Best KAY/O lineups on Fracture [Attacking & Defending]

With Fracture being the newest map in Valorant, there are even more creative ways to perform lineups as KAY/O.

Updated on Feb 12, 2024
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Best KAY/O lineups on Fracture [Attacking & Defending]

This KAY/O Fracture lineup guide has all the best lineups you need to know for the Initiator, and it will provide everything you need to dominate when on Fracture. Whether it be using KAY/O’s FRAG/MENT, ZERO/POINT or FLASH/DRIVE, these lineups are vital for taking your KAY/O game play to the next level!

Best Attacking/Post Plant KAY/O Lineups

Attacking A Site KAY/O lineups

A site ZERO/POINT Attacking A Rope from Attacker Spawn

For the first lineup, you will want to stand in Attacker Side Spawn, just by the sign to the left of the door. This lineup is very useful at the beginning of the round, just before your team pushes into A Hall, as it will scout out any enemy agents lurking in A Rope or behind A Door!

Afterwards, aim the very left end of the white line on your HUD up with the green strip, just below the triangle on the left of the building- as we have and throw!

This is where the ZERO/POINT will land, and it will suppress all enemy agents lurking here. It is very useful as you will often get defenders lurking around A Rope, waiting for you and your team to push through A Main onto A Site.

A site ZERO/POINT Attacking A Site from Attacker Spawn

For our next lineup, you will stand in the same place to start off. This is very valuable as you will be able to throw your ZERO/POINT in two different locations — meaning the enemy team cannot predict where you will throw your knife every round!

Aiming this one is a little trickier, as you need to line up the right-hand end of the previously mentioned HUD line with a small vertical tube on the wall in front. Practice this lineup first in custom games, so you can pull it off very quickly and efficiently in your rated games!

The lineup will land on the roof above A Main, making it very hard for the enemy agents to destroy. It will suppress all enemy agents on A Site, including A Heaven and A Hell, as well as any agents lurking near the double stacked boxes.

Attacking B Site KAY/O lineups

B site ZERO/POINT Attacking B Site and B Canteen from B Tree

Moving over to B Site lineups, this lineup will scout out any enemy agents watching B Main early on in the round. Stand in this corner, just as you enter B Tree from Attacker Side Spawn.

You then want to aim the left end of the small white line in the middle of your HUD (in between the FLASH/DRIVE and ZERO/POINT icons) up with the top left corner of the billboard in front of you. The actual throw you want to use is a crouch throw!

Similar to the A Site lineup, this lineup will land on a roof, and be almost impossible to destroy! You do not have to be super accurate with this one, but the more accurate the better. It will spot any enemies lurking at the top of B Main, in B Canteen and by the green boxes on B Site.

B site FRAG/MENT Post Plant blinding elbow and back site

For our second B Site lineup, you will go over to the other side of B Site. This is a post plant lineup so it is very good for when you are defending the spike! You want to stand in this corner in B Arcade, near the zipwire.

The right-hand side of that left line on your HUD needs to lineup with where the yellow triangle on the wall meets the left light gray vertical strip. The left corner of the light gray vertical strip is optimal.

This is where the FRAG/MENT will land, and it is very good for forcing enemy agents off of the Spike — especially if you communicate where to plant with your team! 

You can also then push into B Tower and kill enemy agents waiting for the FRAG/MENT to end.

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Best Defending/Retake KAY/O Lineups

Defending A Site KAY/O lineups

A site FLASH/POINT Retake Blinding for A Site and A Drop from A Link

This FLASH/POINT lineup will flash any enemy agents that are on A Site when retaking, in A Drop or even in some of A Rope. If you have fired the lineup correctly, it will explode in midair! Stand on the left of the ‘Omega Sector’ sign on the wall, where the wall connects with the next wall.

You should then aim into the very far corner of the hole in the roof, just as we have. You will want to run and jump shot this FLASH/POINT. Make sure to practice, however, as you will end up blinding yourself or your teammates if you get this wrong!

A site FRAG/MENT Retake for A Hell from A Drop

The next lineup is one of the cooler lineups in this guide- because the FRAG/MENT actually bounces! When retaking, you might have rotated from B Site, you can stand in this corner at the bottom of the ramp leading to A Drop.

Aim at the very corner of the building in front of you and throw. This may take some practice, so make sure you are comfortable pulling this off. Make sure to clear A Drop too before you try this lineup!

As you can see, the FRAG/MENT lands in A Hell, where enemy agents often lurk after planting the spike. The way it gets here is by bouncing off the wall just above the lower set of stairs!

Defending B Site KAY/O lineups

B site FLASH/DRIVE Lineup for B Short

Moving over to B Site, you want to stand at the top of B Main and throw a FLASH/DRIVE over the wall to your left. This will flash and blind all enemy agents pushing through B Tree and you can swing the corner and hopefully get a kill!

As you can see, the enemy team are blinded and as the FLASH/DRIVE will explode almost as soon as it goes over the wall, there is very little time for them to react and dodge the flash!

B site FLASH/DRIVE Lineup for B Short

Our last lineup is nice and simple, but a technique and tactic that very few KAY/O mains employ. Stand on B Site, in the Cubby, and right click throw your FLASH/DRIVE at the top of the stairs in front of you.

This is called a pop flash, which if you throw it behind you, will briefly blind you, but not for as long as any enemy agents it blinds. This means you can swing the corner and spray down all enemies pushing up B Main- try it out!

And there we go, the most comprehensive KAY/O lineup guide for Fracture you will find out there. If you want to try other agents on Fracture, where better to start learning than their lineups! We have lineup guides for the following agents on Fracture:

Hopefully we will see you using the pop flash technique in your games very soon, and more importantly, we hope we aren’t on the receiving end!

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