The Best Color Settings for Valorant

For the best color settings in Valorant, choose yellow for enemy highlight colors, increase brightness in desktop settings, and adjust monitor settings.

Updated on Oct 31, 2023
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The Best Color Settings for Valorant

The Best Enemy Highlight Color

There are four settings you can choose from which are:

  • Red (Default)
  • purple (Tritanopia)
  • Yellow (Deuteranopia)
  • Yellow (Protanopia)

We recommend using one of the two yellow colors, unless you are colorblind like TenZ - then choose whatever suits you best. The yellow colors are the best as they are the most vibrant, and stand out a lot more compared to the darker red and purple enemy highlight colors.

Valorant Enemy Highlight Color

The Best Desktop Color Settings

These can be adjusted by opening the Nvidia control panel and clicking Adjust desktop color settings. You can go through various options, selecting whether to increase or decrease them. These are:

  • Brightness
  • Contrast
  • Gamma

The Best Desktop Settings

These three come down to personal preference, but we recommend increasing brightness at the very least! However, this won't fit to every one of you so before you decide that these will be your final color settings, try it out on different maps, with picks made by our Valorant map randomizer.

One setting we suggest to always do is increasing the Digital Vibrance. Increase this to between 75% and 100%. A lot of Valorant YouTube creators and pro players use this setting, so give it a go!

The Best Nvidia Control Panel Color Settings

The Best Nvidia Control Panel Color Settings

With an Nvidia graphics card, you can also edit your Nvidia control panel settings and change your existing settings by right-clicking the desktop and selecting Nvidia Control Panel, then navigating to Manage 3D Settings. You can select these to a specific application or keep the Global Settings for all of your content.

We recommend finding Valorant Settings in your Nvidia settings and keeping the Program Settings how they are, as they are suited best for your setup already!

The Best Monitor Color Settings

Next, you can adjust the actual monitor settings for your setup itself! Most monitors have assons on them to increase various settings which could improve your gameplay and how you see the game. These settings usually include:

  • Saturation
  • Contrast
  • Gamma
  • Brightness

Similar to the previous color settings, we suggest increasing the brightness at least. You should also increase the saturation. Everything else comes down to you, as every monitor is different. We cannot tell you what settings to have, but just play around with it!

To improve your gameplay, you want the best settings for Valorant, so consider using  the best audio settings and adjusting your minimap so you have the best minimap settings as well! To get a real competitive advantage, combine these color settings with the best Valorant graphics settings and the best Valorant mouse settings, as these are the most important ones out there.

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