The Best Aim Lab Playlists for improving your aim in Valorant

Aim Lab is the best tool for improving your Valorant aim, but what playlists should you use? This guide has three of the best to help you out with improving aim

Updated on Oct 31, 2023
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The Best Aim Lab Playlists for improving your aim in Valorant

Aim Lab is arguably the best aim trainer to help you improve your aim by practicing shooting small targets at speed. This improves muscle memory, micro adjustments, and crosshair placement amongst other things. Playing an Aim Lab playlist is great for training different aspects of shooting and, you guessed it, aiming, for when you play Valorant.

Valorant has its own version of this called The Range which is actually built in the game, rather than third-party software, such as Aim Lab. The trade-off is that in The Range you can actually use weapons such as the VandalPhantom, and Operator, rather than copies of the guns in Aim Lab! Regardless of this, we still use Aim Lab a lot, but what playlists actually improve your aim? Well here are the best Aim Lab playlists for improving your aim in Valorant in our opinion!

Best Aim Lab Playlists for Valorant

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Ethos' Valorant Warmup Playlist


Ethos plays for NRG and his Aim Lab playlist for warming up is one of the most popular on Steam. It focuses on improving your flicking, click timing, reactions, and tracking of targets. This is one of the best Aim Lab Playlists for warming up before jumping into your important Rated games!
Here is the link for the Ethos Valorant Warmup playlist:


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Tenz's Valorant Warmup Playlist


Similarly to the previous Aim Lab Playlist, this is a Tenz warmup Playlist that one of the best-ever Valorant players uses before he gets into playing Valorant. This playlist has currently got over 460,000 subscribers, which is one of the most out of any Aim Lab playlist!

Here is the link for the Tenz Valorant Warmup playlist:


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Immortal Valorant Prac Playlist


This playlist is the first that doesn't focus on using it to warm up before playing Valorant. This was created by 'DEFYED' on Steam, and they suggest doing each task 5-10 times to practice and improve! This playlist is so in-depth you won't need to use any other playlist alongside this one, which is arguably why it is so popular - as proven by its half a million subscribers on Steam!
Here is the link for the Immortal Valorant Prac playlist:


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SkillCapped Playlist


SkillCapped is very well known for helping players improve at various different games, with Valorant being one of their biggest. So it makes sense to use their Aim Lab Playlist to get better too! This is just that. If you want a thorough SkillCapped experience

that the coaches over at SkillCapped recommend and use with their customers, then this playlist is the one for you. Here is the link for the SkillCapped playlist:


How often should you practice in Aim Lab?

Most players at higher levels who use Aim Lab complete one playlist a day, usually before they get into their first game of Valorant of the day. We also recommend you trying out our Valorant random weapon generator, before you get into it, so that you can try out different options and scenarios before jumping into a Valorant ranked game. This is not necessarily a guaranteed way to climb, as you might not have enough time, but think about what you are actually using your gaming time for. Is it worth rushing in one game of Valorant with no warm up, or should you just practice with an Aim Lab playlist instead?

Practice really does make perfect, and all of these playlists are available to download from the Steam Workshop, but if you don't have Aim Lab, then The Range in Valorant will do just fine, so don't feel like you are at a disadvantage!

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