Best Sova Shock and Recon Bolt lineups on Pearl

The open skyline and long sightlines on Pearl mean that Sova will be in consideration for the Initiator spot.
Best Sova Shock and Recon Bolt lineups on Pearl

The new map Pearl just hit the live servers but our team has been working on new lineups for it for quite some time. Even though we are all saddened that Pearl will replace the map Split instead of Haven or Bind, I'm sure Sova mains will love this map. In this complete guide for Sova on Pearl, we will show you how to defend and attack sites on this map, saving you precious time to search and watch Youtube videos for it.

Best Attacking Sova lineups

Attacking A Site

A Main Recon Bolt

So far, playing Sova on Pearl has settled down to simple Recon Bolt lineups.

For this one get on top of this small wall and aim for this corner of the wall in A Main.

This fast and well placed Recon bolt will scan the entire A Main area and parts of the A Site, allowing you to safely push.

Entire A Site Recon Bolt

Gathering information is Sova’s specialty and this Recon bolt lineup reveals the entire A Site apart from some tight corners.

Get tucked in this corner in A Main and aim for the triangle where the sniper dot is placed.

Charge Sova’s Recon Bolt to maximum and give it one bounce.

The Recon bolt will bounce off the wall and land on this corner of the building on the A Site, where the enemy team won’t be expecting it.

A Art Recon Bolt

Good Sova players have a reputation of helping their team secure a free kill with a well placed Recon bolt. But they can also play for themselves with basic lineups for wall spam kills on every specific map.

On Pearl, you can shoot a fully charged Recon bolt through this small crack in the wall and scan your enemies pushing A Art.

There’s a lot of simple arrows like this which you can use to gain information all across this map.

Who needs aim or crosshair placement when you can get kills through walls.

A Default Shock Bolts lineups from A Restaurant

If this spot ends up being the default plant spot on A Site, you can abuse these Shock Darts lineups for post plant situations.

Get in this corner in A Restaurant and aim up towards the floating brick for the first one

With your weapon out align the left side of the Shock bolt bar in the corner, and then pull out your Shock darts.

Do a one bar charge with no bounces for the first Shock bolt lineup.

For the second Shock Darts lineup, aim for this spot on the roof, do a one charge bar lineup with one bounce.

Both Shock Bolts should land on the default plant spot consecutively.

A Default Shock Bolts lineups from Mid Connector

If you were lurking mid while your team took control over the A Site and planted, you can sneak your way into Mid Connector and cut off rotations. If the enemies rotate through their spawn, you also have Shock Bolt lineups from here which you can use.

Get in this corner in Mid Connector and aim up towards this boat.

Notice how the tip of the right HUD line is touching the second brick on the roof of this building.

Charge the lineup with two full bars and no bounces. It should land on the default plant spot just like this.

Attacking Middle

Mid Doors/ B Link Recon Bolt

For this one you need to get in this corner in Attacker Spawn and find the corner of this streetlight.

Once you have located it, you need to put the left eye of the Owl Drone on top of that corner

After you have positioned Sova’s Recon Bolt, give it  one charge bar of power and release the lineup.

This lineup should land on the defending side of Mid Doors in B Link, revealing all enemy team members in the general area.

Attacking B Site

Entire B Site Recon bolt

It's really hard to make good use of Sova’s Recon bolt on the B Site, without being shot by a sniper, but this lineup does it.

Get in this corner in Mid Shops and aim up until the left side of your HUD line is in the middle of these towels on the window.

Charge the lineup with three bars but not fully and it should land on this wall over B Hall.

B Main/ B Ramp Recon bolt 

Our writers have had access to the Pearl map even before it was on the PBE server and this is one of the lineups they discovered

Get on top of the highest box in Mid Shops and get on the edge of it so you can barely see the ground, but not the side of the box.

Aim upwards until your Left Click indicator for the Recon bolt isn;t under this lightbulb on the cable.

Do a one charge bar lineup and it should land right on top of B Screen.

This lineup is different from the previous because it scans B Main and B Ramp, while still scanning the Operator in B Tower.

B Site Recon Bolt from B Ramp

If you need a lineup that will scan the B Site, while you and your team are closer to it and ready to attack, this is the one.

Get in this corner on B Ramp and aim for this part of the roof on the dome

.You can also use the HUD line to guide yourself on the side.

Do a one bar lineup with zero bounces and it should land here above B Tower.

B Default Shock Bolts lineups from the right side of B Ramp

If the default plant position on the B Site ends up being this one, we have two Shock Bolt lineups to help prevent the defuse.

When you go up in B Ramp, you need to put your back on the wall and keep going back until the edges of the Pillar and Wall are not aligned.

This will place you two D key clicks away from the corner, or you can get in the corner and do two A key clicks to go left. After you have positioned properly aim up until the left side of the Owl Drone bar is aligned with the corner on the wall.

Charge the Shock bolt lineup with two full bars and release it with no bounces.

From the same position, aim for this corner on the ground with a max Shock Darts charged lineup with two bounces.

B Default Shock Bolts lineups from the left side of B Ramp

If you find yourself posted on the other side and you don't want to peek at the enemy Operator user, you can use this lineup to prevent the defuse.

Line yourself up in the middle of this door in B Ramp.  Aim for the middle of this boat until your HUD line isn't parallel to the dome roof like this.

Charge the Shock Bolt lineup with two full bars of charge and it should land on the default plant spot on the B site.

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Best Defending/ Retake Sova lineups

Defending A Site

A Main/ Ultimate Orb Recon Bolt

With Sova’s Ultimate Hunter’s Fury costing eight Ultimate Orbs, and your agent focusing on gathering information rather than fragging, you need to secure every Ultimate Orb.

Get in this corner where the spawn barriers drop and aim for this corner on the roof of the building. Fully charge the charge bar and give the Recon Bolt lineup one bounce.

With Sova’s Recon Bolt you will scan the entire A Main alleway and see the enemy team pushing.

A Dugout to Attacker Side Spawn Recon Bolt

While the previous lineup reveals enemies holding the A Restaurant angle waiting for you to push, this one goes a bit deeper.

For it you need to stand right next to this elevated surface and aim for this tentacle that hanging down from the arch.

Charge the lineup with two full bars and it should land on the right side of Attacker Spawn.

It will reveal enemies holding the flank, enemies trying to push Mid Plaza, and everyone in A Restaurant.

A Retake Recon Bolt from A Secret

Few lineups for retakes are discovered before playing on live servers begin, and we know where the attackers like to plant.

But this one seems to be a solid option because its landing spot is over the entire site. With no tight corners on site being safe from having your location revealed, attackers will be forced off the site.

Get in this corner in A Secret and aim for this corner of the concrete gate. Do a fully charged lineup with one bounce which should look like this.

Defending Middle 

Middle Recon Bolt

From the attacker’s perspective, anyone on the defending side trying to push Mid Doors is a fool.

The enemy team will always have the first peek, so one of our tricks are Recon Bolts like this one. Get in this corner in B Link and aim for the middle of the left concrete ledge.

Give the Recon bolts a max charge bar and one bounce. This lineup should  bounce off the building and land on this wall between Mid Plaza and Mid Shops, being able to scan enemy team members in both areas.

Defending B Site

Mid Shops Recon bolt from B Screen

When defending the B Site as Sova, it’s easy to spot your enemies coming from B Ramp with a simple Recon Bolt lineup. But with this one you can reveal the location of the enemy team hiding in Mid Shops right as the round is starting.

Get in this corner behind B Screen and aim upwards until the left edge of the Owl Drone bar is aligned with the steel bar in the roof.

Take a look how the letter C under the Owl Drone bar is in the middle of it. Do a two full bar charge lineup and it should land on this wall in Mid Shops.

B Retake Recon Bolt from B Link

Retake Recon Bolts hold great value because of their ability to gather information, and this one is no different.

Get in this corner next to this wooden box in B Link, and put the C letter of the word CHARGE under this corner.

This Recon Bolt lineup should bounce off the wall of B Tower and land on the other side, on the corner of this building.

B Retake Recon Bolt from Mid Connector

When rotating towards the B Site, you can use this Recon bolt lineup for the retake.

Get in this corner in Mid Connector and CROUCH. Aim for the edge of the wood until the left line of the charge bar aligns with the metal on the roof

Do a one charge bar lineup and this Recon arrow will land on B Screen, scanning everything up to B Ramp.

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