of A-main at the boxes.

Any enemies will get caught in this tripwire setup that tries to push onto the site. Another tripwire you can use is right at the corner of the door towards A-Link Mid.

The advantage with this is any enemies that rush to get the door closed will get caught in this setup.

Mid Cubby to A-Link Tripwires

If you want to protect against enemies coming from Mid, you can place a tripwire on the flower pot at the Mid entrance to A-Link.

Another thing you can do is place the trap on the door above. Albeit risky, some enemies won’t expect this trap.

Defending B-site Cypher Setups

B-site Cameras

Best B-site Camera

To place the best B-site Ascent camera spot, you’ll want to stand at the Mid platform corner, where the crosshair aims below.

Then aim at the wall to the left, jump, and place the camera as high as possible.

You’ll get a peek at enemies coming from B-Main early, and you can even see any agent lurking on-site alongside back-site.

The only bad thing with this camera is you won’t be able to see the Ascent B-site planting spot, but it’s a good payoff considering the other advantage you get.

Sneaky B-site Camera

If you don’t want to place the camera at the same spot over and over again, stand at the same Mid platform corner as above. Aim at the lower sign above the door, jump, and place the camera. This will place the camera on the upper sign.

Enemies won’t spot this camera unless they directly view it above. And you’re getting a decent view of the site alongside Mid Market.

B-site Cages

B-Main One-way Cage

This one-way cage is a bit hard to hit, so you better practice it in a custom game with cheats beforehand.

Now look at the UI below, specifically from the Health bar until the first ability shows up. There’s a single line going a bit upwards, align it with the first brick that appears from below to upwards as shown below, and throw the cage.

Here’s what the cage looks like if you stand at the entrance from Defenders spawn:

Mid Market Cage

To protect yourself against opponents coming from Mid, stand at the same corner at the Mid stairs platform, aim at the line above the door, a bit higher than the door like below and throw your cage.

Here’s what the cage looks like from the shed where you can close the door:

Although it’s not a one-way cage, it still closes the location well.

B-site Tripwires

B-Main Tripwires

To close off B-Main with a trap, aim at the right corner of the main door and place your trap.

If the enemy team starts to notice this trap, you can also place it in the lane leading towards the planting spot. They enter the site mostly from there, so it’s pretty effective.

Mid Market Tripwires

If you want to protect yourself against enemies coming from Mid, you can place 1 sneaky trap really low at the automated door. Enemies won’t notice this setup half the time.

But if they start to notice the trap and hop over it, you can place the trap further into Mid Market to change things up a little bit.

That’s every setup you’ll need to effectively defend every site on Ascent with Cypher!

Best Attacking Cypher Ascent Setups

Attacking A-site Cypher Setups

A-site Attack Tripwires

A-Lobby Flank Tripwire

First thing first when you’re attacking A-site on Ascent, place a trap at the entrance from Mid to A-Lobby. This is to protect yourself against flankers.

A-Rafters Heaven Tripwires

Then rely on your Duelist teammates to take the site and plant the spike. Make sure to close the door to lower the enemies’ angles. After that, place a trap on Heaven for rotating enemies.

A-site Attack A-Rafters Heaven Cage

You can combine the previous above trap with a cage. There is no specific placement, just aim higher and throw the cage near the trap. When rotating opponents get caught in the trap, you should instantly activate the cage.

A-site Attack A-Rafters Heaven Camera

At last, throw in a camera on Heaven. With this, you’ve covered all entrances towards the site, from flanks to the door and Heaven!

Although the camera will get noticed instantly, you’ll still get a pretty good overview of Heaven and the site too.

Attacking B-site Cypher Setups

B-site Attack Tripwires

B-Main Flank Tripwire 

Now when you’re attacking B-site, you’ll place a trap instantly at the entrance to B-Main on the wooden plank on the left to catch back-stabbers and flankers.

B-site Defender Spawn Tripwire

Make sure to close the door before you plant the spike. Once the spike’s been planted, use your remaining trap at the entrance from Defenders spawn.

B-site Attack B-Main Camera

There’s a pretty sick camera spot you can use on the windows at B-Main above. Aim your camera on the first window on the left edge, and place it like below:

You’ll instantly see anyone lurking at the planting spot, at the Mid stairs platform, and if someone’s camping near the entrance of B-Main.

B-site Defender Spawn Cage

You can combine the above Defender spawn trap with a simple cage which you’ll activate the moment an enemy gets trapped on your tripwire. 

That’s everything you need to know to win on the map Ascent when you’re playing Cypher. Since you’re playing an information gatherer agent that Riot Games gave you, you should definitely check out the Ascent callouts. This is so you can know how to tell your teammates where the enemies are located!

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