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Best crosshair colors in Valorant

One way to win a round in FPS games is by clicking on your opponent's head. Having the perfect crosshair helps a lot with that.

Updated on Sep 28, 2022
Best crosshair colors in Valorant

Shooting in FPS games is the most important skill that every player needs to learn. Mastering all of the techniques that make up this skill is a big task, but it’s not finished until you find your perfect crosshair. The crosshair for an FPS gamer holds the same value as the brush for a painter.

Best crosshair colors

So what are the best crosshair colors that you should be using in Valorant? Settings like inner line opacity and inner line thickness have a huge effect on the final crosshair. The same can be said for the outlines and the movement of the crosshair. The performance of a dynamic crosshair that changes if your movement and firing error is turned on, also varies with color.

But if we take the norm to be a crosshair without outer lines or a center dot, like many pro players, we can see a common trend. The colors most pro players choose for their crosshair are these three and for a good reason.


Cyan takes the top spot for a few reasons. Firstly, it’s hard to confuse your crosshair with something else unless you’re looking at the sky or the beaches on Breeze. Both things you shouldn't be doing while trying to aim. Also the light blue color that it has is very hard to replicate in game even with different graphics settings. So your crosshair will alway stand out. Combine it with some slim outlines with good opacity, and you have the perfect crosshair.

According to Sen TenZ at least, as he is the most responsible for making this crosshair color popular. Other pros that have been using this crosshair color are Wardell, Sinatra, Cryocells. Even Counter Strike legend Shroud crosshair settings include the blue crosshair. If all those well established players are using it, it has to be good right?


The next one is the green crosshair color and for similar reasons. The green texture on Fracture and in the Viper ultimate is a lot darker than the crosshair color, but using outlines is still a good tip. Apart from that, Skye’s hair is orange so there’s not a lot of things in the game that can blend in with your crosshair.

CS GO veterans like Hiko and ShaHzam love using this color, while streamers like RISE Shanks and T1 Brax Valorant crosshair settings also include the green color. The Russian prodigy and MVP of the Valorant Champions Tour in Berlin, known as Gambit “nAts” made this crosshair popular and we don’t blame him.


If you’re struggling with clarity, eyesight, recoil control or you have a small display, white is the way to go. A white crosshair with outlines has been the default and the cornerstone of many FPS games before valorant so it’s always a good choice to go back to the roots.

Aggressive riffle users like Asuna, Mixwell, Tarik and Scream love the simplicity of the white color. At the end of the day the goal is to click heads and have as little distraction as possible.

Does crosshair color affect gameplay?

You can spin in however you want, but the short answer is definitely yes. Sure if you have mastered every aspect of the shooting skill, it likely won’t matter. You will create a masterpiece regardless of your brush. Heck, there’s even CS: GO players, playing without a crosshair all the time. But how does the crosshair color affect your Valorant gameplay? 

Environment color

Well for instance, it has a lot to do with the background. Unlike other FPS games, Valorant is a lot more colorful with many maps with different textures.

Having a crosshair with a color similar to the surroundings can cause massive confusion. Especially in long range duels and if you are playing on a smaller display. It’s not rare to see players struggle to maintain sight of their crosshair. 

Enemy highlight color

Another aspect that gets affected by your crosshair color is the enemy highlight color. It can be purple, red and two types of yellow. This means that having a red or yellow crosshair with the same enemy highlight color can make it hard to see your crosshair.

Good luck trying to shoot someone in the head on C Long with a yellow crosshair, if you have a yellow highlight color on the enemy. Your entire screen is yellow and you have diminished clarity. 

Other aspects

Depending on your graphic settings you might also have trouble locating your crosshair around certain ability effects or agent designs. You can’t fight in a Viper ultimate with a green crosshair and no outlines.

Also a Raze double satcheling with a Judge on Split, needs a crosshair better suited for body shots, unlike the Chamber using his pistol for one taps on Breeze.

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