Best Phoenix Lineups On Bind | Mollies | Walls

In a mood for doing some "skrrrts" on Bind? Here are some lineups that are totally fire for it!
Best Phoenix Lineups On Bind | Mollies | Walls

While Phoenix may not be the best Agent to play on Bind, he is still quite useful, especially if the team composition is right. In this article, we present you with the absolute best lineups you can use if you happen to play Phoenix on this particular map. All of them are straightforward to perform, so even if you’re not a Radiant player, you should be totally fine! 

Furthermore, if you’re new to the game and don’t know the callouts yet, be sure to check out this article: The Complete Bind Valorant Map Guide 

Best Attacking Phoenix Lineups

Let's start with the Attackers side, which is definitely a non-favorite on Bind, especially if your team comp is not on point. And by the way, find out where Phoenix got his talents of playing with fire: Phoenix’s Lore Explained

Attacking A Site Bind Phoenix Lineups

A Site Showers Molly Lineup That Clears Shower Boxes

A site is very hard in that we usually have to attack from several sides, and if the enemy team is well-prepared, we have a meager chance of success without lineups and counter-plays. 

This molly by itself won't win you the round, but combined with the right smokes from Agents like Brimstone or Astra, taking over A Site will no longer be so difficult, as you just never have to peek Boxes. Sure, you have to throw a lot of resources for just taking the Spike Site, but that's the price you pay for playing as Attackers on Bind.

A Site A Short Lineups For Defending Spike

Are you in a 1v1 situation but have low HP and realize that a single foot shot can kill you? No worries, unless you can plant the Spike, you can still win the round without even being on Site

All you have to do is plant the Spike in the spot shown in the video, and go on A Short and throw this molly after you hear the defuse sound. Like, who will check this corner? Most of the time, the enemy player will rotate with Defenders Spawn and check everything but A Short. 

Attacking B Site Bind Phoenix Lineups

B Site Lineup For Clearing Hookah / Pushing Window

Every time we push B Site through the Window, we have to see if anyone is on the Hookah side, which is a giant disadvantage for Attackers. Plus, it’s a situation in which we end up with at least one player dying.

This molly will allow you to completely get rid of a player potentially standing on Hookah and therefore give your team an easier way to rush through the Window. Moreover, if one of your teammates stands by the teleport and watches for an opponent coming out of the molly, this one lineup could give your team one of the easiest frags ever scored in Valorant.

B Site Lineup From Defending Spike From B Short

Another lineup on defending the bomb in 1v1 situations, only this time, on B. All you have to do is plant the Spike and then run through the Window to the B Short. You can also place a wall to help you escape, it depends on which side you expect the enemy to come from). Then, whenever you hear a defuse sound, just throw this molly:

If you play at higher ranks, it will probably give away your location. Still, you are buying yourself some time, and if your opponent starts defusing late, it may even win you the round.

Best Defending/Retake Phoenix Lineups

Defending A Site Bind Phoenix Lineups

A Site Lineup For Stopping Rush From Showers

Usually, Attackers will push you from both Shorts and Showers. However, if you expect a YOLO Showers rush (on an eco round, for example), then this molly will be super handy for you:

If you catch someone in this molly, you will force them to either retreat or push the site. Moreover, you can quickly cast the wall while standing at Towers so that no one can take you down from A Short and aim right at the Showers to get some potential frags.

A Site Lineup For Blocking Site Entry From Short

If you want to limit the Attackers' ability to take over the site, there’s one wall that could help you so much.Using this wall, your teammates protecting Showers are safe, and Attackers are forced to push U Hall, wait, or teleport to B

And whichever way they choose to go, your team will be informed, so you can prepare yourself and predict your enemies' moves! See, one wall, and it limits the opposing team's options so much

Defending B Site Bind Phoenix Lineups

Teleport Molly To For B Short

If you have info or suspect that the opposing team may want to rush B from short, and you are on A Site, simply get closer to  teleport and throw this molly:

One extra tip for this lineup: if you're afraid someone might shoot you down from A short, just cast a wall covering you and then throw a molly at the teleport. 

Teleport lineups are super popular for Bind in general, for pretty much any Agent:

B Site Hookah Molly From Garden

However, if the enemy team has already taken over Hookah and Window, this molly can force them to retreat or instant push:

If they decide to rush the site, you just cast a flashbang right after throwing a molly and grab some easy kills.

These were the lineups you can use when playing Phoenix on Bind. If you learn to execute them flawlessly and use them in the right situations with the right abilities, we already see you climbing these ranks rapidly. 

And if you’re one of these ambitious players, check out other cool lineups for Phoenix:

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