Best Sova | Shock Bolt | Recon Bolt | Lineups on Breeze

With spike sites like this, mastering Sova’s lineups is not an easy task. In this article we will show you the best Sova lineups on the Valorant map Breeze.

Updated on Jan 06, 2023
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Best Sova | Shock Bolt | Recon Bolt | Lineups on Breeze

Sova has ruled the Initiator role ever since he was released, even on newer maps like Breeze. Riot Games have continuously nerfed him because of his presence in esports, but yet he still remains as one of the best Valorant agents.

Best Attacking Sova Lineups

Attacking A Site Sova lineups

Entire A Site Recon Bolt

This is one of the harder Recon bolt lineups to master, but if you do, you will make the lives of the enemy team miserable. Precision is crucial for this lineup and you will see why.

Place yourself in this corner of A Lobby, between the box and the small rock.

The end of the second charge bar should be aligned with the corner of this smaller metal piece.

After you have done this, give the lineup a three bar charge but not completely. This lineup might take some practice, because depending on the charging and placement you can get a different lineup easily.

Also the arrow needs to go through this tight space in the roof to enter the A Site so you must be precise.

But if you do, you will gather information from behind enemy lines, giving your team a huge advantage.

How does one even counter the information gathering capabilities of the Russian hunter in Valorant?

Backside A Recon Bolt

A simple yet very effective Recon dart lineup for post plants or entering the A Site is this one. All you need to do is aim at this corner with a fully charged arrow.

This lineup scans behind Yellow, Stairs and even a bit of A Bridge. Good luck to the Operator players trying to hold the site, when your position is not safe until you go back to your spawn.

A Default post plant Shock Bolt

Because the A site is so spacious and open, teams should plant in the default plant spot and retreat back into A Cave. As a Sova player, from here you can execute a few Shock Dart lineups.

To do the default lineup, stick your back to the wall and aim for the corner of this wooden box. Fully charge the lineup and give it one bounce.

This lineup lands on the default plant spot and you can do two quickly in succession to stop the defuse.

A Pyramids Shock Bolt

This and the following lineup are great for when the sniper user is smoked off but still trying to play aggressively.

For this one aim anywhere towards the corner of this panel and do a three bar charged lineup with one bounce.

A Yellow Shock Bolt

This one will do damage to anyone hiding behind the yellow box and is commonly used in esports.

It’s also really simple because you need to do a lineup with one bar of charge and one bounce. Aim somewhere around this spot on the wall.

Attacking B Site Sova lineups

Backside B Recon Bolt

What a better map to take advantage of Sova’s incredible scouting abilities than Breeze. With this lineup you will leave the defenders on the B site confused, because no one expects an arrow from mid when they are pushing B Main.

Get in this corner in Mid Cannon or more widely known as B Lobby. Aim for the bottom middle of this metal piece on this red tower.

Give the lineup a max charge with one bounce. It should fly across mid, bounce off that tower and land in Backside B, revealing players hiding behind walls of boxes.

Combined with an Owl Dron and you as a Sova player can scan the entire site in a matter of seconds.

Mid to B Recon Bolt

If your team decides that they want to do a B split, this lineup will give you a lot of value. Aim just to the left of these steel pipes and give the lineup a max charge with one bounce.

The Recon Dart should bounce off the Pillar and land on top of Arches, revealing all enemies playing close on the right side and backside.

Meanwhile, with your team pushing up B Main with smokes, the defenders will usually just die trying to hold or completely abandon the site.

B Default post plant Shock Bolt

Similarly to the A Site, when playing post plant situations on B, you want at least one player playing off the site.

If that’s you as a Sova, you can use this lineup to stop the defuse. Aim a bit lower than this black hole in the brick wall.

Fully charge the lineup with one bounce and it instantly hits the default plant spot.

Clearing B right side Shock Bolt

Without heavy utility usage it’s really hard to safely enter the B Site.

As Sova you can use these Shock Bolt lineups to help your team clear these close corners.

For this one you need to aim below this black spot on the pillar and give the lineup one bar of charge and one bounce.

Clearing B left side Shock Bolt

You can also do the same for the left side, if they are holding a crossfire.

Aim for these leaves below the point where the wall is breaking. Give the lineup a three bar charge with one bounce but don't charge it completely.

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Best Defending/Retake Sova Lineups

Defending A Site Sova lineups

A Cave Recon Bolt

There are a few Cave Recon Bolt lineups for the start of the round, but this one is the best mixture of being fast, hard to destroy easily and covering a lot of area.

Just aim a fully charged lineup at that steel bar in A Cave and you should prevent many pushes with the help of smokes. Controller agents are necessary for any team composition on this map, as we already mentioned in our Breeze map guide.

A Retake Recon Bolt

If your team has failed to prevent pushes, this is the most optimal Sova Recon Bolt lineup for retakes. Just aim for the second steel pipe and do a fully charged lineup.

This way you still scan the backsides of the Pyramid but you also get more vision on the corner behind the boxes on the right side .

A Site Shock Bolts from stairs

From here you can safely do Shock Dart lineups around both Pyramids and towards mid.

You can a one bounce one bar charge from this wall to Shock behind the further Pyramid and default plant spot. For the middle Shock Dart you can do a fully charged one or two bounce lineup aiming at the edge of the corridor.

You can also do no charge lineups for the A Cave entrance as the attackers are pouring in.

Defending B Site Sova lineups

Mid Recon Bolts

These two lineups are a standard if you are playing Sova on this map. The first is very simple as you just aim for the corner of the wall with a fully charged lineup.

If the attackers dare to push out of their spawn they will be revealed, offering your team a lot of mid control. The second one is a bit trickier but it can stifle the entire B site push while being somewhat close to the A Site.

Get in this corner outside of Mid Nest. Aim for the middle of this steel piece and do a lineup with one bar of charge and two bounces.

The lineup lands in the hallway towards B Main and B Elbow giving you a lot of early information with ruthless efficiency.

B Main and B Elbow Recon Bolt

If you’re playing more towards the B Site you can do the same lineup from a different place.

Get on this crate in B Tunnel and align the corner of the entrance with the second line of the second charge bar.

Give the lineup two bounces and charge it fully, so it bounces off the walls and lands here in the hallway.

B Retake Recon Bolt

This lineup is the best one you can do for retakes on the B Site because it takes so long to land and it comes from a weird angle.

To execute it you need to get in this corner in defender spawn and find the left bottom of the letter N.

Put the top of the right diamond that signals the bounces under it and do a fully charged lineup with two bounces.

Regardless of how absurd this lineup seems, it lands here on the B Site, revealing very crucial areas that players holding the site love to hold.

Sova’s ability to establish himself as a mainstay even on a new map is what separates him from the other Initiator agents.

B Site Shock Bolts from B Tunnel 

If you want to clear out the rest of the site with Shock Darts, you will need to use any of these. All three lineups are done with one bounce, fully charged and coming from B Tunnel.

For the first one aim to the right of this hole to Shock Dart the left cubby.

For the second one, aim to the right of this pipe and it will bounce behind this brick wall.

For the third one just aim at this angled wall to Shock Dart behind that brick wall.

That’s it. All the lineups for our favorite agent: Sova. If you want to check out all the other lineups that we have for our russian hunter make sure to check out these: 

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