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How to Get Unbanned in Valorant

Got banned in Valorant? Don't worry, we got your back!
How to Get Unbanned in Valorant

Valorant is a free-to-play game in the FPS genre, so many users became interested in playing. All FPS games have almost the same vision of fairness, as seen in their rules or terms and conditions. However, not all players follow the rules resulting in an account ban. If you're facing the same problem, here are some ways to get unbanned from Valorant!

Reasons Why Your Valorant Account is Banned

Underneath are some of the offenses that result or may result in account bans. The same reasons can also get you banned from any online games. So, try your best to avoid doing them!


Cheating in any way results in a banned Valorant account. No matter what reason, 3rd party programs or other forms of cheating.

Hacker detected Valorant

Boosting and Sharing Accounts

Boosting is also not allowed in Valorant. This happens when high-level players acquire access to lower-level players' accounts to boost the account's rating for financial gain. Moreover, sharing accounts is also not allowed, even though many players are unaware that sharing accounts may result in a ban.

Toxicity or Unsportsmanlike Conduct

Like any other game, you can get banned in Valorant if you show toxicity. If you engage in disruptive, abusive, or discriminatory behavior, you may face a ban from in-game communication as well as a temporary or permanent ban from the game.

Glitch or Bug Exploitation

An exploit is the use of a bug, glitch, or part of a gaming system in a way that was not intended by the game's developers, giving the player who uses it a significant unfair advantage.

glitch exploitation

Excessive AFK, Queue Dodging, and Friendly Fire

Aside from hurting your team's chances of victory, going AFK, queue-dodging, or engaging in friendly fire puts you in line to suffer the repercussions. However, only repeat offenders who have disregarded past warnings and sanctions are subject to a 7-day or even permanent bans.

valorant afk offense

Take note that if your record is clean, you won't likely receive much punishment. That said, the aforementioned sanctions are more concerned with your overall play history than specific offenses. In light of that:

  • You won't always receive every penalty or receive them in the said order; penalties are handed out in accordance with the seriousness of the offense.
  • You could be punished with multiple penalties at once or repeatedly receive the same one.
  • Some violations have a heavier penalty than others, so you can automatically receive a longer suspension or be banned permanently.

How to Submit a Valorant Ban Appeal Form

It is very easy to submit a Valorant unban appeal, and the entire procedure can be done on Riot Games' official website. Follow these steps to unban Valorant account!

  1. Go to the Riot Games' Official Website
  2. On top of the website, click on Supportvalo support
  3. On top of the Support center, click on the Submit a Ticket buttonsubmit ticket valo
  4. If not yet done, sign in using your Riot account before we continue to the other steps in filling up the Valorant unban appeal form.
  5. Under Choose a Request Type, click on Discuss Personal Suspension or Restriction.
  6. Under the Subject field, input something short and brief such as Valorant Ban Appealticket subject
  7. Input your Riot ID on the given field.
  8. Under the Description field, try to elaborate and justify your plea in a detailed manner to heighten your chances of an unban.
  9. Under Inquiry, select Discuss Game Bans
    ticket plea
  10. Select the Duration of Penalty. If you're perma banned, choose 31+ days.
  11. In accordance with the type of Valorant ban you've received, click on the suitable choice.
    • Toxicity bans: Inappropriate Chat Communication or Inappropriate In-Game Behavior
    • Cheating using other software: Third-Party Programs
    • If your Valorant or Riot Account is Hacked: Hacked/Compromised Account
    • If you are not sure why you are banned: Unsure
  12. Attach any evidence or files to support your pleaban duration
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