Best Phoenix Lineups On Icebox | Mollies | Walls

Let's put some fire on the Icebox with these lineups!
Best Phoenix Lineups On Icebox | Mollies | Walls

Icebox is the coldest map in Valorant, and as we know from lore, Phoenix is this one Valorant Agent who can really spread the fire. And since having a smoker in team comp is almost essential on Icebox, Phoenix will very often just be a fitting pick on this map, so let's see what he can actually do with his abilities.

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Best Attacking Phoenix Lineups

Attacking A Site Icebox Phoenix

A Site Generator Molly

Generator is one of the more common positions for Defenders to hold. However, when someone leaves it, they can't go unnoticed, so this molly will not only force the person who is there to run away but can also give your team a free kill:

The cool thing about this lineup is that you don't even have to have anyone to watch this area; you can just throw that molly, peek, and claim that sweet frag yourself. You can follow it up with a flashbang and quickly enter the site with your team.

A Site Default Plant Zone Molly

If you've planted a Spike and you want to protect it without getting into a gunfight (e.g., when you have low HP), this molly might help you a lot:

You hear the defuse sound = you throw it, simple as that. Your opponent won't even have time to defuse the Spike halfway through. If Spike is far from detonating, you can use your Ultimate Ability after casting this Molly and play around with your enemy to steal some of their time.

Attacking B Site Icebox Phoenix

B Site Rushing Yellow

B Site is a slightly heavier Spike Sit to take over, especially since you need to check so many positions, and there's probably a sniper on the Snowman. But what if it were all limited to just Yellow?

Casting this wall will allow your team to quickly take over the Spike Site from the Yellow and Mid. Moreover, before executing this lineup, you can also consider throwing a molly on the Yellow to ensure no one is there. 

B Site Default Plant Zone

Yellow is a perfect place for Phoenix to hide in post-plant situations, as it's a great spot to cast the Ultimate Ability and Flashbangs. Therefore, we have also prepared a molly that will cover the default plant zone on the B site:

This one is especially useful in 1v1 situations, where you want to check whether your enemy is faking the defuse or not.

Best Defending/Retake Phoenix Lineups

Defending A Site Icebox Phoenix

A Site Ultimate Orb Molly

Catching someone on an Ultimate Orb pick-up is one opportunity to stop a rush on A. However, if the enemy team knows about it, they will certainly be watching for a chance to peek, which is why you might want to go for this jump & throw molly:

It lands perfectly on the Ultimate Orb, and it can also slow down the enemy team, giving your teammates a chance to rotate.

A Site Defending Wall

Speaking of slowing down the enemy team, this wall will do just great:

It’s straightforward to cast, and it literally blocks any opportunity to get on the Site for the Attackers team, so you have some extra time to change positions or wait for your teammates.

Defending B Site Icebox Phoenix

B Site Ultimate Orb Molly

Last but not least, a great molly which lands perfectly on the Ultimate Orb near the B site.

What's more to explain – this is a simple and effective counter-play for an Ultimate Orb pick-up that can also work to stop the push.

And that was it for the best Phoenix lineups on Icebox! If you main this particular Agent, we encourage you to check out other lineups that are totally fire for climbing ranks: