Best Viper Lineups on Fracture [Snake Bite & Toxic Screen]

Discover the best Viper lineups on Fracture, including Snake Bite attacking strategies and Toxic Screen placements.

Updated on Feb 20, 2024
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Best Viper Lineups on Fracture [Snake Bite & Toxic Screen]

Best Viper Attacking Side Lineups

Snakebite Attacking Lineups

A Bombsite Default Plant Lineup

This lineup, although not the easiest to execute even for Viper mains, is incredibly useful. The Snake Bite will land on the default plant spot, significantly making it more challenging for enemies to defuse the spike.

To execute this lineup, position yourself outside B Main near ropes, which provides you enough time to throw the Snake Bite and then reposition to a spot where you can oversee the spike. Stand against the metal beam to the left side of the door, line up the end of the gas meter as depicted in the image, and proceed to do a normal throw (left-click).

A Bombsite Top Side Plant Lineup

The top site plant position ranks as one of the most advantageous. Given that enemies have only one path to approach for defusing the spike, our Snake Bite lineups gain an extra layer of effectiveness.

For this lineup, stand close to the second crack on the left side wall of A Dish, mirroring the position used in the previous lineup. Aim at the crosshair's target, which is on the tip of that building, and then perform a normal throw (left-click)

After executing the lineup, consider quickly repositioning to Drop. This move will grant you a superior vantage point over the site and spike, significantly improving your defensive capability.

B Bombsite Default Plant Lineup

This is a lineup that all Viper mains will appreciate. The Snake Bite lineup is designed to land on the B site default plant spot, significantly complicating the defusal process for enemies. It may initially appear challenging, but it's quite straightforward in practice.

To execute this lineup, stand in the middle crack of the wall on B Tree that is located behind the tall box. Then, align the HUD of your Snake Bite ability with the top of the iron beam situated to the far right, exactly as depicted in the image.

B Bombsite Safe Plant Spot Lineup

This lineup is tailored for the safe plant spot on the B site. Similar to the previous setup, position yourself in the middle of the small wall. This time, however, direct the HUD of your Snake Bite and aim at the corner of the window, as shown in the image.

Then, execute a running throw (after two steps) with a normal throw (left-click). This plant spot is frequently utilized, so mastering this lineup can significantly impact your ranked games. But hey, you might want to learn Fracture callouts before practicing it, just to make things easier!

Toxic Screen Attacking Lineups

A Bombsite Toxic Screen

The most commonly utilized Toxic Screen for executing onto the A Site effectively blocks vision from enemies positioned at ropes and A link.

This allows you and your teammates to enter the A site more safely. Additionally, this Toxic Screen disrupts rotations from the B bombsite, as players often rotate through A link, providing a strategic advantage in controlling enemy movement.

B Bombsite Toxic Screen

This Toxic Screen is frequently used when your team plans to execute onto the B site. This lineup effectively blocks the vision of enemies located in the canteen and generator.

It significantly simplifies your team's entry onto the B site, with the main focus shifting to clearing the plant area and B tower.

Now that you understand how important lineups are, be sure to check our other agent lineups for Fracture:

Defensive Side

Poison Cloud One-Way Defensive Lineups

A Main One-Way Smoke

A great Poison Cloud that will force the enemy team to change their approach. This smoke blocks the vision of the enemies while allowing you to view their lower bodies.

It also forces the enemies to stop their rush or push through the Poison Cloud in which case they will become vulnerable. Stand close to the right side wall of the entrance to the A Site, then proceed to aim at where the crosshair is and perform a normal throw (left-click). You don't need to be Viper mains to be able to successfully execute this one-way smoke.

A Main Aggressive One-Way Smoke

This aggressive Poison Cloud allows you to block the vision of the enemy players coming through A Main. It also guarantees the liberty to play a more aggressive style, challenging the attackers for control of A Main.

Since this Poison Cloud allows you to play in a forward position in A Main, it means you can get a lot of valuable information about the enemies' whereabouts. Line up the HUD with the right side of the door just like seen in the picture, then just do a standard throw (left-click).

Defensive Toxic Screen Lineups

B Bombsite Toxic Screen For Arcade

This Toxic Screen blocks the vision of B Arcade from the players at B Bench.

It’s also very useful for the player defending on B Tower since it makes his job of defending that part of the map much easier.

B Bombsite Aggressive Toxic Screen

An aggressive Toxic Screen that will allow you to gain control of B Main and also orb control. It will force the enemies to have to use a lot of utility in order to get control of that area of the map.

It also gives you a lot of information since you will be playing in a very advanced position. Gaining orb control is also very important because it allows you or one of your teammates to get their ultimate faster than normal.

Viper is one of the best Controller Agents in the game, so knowing all of her lineups in other maps is very useful.

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