Valorant Lore Story Sage Explained

Lore Story Sage Valorant: the full explanation behind Sage’s life in Valorant’s lore.

Updated on Oct 21, 2023
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Valorant Lore Story Sage Explained

Every game consists of its lore. Be it Genshin Impact, Elden Ring, Team Fortress, and even Riot Games’ tactical shooter Valorant. Every agent with their abilities has their own story and lore in the game, which David Nottingham with the Riot crew pieced out perfectly.

One Valorant character that can slow and block the enemies with her abilities such as the Barrier Orb and Slow Orb is the Sentinel agent Sage. Although Sage may look supportive with her abilities like the Healing Orb, she has a mysterious story. So let’s take a look at the lore story Sage Valorant!


First some basic Valorant lore: there exists a resource called Radianite that gave every agent their abilities. Radianite appeared on Earth from rifts opening in the sky in an incident known as the First Light event that happened in 2039. There’s the Kingdom Corporation that uses Radianite for inhumane experiments and to power 3/4 of Earth’s power supply. A parallel world called Mirror Earth also exists, consisting of copies of our agents. They are running out of Radianite on their Earth, so they steal it from our world with the spike. In gameplay, Mirror Earth are the players that are attacking. With that said, let’s see Valorant’s lore for Sage.

Where did Sage Come From Valorant?

Sage is a Valorant agent that comes from China. She is one of the original cast of Valorant agents that was released in the game in the beta before the official release of Valorant back in 2020. Like her abilities, Sage is a caring person looking out to help anyone in need of her healing powers.


Sage’s abilities consist of crystal orbs: a Barrier Orb that is a literal wall that can be placed anywhere, a Slowing Orb that can create an area that slows the enemies, her signature ability Heal Orb with which she can heal a teammate, and her ultimate ability Ressurection with which she can revive any fallen friends. Although her abilities aren’t suited for aggressive pushes, they present some interesting input in the Valorant lore.

What is Sage Backstory Valorant?

Sage’s backstory is clouded in mystery, but players have pieced out some of her lore. Sage is actually a monk that got training in a monastery located in China. We know this from her contract player card and the upcoming agent Fade’s dossier. Although she is powerful know, some of her previous healing experiences were a downfall which we’ll look at below.


From her voice lines, we learn that Sage wanted to become powerful to help out everyone with her abilities. But she was weak, and when she pushed herself to her limits, she made mistakes: "I wasn't strong enough before. But now, now I am strong enough for us all.". But like for players in Spike Rush, Sage’s actions didn’t come without consequences.

What is Sage’s Real Name Valorant?

From the dossier we mentioned above, we got even more information about Sage, more specifically her name and abilities. Sage’s real name is Ling Ying Wei. And the monastery we mentioned previously is located in the Chinese province of Shaanxi. There she learned lessons about peace and balance, but apparently, those lessons are long forgotten by Sage. That’s because Sage’s abilities, especially Revive, disrupt the natural balance of life. The life she gives to revive her allies is taken from somewhere else, and we know this from an Omen voice line: "Sage, the life you give. Do you ever wonder where it's taken from?".


Basically Sage pushes herself to her limits to support her allies, but life can’t come from nothing. Her abilities cause evil and casualties elsewhere. And we mentioned her allies multiple times, so what about Sage’s inclusion in the VALORANT Protocol?

Sage joins the Valorant PROTOCOL Lore

Sage’s healing abilities are too powerful and were needed elsewhere. That’s why Sage joins the VALORANT Protocol as Agent 7. Sage wants to be a role model and a leader to the other agents, helping them out and showing their true path. She also leads the training for inexperienced agents who wish to join the protocol, such as Neon.


In the WARMUP cinematic, we learned that Sage is second in command in the VALORANT Protocol right now, with Brimstone being the leader. She is mostly friendly with the other agents on the protocol. But from multiple game details, we know that Sage’s past while being in the protocol was intertwined with Viper and Omen, and in a bad way.

What’s going on between Sage with Viper and Omen?

Sage, Viper, and Omen lore-wise seem to be connected in earlier lore. Although Sage’s abilities like Barrier Orb are strong now, we saw that she was inexperienced previously. And because she is supportive, it seems as if Viper asked her for help, whereas Sage failed. We know this from a Sage voice line with Viper: "Viper, have you thought about my offer? You don't have to." - "Never, EVER assume you can help me. You can't help me, you can't help them!".


So what can this refer to? Players speculate that Viper and Omen were friends. But since Omen suffered so much, literally dying, when he gained his powers, Viper asked Sage for help. So Sage tried to revive Omen, but she wasn’t successful because of her inexperience. So she only pieced out and gathered what’s left of Omen right now.

What’s next for Sage in the Valorant Lore and Story?

Sage’s mysteries aren’t over. We may be getting lore drops on Sage’s situation on how she deals with the nature of her abilities while being a co-leader for the VALORANT Protocol. Until we get those juicy lore drops, you should visit the Valorant Lore Hub for other agents’ stories!

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