Valorant Fracture Lore: The Story Behind the Map

The Valorant Fracture lore and story for the map explained: Chamber, Mirror Earth, Radian Collider, and more.

Updated on Oct 24, 2023
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Valorant Fracture Lore: The Story Behind the Map

Riot Games has created an intensive story and lore revolving around Valorant. Every Valorant agent has their own story, but players are surprised that all Valorant maps also have their own lore.

Fracture is one of the maps with one of the most in-depth lore and excellent story elements. From Chamber's involvement with Fracture to both our Earth and Mirror Earth working together, let's see the Fracture lore Valorant!

Where is Valorant Fracture Located in Real Life?

Fracture is located near Santa Fe, in New Mexico, USA in real life. This location is known due to the coordinates being given in the loading screen each time you enter Fracture. And the real-life coordinates of Valorant's Fracture are "35°48'18" N 106°08'19" W".


When it comes to the layout, the main feature of Fracture is the big zipline in the middle which the attacker team can use to get to the Attacker Side Bridge and enter A-site or B-site from the back. The defending team in exchange has their Defender spawn in the middle of the map making it easier to rotate on both sites. But what's most intriguing about Fracture is how vastly different both sites are, and that has to do with Valorant's lore for Fracture.

What is the Valorant Fracture Lore and Story?

In Valorant's lore and story, there's a resource called Radianite which powers most of the world and has given our agents their abilities. Most of it is obtained and controlled by an evil company known as the Kingdom Corporation. There's also a parallel world called Mirror Earth which is running scarce on Radianite, so they travel to our world to steal it.

Fracture, also known as the Everett-Linde research facility, existed to research and conduct experiments on Radianite with the Radian Collider. The facility was made of scientists from both our Alpha Earth and Mirror Omega Earth. Since both worlds were already in conflict, each got its own Alpha sector on B-site and Omega sector on the opposite side at A-site.


Both parties' scientists were prevented from sharing information and having direct contact with each other, as seen from the various story elements like posters scattered around the map. There were also emails like tablets with yellow dots that could be read in the buy phase in the Defender side spawn.

The emails were mainly between 2 scientists Oran and Ruben, which became wanted criminals further in the new map Pearl's lore. As for Fracture, it's also worth mentioning that Fracture's research facility in the Valorant lore is led by the two Kingdoms: Kingdom Corporation from our Earth and Kingdom Industries from Mirror Earth.


Aside from that, if you were confused about the Radian Collider, it's the big machine in the middle of the map between the ziplines that was used for research and probably was supposed to create more Radianite or an alternative to it. But these research pursuits didn't suit one agent: Chamber.

Valorant Fracture Lore Story: Chamber Destroys the Map

The Everett-Linde facility Fracture in a twisted turn of events was destroyed by Chamber. He made a deal with his Mirror counterpart, and with 2 shots from their snipers colliding at one point in the Radian Collider, they destroyed Fracture with all the scientists in it. This can be seen in the official Fracture cinematic.


The reason why Fracture is called the way it is is because of the massive "fracture" this Chamber incident made across the map and its surrounding areas. You can see this division in more story elements like the two realities outside the map, especially from over the Attacker Side Bridge where one side is full of plants and life while the other side looks like a wasteland.

While there are a lot of details surrounding the destruction of Fracture, one main point in the Valorant lore has to be the killing of the scientists. Killjoy is even saddened by the fact they were killed in this voicemail. She was there alongside other agents to get the data Fracture had and Mirror Earth's portals to their universe which can be seen on the map.


And that's it for the Valorant lore and story behind the map Fracture. Unlike previous maps, Riot Games presented Fracture with more in-depth story elements and a dark history with the scientists, which tragedy was made by one of the agents we're playing. So will a new map in Valorant ever reach the lore heights Fracture had? Only time will tell, so in the meanwhile visit the TheGlobalGaming YouTube channel for more Valorant lore content!

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