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Best Valorant Cosplays

Check out some eye-catching cosplays from the Valorant community!
Best Valorant Cosplays

Riot games' Valorant is a first-person shooter game that boasts a selection of awesome skins and other cosmetics. On the other hand, the game also has good-looking and cool agents, making users interested in Valorant.

Cosplay has been around for a long time -- may it be from anime or video games. Ever since the game was released, there have been a lot of Valorant cosplays that have arisen on the internet. If you want to see your favorite agent appear in real life, we have looked through multiple creative minds who have been cosplaying their favorite Valorant agents and picked out the best cosplays!


Best Killjoy Cosplay

A young German woman named Killjoy has smooth dark brown hair and brown eyes. She frequently appears with a green beanie-like cap, purple "X" patches on either shoulder and a padded yellow jacket with a blue lining.

Aryanna Epperson, hailing from the Philippines, is one of the best Killjoy cosplayers out and around! Aryanna also streams on Twitch and attends cosplay expos and events with her Killjoy get-up! Moreover, she looks and sounds like our lovable agent Killjoy.

kj cosplay


Best Viper Cosplay

Collaborating with Valorant Latin America, we have Peyton Cosplay from Argentina transforming into the savage and confident agent, Viper! Peyton used a specially designed mask to capture all the fine details and added the poisonous snake bite. This is one of the best Valorant cosplays made so far (even though it's been 2 years already) because everything is done flawlessly.

viper cosplay


Best Sage Cosplay

Sage is said to have long, black hair that falls to her knees. Her outer, looser clothes are white, and her inner attire is black. Sage's other accessories include a green belt, collar, and design on her outerwear. She adorns herself with green orbs, wearing the larger ones as earrings and the smaller ones about her lower body.

Japanese cosplayer Tabuco garnered tons of engagement on Twitter for her Sage cosplay, with a whopping 10.2k likes and 1505 total retweets. Her recent Sage transformation is truly eye-catching as she captured the agent's signature costume and accessories

sage cosplay


Best Phoenix Cosplay

American cosplayer Black Ace perfectly captures the charm of our very own duelist, Phoenix! Black Ace is a cosplayer who explores a wide range of video game genres. In his Instagram, he captioned his cosplay with “Come on let’s go! I ready and resurrected after having bomb ass weekend with the squad.” Although his Phoenix cosplay is from 2020, his transformation should go down as one of the best Valorant cosplay in history

phoenix cospaly


Best Breach Cosplay

Breach can use a range of skills, like tremors, shockwaves, and flashes, against his opponents' thanks to his mechanical arms. The team may enter a site using brute force thanks to this Initiator agent's skills, which have earned him recognition.

Breach cosplay was a challenge that TWIIN Cosplay accepted. As if perfecting the arm details wasn't challenging enough, the cosplayer even replicated the hairstyle to the bare minimum. This costume does an excellent job of displaying the arms, armor vest, beard, and orange ponytail. It is difficult to tell TWIIN Cosplay apart from the real agent in the game!

breach cosplay


Best Reyna Cosplay

Reyna frequently has purple hair at the ends of her long locks. Her razor-sharp purple eyes practically give off the impression of a beast. She is relatively exposed because only one arm of her purple skin-tight costume is covered, leaving the other one out.

In light of Valorant's first anniversary, Alicia Marie Body prepared a stunning Reyna cosplay! Alicia nailed acquiring the tattoos and all the components of the original outfit. Moreover, she also featured a real-life equivalent to Frenzy's pistol.

reyna cosplay


Best Chamber Cosplay

Chamber wears large, rectangular-framed glasses and has a combover for haircuts. He is seen wearing a blue suit vest over a white long-sleeved shirt and a geometrical multicolored midnight-colored tie.

Spanish Cosplayer Eothen recently showcased his awesome Chamber transformation. Eothen is as well-dressed and well-armed as the agent, as he also featured a real-life Tour De Force sniper in his cosplay! Moreover, Valorant's official Twitter page also replied to Eothen's cosplay tweet and said that his cosplay is as on point as his (Chamber's) shot.

chamber cosplay


Best Neon Cosplay

Young Filipina Neon is dressed athletically, wearing a pair of sneakers and a pair of black and blue running tights. She also has on a dark blue cropped vest that appears to be a conduit for electricity for her abilities.

Cosplaying an agent from her motherland, Charess spectacularly transformed into Neon! Charess did a great job imitating Neon's looks, from the costume, makeup, and the smallest significant details! Her Neon cosplay was surely a hit, as the official Valorant Facebook page reposted her cosplay pictures.

neon cosplay
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