These Viper Lineups on Breeze Are Absolutely OP

Viper has some of the absolute best lineups on Breeze, and that's because of the amount of strategies you can implement with her Snakebite & Toxic Screen.

Updated on Jul 30, 2023
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These Viper Lineups on Breeze Are Absolutely OP

Attacking Lineups For Viper on Breeze

Snake Bite Attacking Lineups

A Bombsite Default Plant Lineup

One of the best Viper lineups on Breeze involves a Viper snake bite lineup that will land on the default plant spot. This will make it harder for enemies to defuse the bomb, and it's also one of the best Viper lineups in the entire game.

It’s one of the Snake Bite lineups to execute, so it shouldn't be a problem, even for Iron 1 players. Stand on the rock, aim at the mid-leaf, and do a normal throw (left-click)with your Snake Bite ability.

A Bombsite Right Side of Pyramid Plant Lineup

This is one of the most useful Viper molly lineups for the Pyramid Plant on the A Site, a very common place to plant.

Stand close to the metal beam on the entry to a lobby, then line up your ultimate HUD on that bracket on the wall, just like you see in the image. Then proceed to do a standard throw (left-click) with the Snake Bite.

B Bombsite Default Plant Lineup

This Viper lineup on Breeze is very useful in post-plant situations, especially because you can throw the Snake Bite, and then reposition yourself to the window on B Main, having a clear view of the Spike.

Stand together to the wall where the watermark is the lowest, then place your crosshair high in the sky until the 100 line is on top of the cannon. After that, perform a normal throw (left-click) with the Snake Bite.

Toxic Screen Attacking Lineups

A Bombsite Toxic Screen

Alright, enough of the Snake Bite lineups! Next up, we have a very easy and useful Toxic Screen lineup for the A Site. This toxic screen forces the enemy players to give up control of a pretty significant part of the map – check it out!

B Bombsite Toxic Screen 

We have also prepared a Toxic Screen that blocks the vision of the enemy players coming from Defenders Spawn or B Tunnel, and it's one of the classic Viper lineups that every player knows.

This lineup will give you an easier path into the Spike Site and need only to worry about the enemies in the plant area, since your wall covers the other two entries to the B Bombsite.

Now that you understand how important lineups are, be sure to check our other Valorant Agent lineups for Breeze!:

Defensive Lineups For Viper on Breeze

Defensive Toxic Screen Lineups

A Bombsite Toxic Screen 

Here we have one of the easiest and best Toxic Screens that you just need to learn if you want to be good at defending A Bombsite.

This wall will block the enemy team's vision, and force them to pass through the Toxic Screen in order to get to the plant area. It allows you to play from a variety of positions inside the site. 

B Bombsite Retake Toxic Screen 

Yeah, just like the heading suggests, this Toxic Screen is used when you have to play for retake.

As you can see, this wall could block the vision of the enemies in B Main and forces the enemy Agents to give up control of the plant area. You can also combine this toxic wall with one of the Snake Bite lineups we have presented before and you will be absolutely rocking!

That would be it for the Viper lineups on Breeze! If you are a Valorant Viper tryhard, be sure to check out more of our lineups guides with a variety of strategies:

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