All Valorant Chat Commands

Find out all the chat commands in Valorant!
All Valorant Chat Commands

Constant communication is highly needed in games, and some players prefer using voice chat rather than text chat as it is easier to use. Nevertheless, keeping in touch with your teammates using the chat feature in Valorant caters to all players since not everyone has access to a proper microphone.

All Chat Commands in Valorant

Team Chat Commands

Team chat is a command that can be read by your teammates, regardless of whether they are part of your party or not. This chat command is helpful if you're not in a party or queueing with other players who aren't your in-game friend.

Enter or /teamSends a message to your team.

Party Chat Commands

Unlike other chat commands, the people you've invited to your team are the only people who can see your message. Moreover, this command is useful if you only want to deliver your message to your party and not your whole team.

/party or /pEnables you to send party chat

All Chat Commands

All chat is one of the chat commands wherein all players in a match can see your message. You can use all chat to say GGWP to all players after a match. But players mainly use it to trash talk the opposing team (I highly discourage you from using the all chat command for this reason!)

/all or /aSends a message to all players in a match.
Enter + shift

Whisper Chat Commands

This chat command is used whenever you want to send a private message to your friend. You can use whisper chat in a match or a lobby! But, you can only send private messages to players that are your friend in the game.

Tab + name of the person you want to whisperSends a private message to your friend.
/r + your messageReplies to a private message from your friend.

Sending Emojis Commands

If you want to add a cute little twist to your messages, you can add emojis to your chat!

Alt + 3Heart
Alt + 4Diamond
Alt + 5Cloves
Alt + 6Spade
Alt + 7Dot
Alt + 9Empty Circle
Alt + any double-digit number from 10-99Other random emojis

Surrender Vote Commands

There are instances when you would want to surrender rather than finish the game. You can start a surrender vote using the chat other than clicking the surrender button.

/ffStarts a surrender vote

However, this command wouldn't end the game immediately; you must also accumulate votes from your teammates.

Nullify a Game Commands

When your teammate disconnects from your match during the start of the buy phase to the end of the first round, you can remake the whole match by voting (same system as the surrender vote). When the remake vote is successful, this nullifies the game, and the player who disconnected will be the only one who'll receive a penalty.

/remakeInitiates a remake vote

If you've already tried Valorant chat commands, it may seem familiar. This is because Riot Games uses the exact same chat system in both of their popular games, League of Legends and Valorant.

For those who are hoping that Riot games would make more Valorant chat commands, we are not sure whether or not more chat commands will be accessible in the game. Riot hasn't published any hints or information about updating the chat in Valorant. On the other hand, it is said that Valorant started monitoring the voice chat of English-speaking players in the North American region.

Now that you have read all Valorant chat commands, you can now efficiently communicate with your teammates!