Learn The Absolute Best Crosshair Colors in Valorant

The best crosshair color in Valorant is one that lets you see more, and some colors just do a better job than the others.

Updated on Jul 30, 2023
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Learn The Absolute Best Crosshair Colors in Valorant

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Cyan, a shade of light blue, takes the top spot as the best crosshair color in Valorant for a few reasons.

Firstly, it’s hard to confuse your crosshair with something else unless you’re looking at the sky or the beaches on Breeze. Moreover, the light blue color that it has is very hard to replicate in game even with different graphics settings in Valorant.

Cyan Crosshair Color in Valorant

Valorant crosshair color codes vary, and the code for cyan has become particularly popular. Pro players like TenZ, Shroud, or Cryocells have highly contributed to making this crosshair color super viral in Valorant. But hey, if they are using it, there has to be something to it, right?

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When considering crosshair colors, green is also super hard to confuse as a Valorant crosshair color, unless you are playing on Fracture (but if so, why wouldn't you perform some game dodging?).

Green Crosshair Color in Valorant

Some veterans like ShaHzam love using this color, while streamers like T1 Brax Valorant also include the green color. Still, let's be honest - green crosshair color is just legendary for FPS games, as it is almost always a default crosshair color chosen by game developers. y.

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White crosshair color is surely the way to go if you’re struggling with clarity, eyesight, recoil control or you have a small display.

White Crosshair Color Valorant

However, even if these are not your problems, it's still a common pick for one of the best Valorant crosshair color codes among pro players. Aggressive riffle users like Asuna, Mixwell, Tarik and ScreaM simply love this color all the way!

Does Crosshair Color Affect Gameplay?

The short answer is definitely yes, crosshair color affects gameplay in Valorant. Sure, if you have mastered every aspect of the shooting skill, it likely won’t matter. Still, there are few matters that are worth considering when going for a new custom crosshair color.

Environment color

Unlike other FPS games, Valorant is a lot more colorful, with many maps with different textures. Having a crosshair with a color similar to the surroundings can cause massive confusion. Especially in long range duels and if you are playing on a smaller display.

Enemy highlight color

Another aspect that gets affected by your crosshair color is the enemy highlight color, and it can be purple, red and two types of yellow. This means that having a red or yellow crosshair with the same enemy highlight color can make it hard to see your crosshair, which is why we won't recommend these. Conversely, an orange crosshair or a pink crosshair might suit you better, depending on the map and the enemies' highlight colors.


Depending on your graphic settings for, you might also have trouble locating your Valorant crosshair around certain ability effects or Agent designs. For example, it's nearly impossible to fight in a Viper ultimate with a green crosshair and absolutely no outlines.

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