How to Get Better at Valorant

In this article, we’ll give you quick tips in order to get better at Valorant.
How to Get Better at Valorant

We're just going to be straightforward with you, there are no easy ways to get better at Valorant. You have to constantly improve at your own pace. You can't sleep today and then automatically be 10 times better when you wake up. 

Valorant is a game that relies on muscle memory, game sense, sufficient game knowledge, team communication, etc. These things are something that takes hours of playing the game in order to develop.

Managing Your Game Settings

Many players actually neglect to configure their game settings. This can be seen in a lot of new and professional players, wherein they just don't manage their game settings at all. 

This might seem like a stretch, but trust me, every player has their own setting preferences, wherein they can maximize their gameplay. Here are some of the few things you might want to consider when managing your settings.

valorant settings

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Mouse Sensitivity

Your mouse is the essential tool that dictates where you want to point your crosshair, where you want to deploy your abilities, etc.

Believe it or not, mouse sensitivity is actually different for each player. For example, I prefer a higher mouse sensitivity as I can freely, and swiftly check corners whenever I'm playing a clutch round. However, a friend of mine who's played longer and better than I, prefers having a lower sensitivity, for a more stable crosshair placement.

Do you see the point? In order to get better at Valorant, you have to know which mouse sensitivity you're absolutely comfortable working with. Sensitivity preference is very subjective as we can see, and we suggest that you experiment with your mouse settings, and see which one works for you!

best mouse sensitivity settings

Video Settings

Whether you're playing on a high-spec gaming desktop, or a laptop that can barely run Valorant, it's important to assess which video and graphics settings are perfect for you. If you play Valorant on an old laptop that's not even meant for gaming, you can expect that your graphics setting should be set to low or medium. 

high video settings valorant

We all agree that Valorant looks really good at the maximum settings. Still, I wouldn't dare force my laptop to play a Competitive match at the max settings when every time I try to walk, my screen becomes like water in the fridge – it freezes.

Audio Settings

Many players overlook this amazing feature where you can hear enemy footsteps and determine which direction they're coming from. The moment they hear footsteps, a good Valorant player immediately knows where to place their crosshair, and where they need to strategically position when attacking, or defending.

Regardless if you have studio monitors, gaming headphones, or even just plain open speakers when playing Valorant, it's important to configure your audio settings in a way that it maximizes the capabilities of your audio device.

If you watch other players play during a clutch round, chances are, they're most likely silent, and even their teammates aren't making a noise. They secure the areas by being absolutely cautious and muting their footsteps in order to hear sound cues. This is why you need to have a good audio configuration.

Skilled and experienced Valorant players are known to be great at using the noises in their environment to predict where their enemies are and plan ahead on their next move. When you use your skills, some of them make noises that other players can hear while playing, this gives away your location, and being outsmarted by the opponent.

audio settings valorant


Now that you've adjusted your aim sensitivity to your comfort, it's time to choose the perfect crosshair for you. Having a great crosshair will lead you to higher body counts, making it something you should consider in order to get better at Valorant.

There are many crosshair codes that you can find online and import, but the perfect crosshair should have the following characteristics:

  • Must be accurate
  • Does not cover up a large portion of your screen
  • Is not too small that it's difficult to aim at further opponents.
  • Isn't distracting in any way.
  • Can’t be one of these or these.

Your mouse and your crosshair are your bread-and-butter when playing the game. Good sensitivity combined with the best crosshair will result in accurate and precise shots and better crosshair placement.

Improving Your Aim

There are many different aspects that contribute to winning a match in Valorant. As we've mentioned earlier, your aim is your most crucial asset in leading your team to victory, and the ideals of being a good shooter are that you are:

  • Accurate
  • Precise

Have you noticed when spectating or watching other players who use assault rifles often, instead of bursting their shots at distant opponents and missing all of them, they fire a burst of rounds in a disciplined manner? This is an example of having good accuracy and precision.

When we play roles such as Duelists, we're expected to be really good at attacking the enemy team. We have to be quick at sudden planning, and we're expected to have good aim. How do we improve our aim, though?

Using Aim Training Tools

There are a lot of aim trainers out there on the internet. Some you can download for free such as Aim Lab, which can improve your performance in similar games, and it can help you in getting Better at Valorant.

There are a variety of training tools on other sites that you can check out; however, you do have to be cautious about giving away personally identifiable information.

Practice Range

The practice range is really helpful to become more familiar with different agents, weapons, and the game in general. When you are new to the game, you will first land here at the practice range, so that you may test out different weapons and undergo the training course. There are simulations of certain gameplay scenarios that you may encounter, and you can improve your skill here.

practice range valorant

Aiming At The Head High

When we're walking, or rushing towards an area to either attack or position ourselves to defend a point, we always tend to lower our aim. This is actually instinctive, and there's no benefit of doing this, it's just a habit that we have developed. We think it may help us when we're rushing, but in reality, it makes us more unaware of our surroundings, making us more vulnerable to enemy fire.

You should start practicing moving while predicting where the enemy's head would be at, different areas would mean different angles and heights. It's good to start practicing this to get rid of the bad habits and develop a better game sense. Methods such as counter strafing, and burst controlling, are beneficial practices in getting better at Valorant and improving your game sense.

Experiment With Other Agents

When you play Valorant for the first time, there's a high chance that your main agent in the long run will be the first agent you chose when you were new.

However, when you want to get better at Valorant, you need to experiment with other agents to understand them better, so you can counterplay them effectively.

Continue competing in Unrated games until you're confident enough to use those agents during a Competitive Game.

Agent Selection Valorant

Watch Other Players

A master was once a student before he earned the title. The same goes in this situation, there are so many top players in different games that showcase their skills online, share tips and tricks in their videos, and show you cool things to take your game knowledge to the next level.

Valorant 200IQ

Make sure to watch other players and take notes from their instructional videos, or even gameplay. As an avid gamer myself, I like to watch compilations of players having 200 IQ.

Stop Crouching

In other FPS games (especially Counter Strike Global Offensive), crouching down with each spray is a good thing. However, in Valorant, by crouching, you become a smaller target and therefore easier to hit in the head, plus you become slower and limit your movement options

crouching valorant

It's not that crouching is always wrong, but it's rarely a good play. Usually, you want to counter strafe and move around a bit before crouching; it's often your last resort in a tight duel.

Practice, Practice, Practice

Lastly, practice. I know it sounds typical, but the truth is, this is the actual key to improving your game sense and skills. Now that you've gained all the tips that you have, you can now start applying the tips you know and practice them in your own play. If you're serious about actually becoming a great player, you have to practice hard. And while you are practicing and playing the game daily, you might also want to know how to earn money by just playing Valorant.