Valorant Chamber Agent Guide | Abilities and How to play

Chamber is the resident Frenchman Riot Games added as the 17th agent in Valorant and he is lethal. Here is the last guide you will ever need!

Updated on Mar 09, 2024
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Valorant Chamber Agent Guide | Abilities and How to play

Everything you need to know about Chamber

Chamber is a very high damage dealing Sentinel and as well as having a decent amount of mobility, he can be sometimes used as a secondary fragger- especially on pistol rounds. The trade off is that he has no vision prohibiting abilities, such as smokes or blinds.

Is Chamber right for you?

If you think you can out-shoot the enemies, then Chamber is perfect for you. A Chamber player always needs their aim to be on point, considering two of his abilities give him extra guns! If your aim needs a bit of work, you will struggle to utilise Chamber- but that doesn’t mean don’t give him a go if you absolutely want to!

Chamber’s abilities

Trademark (C)


How to use Trademark (C)

Trademark (C) is a very useful tool for spotting out enemies- whether it be flanking enemy players when you are attacking, or defending when the enemy team are pushing. When an enemy comes near the trap and into it’s line of sight, it creates a slow area and alerts Chamber.

The ability costs 150 credits for each of it’s two charges, and the slow area lasts for 9.5 seconds and has a 50% movement slow.

When and where to use Trademark (C)


We recommend using Trademark (C) to cover an entryway or chokepoint, but make sure it is somewhere that will not be seen before it explodes. These can include behind and on top of boxes and other terrain, as well as concealed in small, tight corners/ nooks.

You can place these behind your team if you are pushing to let you know if an enemy is flanking, as even if the enemy agents shoot and destroy your Trademark (C) traps, you still get an audio cue telling you they have been destroyed.

Headhunter (Q)


How to use Headhunter (Q)

Chamber can purchase up to 8 bullets for his heavy pistol, which he can equip by pressing the ability button. It acts as a regular pistol and can be aimed down sights with right click. It is a very powerful weapon that can help Chamber get a large amount of kills if the player’s aim is good.

The pistol does 159 damage to the head, 55 to the body and 46 to the legs. Each bullet costs 100 credits- to a maximum of 800 for a full magazine.

When and where to use Headhunter (Q)


We recommend using Headhunter (Q) by buying a few bullets on pistol rounds and eco rounds. This is because Headhunter (Q) has very high one-shot potential and is the strongest pistol in the game.

Headhunter (Q) allows Chamber to be flexible, as he can buy four bullets and light shields for 400 credits each on pistol rounds, or five bullets and two charges of Trademark (C). alternatively you can back your aim and get eight bullets!

Rendezvous (E)


How to use Rendezvous (E)

Rendezvous (E) is Chamber’s movement ability which allows him to peek, get a kill and instantly teleport away. Chamber places two teleport anchors and whilst he is in the visible circle (only for Chamber) he can teleport to the other anchor.

Anchors can be picked up and redeployed, but do have a 20 second cooldown. As Chamber’s signature ability, the ability is free, but it can be destroyed and has 80hp. It also has a 1.3 second channel time- so Chamber can be killed after teleporting without being able to react!

When and where to use Gatecrash (E)


Make sure you hide your teleport anchors from Gatecrash (E)! This is because if an enemy shoots one, you cannot teleport to the other and may find yourself trapped. Chamber’s aggression comes from being able to teleport away, so if you cannot do that, you cannot play how Chamber loves to!

Learn a lot of spots to place your anchors in on each map. You need to be able to set up pre-round so make sure you’re quick. Also try to avoid placing them in the same areas if the enemy have found them- this stops predictability.

Tour De Force (X)


How to use Tour De Force (X)

Chamber gets a five-shot Operator for free! Any bullet that Chamber can hit enemies with is instantly killed and a slow area- like that of Trademark (C)- is formed. The slow is for 9.5 seconds and is a 50% slow.

Chamber gets five shots and activating the ability has a 2.3 second windup. Seven ultimate points are required for Chamber to use Tour De Force (X).

When and where to use Tour De Force (X)


If you back yourself to hit your shots, Tour De Force (X) is on par with Jett’s Blade Storm (X) in terms of lethality. Use Tour De Force (X) in combination with Rendezvous (E) to quickly get a kill when holding an angle and then teleport back in safety.

You can set up double-sniper setups with Tour De Force (X) as you only have to buy one Operator and put it on your other sniper! Usually this is another Duelist (probably Jett), but anyone can use it!

Best and worst team compositions for Chamber

The best team compositions for Chamber


The best team composition for Chamber does not have to contain too many aggressive agents as he can act as a secondary fragger. The best Chamber team composition goes as follows:

Chamber and Killjoy are the chosen Sentinels as Chamber does not provide much on the flank or defence of a spike site in comparison to Killjoy. Jett as the primary Duelist means that there is a lot of raw power pushing onto spike sites with Chamber.

KAY/O as the Initiator is very good with Chamber as he can suppress enemies with his NULL/CMD (X) and ZERO/POINT (E), which prevents enemies from teleporting/dashing out of Chamber’s line of sight. Astra as the Controller is similar with her Gravity Well (C) and she can help defend sites and make up for the lack of Chamber’s defensive abilities.

The worst team compositions for Chamber


Chamber will suffer on teams that have a lack of utility as most of his kit revolves around himself. The worst team composition for Chamber is like this:

This team composition has no Controllers and multiple agents that do not have utility or vision prohibiting abilities. Where Chamber can act as a secondary Duelist, a large amount of Duelists and damage dealers is not needed when Chamber is selected. Skye also has no smokes to stop enemies pushing when defending, although she works quite well with Chamber when attacking.

The Best and worst maps for Chamber

The best map for Chamber


Bind is hands down the best map for Chamber. When defending he can teleport between both A site and B site with well placed Rendezvous (E) teleport anchors. The images above by the Rendezvous (E) part of the guide show both placements on A and B site.

This isn’t possible on most maps, but it is on Bind as Bind is a very small map. Chamber can also take full advantage of the teleporters by placing one anchor in the teleporter and getting between the two mid areas easily. His rotations are really easy on Bind.

The worst map for Chamber


Split is the worst map for Chamber. This is because he wants quite long narrow corridors and entryways there are very little of these on Split. Enemies can push from multiple angles when defending both spike sites, meaning that Chamber cannot always guarantee safety when setting up and teleporting back.

The tight corners and angles are what Chamber struggles with as his Headhunter (Q) is very good at range due to the one shot potential with a headshot that closer range weapons do not offer.

Best and worst guns for Chamber

The best guns to use when playing Chamber


The best guns to use when playing Chamber are guns that allow him to stay at range and take full advantage of his teleports in the form of Rendezvous (E). They go as follows:

The Vandal and Phantom gives Chamber the flexibility to play at range but also if he finds himself in close range skirmishes he can survive. The choice is down to you. The Operator is very good on Chamber- similar to his ultimate, Tour De Force (X).

The Guardian does a similar job to the Operator as it can one-shot headshot and allows Chamber to quickly peek and then teleport away. The last gun is Chamber’s pocket pistol, Headhunter (Q). This is because you should always be purchasing a couple of bullets on pistol and eco rounds on Chamber.

The worst guns to use when playing Chamber


The worst guns for Chamber are guns that force him to stay exposed for a while or up close to the enemy team. They go as follows:

The Stinger does not give Chamber enough damage or range for it to be worth buying over eight rounds of his Headhunter (Q). The Judge is a powerful gun, but with the delay between teleporting, Chamber can sometimes get caught out when trying to play optimally for the Judge.

The Bulldog is too weak to pick as an assault rifle- especially as the Guardian is a similar price. The Odin/Ares have mobility problems that are negated with Chamber, but playing at such a long range away, he cannot guarantee a quick time to kill with them.

Defending Tips for Chamber


  • Place your Trademark (C) somewhere safe. This is so you can teleport back to safety after peeking aggressively, meaning you can play forward but still have the safety of the teleport in your back pocket. You don’t want either anchors to get destroyed!
  • Hold an angle with your Headhunter (Q) and Tour De Force (X). Headhunter (Q) is a one-shot headshot, so if you know an enemy is going to walk around an angle, put your crosshair at head height and just wait. The same goes for anywhere on the body with Tour De Force (X).

Attacking Tips for Chamber


  • Place your Rendezvous (E) where you can easily rotate between areas of the map. A lot of newer Chamber players place one anchor at the back when pushing and the other just before they push. The best place them in other areas allowing for faster rotations!
  • Use Tour De Force (X) whenever you can! It will save your eco! You shouldn’t be playing Chamber if you don’t back your aim, so make sure to use the round changing ability when you are trying to force your way onto a site- it will stop the enemies from peeking so much!

There you have it, the last Chamber guide you will ever need to read! Let us know if Chamber is the agent that you will use to slay the enemy team!

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