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Best Viper Lineups on Breeze | Snakebite | Toxic Screen

Let's see what are the best Viper lineups on Breeze Valorant, and what makes Viper such a good agent on this map.

Updated on Nov 28, 2022

Valorant is one of the most popular games worldwide, and riot games fps as a plethora of great agents. Viper is considered the best Valorant agent on Breeze. Every team composition must have a Viper if you want to find success on this map. She provides a lot of value on the attacking and defensive side, facilitating the team entrance on the site, and preventing the enemy team from doing the same on defense. Viper ability kit makes her the best controller agent on Breeze.

Best Attacking Side Viper Lineups

Snakebite Attacking Lineups

A Bombsite Default Plant Lineup

A viper snake bite lineup that will land on the default plant spot. This will make it harder for enemies to defuse the bomb.

It’s one of the easiest molly lineups to execute, so it shouldn't be a problem for all of you future viper mains. Stand on the rock, aim at the mid-leaf, and do a normal throw (left-click).

A Bombsite Right Side of Pyramid Plant Lineup

This is one of the most useful Viper molly lineups for the a site. Since this plant spot is also very used.

Stand close to the metal beam on the entry to a lobby, then line up your ultimate HUD on that bracket on the wall, just like you see in the image. Then proceed to do a standard throw (left-click).

B Bombsite Default Plant Lineup

This lineup is very useful in post-plant situations, especially because you can throw it, and reposition yourself to the window on b main, having a clear view of the spike.

Stand together to the wall where the watermark is the lowest, then place your crosshair high in the sky until the 100 line is on top of the cannon. After that do a normal throw (left-click).

Toxic Screen Attacking Lineups

A Bombsite Toxic Screen

A very easy and also very useful toxic screen, you can and should use on the a site. This toxic screen forces the enemy players to give up control of that part of the map.

It also makes it easier for your team to enter the a site and take control of the plant area. 

B Bombsite Toxic Screen 

A toxic screen that blocks the vision of the enemy players coming from defenders spawn or b tunnel.

This way you have an easier path into the site and need only to worry about the enemies in the plant area, since your wall covers the other two entries to the b bombsite.

Now that you understand how important lineups are, be sure to check our other agent lineups for Breeze.

Best Defending Side Viper Lineups

Poison Cloud One-Way Defensive Lineups

A Bombsite Double Doors Poison Cloud

The best poison cloud you could use defensively on the a site. This smoke allows you to see the enemies first when they enter through double doors.

It blocks the enemy team's vision, and also makes them vulnerable if they decide to push through the poison cloud. Stand close to the wall, point to where the crosshair is, and do a jump throw (right-click).

Defensive Toxic Screen Lineups

A Bombsite Toxic Screen 

One of the easiest and best toxic screens on the a bombsite.

This wall will block the enemy team's vision, and force them to pass through the toxic screen in order to get to the plant area. It allows you to play from a variety of positions inside the site. 

B Bombsite Retake Toxic Screen 

Just like the name suggests, this toxic screen is used when you want to play retake.

This wall blocks the vision of the enemies in b main and forces the enemy agents to give up control of the plant area.

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