The best Valorant agents for Split

On a map with as much verticality and chokepoints as Split, choosing the correct agent might be the difference between a win and a loss.
The best Valorant agents for Split

When Riot Games created this map they probably weren't aware of how successful it would turn out to be. A lot was expected from a map with so many high points like Heavens and unique areas like Garage and Sewers, but it delivered. Old and new agents are all finding niche roles they can fill on this map, allowing for unlimited gameplay potential. If you’re looking forward to continuing your push to the coveted Immortal rank in the new act, these are the 5 best Valorant agents on the map Split.


With how narrow some of the choke points are on Split, Skye's abilities really begin to shine. She is a force to be reckoned with on this map, with her abundance of Flashes making her perfect for throwing a site take off balance.

Them being easy to control and available throughout the round with regeneration, makes her borderline overpowered on this map. Her Trailblazer makes it really easy to scout out enemies and convert on them while they are blinded. Clearing the angles at the boxes on B main site is an easy task for her Tiger while being able to consistently gather information in all areas of the map. Her Ultimate is also a great tool that slows down pushes and can even be used as a distraction to attack from a flank.

While they're busy shooting down your abilities you can safely peek at and shoot down your opponents. Skye really gets an opportunity to shine on this map as the main Initiator of choice, considering Sova is harder to pull off on this map. And considering how aggressively her abilities can be used here she even acts as a pseudo duelist.


Her win rate might not tell the whole story and it might be because she is a difficult agent to master, but in the right hands, Astra can be an oppressive pick.

Taking a closer look it only becomes more clear drafting this agent on a map with as many chokepoints and tight corridors is a good idea. Apart from having global pressure, her being able to deny entrances with her concussions and Gravity wells is really important for the success of your defense. And on this map, her Ultimate really gets to shine even if the player is not good enough at using it.

Both spike sites have three entrances that you have to defend after the spike has been planted. You can use her wall to deny one of those options and force your enemies to choose between helplessly running through the wall into the defender's crosshairs or funneling into ‌protected entrances.


As time went on and Sage started losing more and more of her power, Viper has proved to be the next game-changing pick on Split. The default setup is only viable as a strategy if your team comp allows it, and having a Viper on your team makes this easier to execute.

Her capabilities are on full display on the A site, regardless if she is defending or attacking. Being able to use her wall effectively both offensively and defensively on that site should not be allowed. Her smokes and molly also help her gain and deny control on her own, regardless of where she placed them because the map is filled with chokepoints.

And if a Viper gets on to a spike site and plants, good luck retaking that site. Her Ultimate is one of the most difficult spells to play around if your team is not coordinated, which will rarely happen in your Competitive games.


Knowing how to double Satchel might be one of the most important skills for any Raze player, but it's especially important on Split. On a map with his kind of elevation and hidden corners, a single smoke and satchel can throw the defense out of their place.

Not to mention that all those tight corridors make the map a bit claustrophobic, which is the perfect playground for Raze's AOE abilities to shine. Her BoomBot can outright clear entire entrances without missing an angle and her grenades will always have value on a map so narrow. There is a large number of simple Satchel plays that can be made on Split, like satcheling up on Rafters to enter Heaven on A for a surprise peek.

Another one Raze players love to do on Split is double satcheling from B Heaven to the back of the B site. Both these moves open up the site completely wide open and send defenders scrambling.  If you combine them with some utility from your allies or good Showstopper usage, you are going to be a very difficult Raze to deal with.


There are three things certain in life. Death, taxes, and a Sage wall in the middle of Split. Sage has been a staple pick on Split since the beta and for that very same reason.

It might sound repetitive to mention it, but it's really one of those rare game-changing abilities. Having or in this case denying mid-control is crucial on every map, especially on Split. Having mid control ensures your team has the fastest rotations possible to whatever site you want. If the enemy team tries to force their way through it, they will be using resources and giving away information.

On the other hand, her wall can be placed in any choke point on the map to deny access, and there are lots of them. Usually, a Sage player can place the wall on Mid, and reposition to B Heaven to assist her teammates on B, with slow orbs or the rest of her utility. I don't think we need to mention how impactful her healing and revival can be on the outcome of a round and possibly the game.

Utility is the name of the game, when we are talking about his map, and this tier list just proved it. An interactive design with multiple entrances to each site guarantees to spice up every round regardless of what site you are on. Sure, meta staples like Sova and Jett can find success on any map, including this one, but we didn’t mention them because we felt other agents were better suited for success here.

Valorant Map Split

We see a common trend reappearing with ‌three out of these five agents having a wall ability that can limit or impact accessibility. Another one is the usage of abilities that cover a large area, effectively zoning enemies off crucial choke points. Using all of this we can determine that Split is a map that when positioned properly, you can use to your advantage to exploit the mistakes of your enemy, rather than go for hero plays. Drafting and strategy play an integral part to anyone’s success on this map, and that’s what you should be focused on as well.

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