Valorant Lore Story Reyna Explained

Lore Story Reyna Valorant: the full explanation behind Reyna’s life in Valorant’s lore.

Updated on Oct 18, 2023
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Valorant Lore Story Reyna Explained

Almost every game released has a story to share. Be it Elden Ring, or even Riot Games’ tactical shooter Valorant. David Nottingham and Joe Ziegler do not disappoint in making the Valorant lore more awesome than it is for players to explore.

Each Valorant agent has their own story, including Reyna. So let’s take a look at the lore story Reyna Valorant!


First some basic Valorant lore: the First Light incidents caused a resource called Radianite to reach Earth, which gave our Valorant agents powers. This resource was then used by the so-called Kingdom corporation to supply 3/4 of Earth’s power. They also use Radianite for experiments, pollution, betrayal, and much more. Now let’s jump into Valorant Reyna’s story.

How Old is Reyna Valorant Lore?

One thing left to speculation in Reyna’s lore from the beginning is her age. Although everyone thinks she is 25-30 years old, her voice lines talk of so many fought battles and shred blood, and her age doesn’t allude to a maniac killer. Jett is in her 20ties, yet take a look at this Reyna voice line: "Oi Jett, I remember being so young. It's good that you'll die before feeling old like me.".

Is Reyna a Vampire?

Reyna’s codename was Vampire way back, but she isn’t a real vampire, just a reference to her abilities. Reyna’s story doesn’t match up with this either. Her story in Valorant is very much clouded in tons of mystery. We know that Reyna comes from Mexico, but unlike with the other best Valorant agents, we do not even know in which city Reyna lives.


Reyna does mention this Mexican city seriously through a voice line: "My city needs me. I can't be away for long. Let's end this quickly...". This connection with her city and homeland may be important, but what’s more important is the Valorant lore behind Reyna and Viper.

What is the Lore Story behind Viper and Reyna?

Dr Delilah Sabine, or more specifically from the probably upcoming agent Blackmailer’s dossier: Dr Sabine Callas is Viper from her mysterious past. You can check out Viper’s lore here, but what’s important now is that we know Viper has experimented with a little girl that is of importance to Reyna.


This is shown through a player card in-game, and the machines that Viper experimented on this little girl were probably made by Killjoy. This is a voice line from Reyna towards Killjoy: "I remember the machines Killjoy made. What they did to-...never mind, it does not matter!". But what’s interesting is that Viper probably experimented on Reyna’s sister!

Who is Reyna’s Sister Valorant?

The one of importance that VIper experimented on Reyna is probably her sister. We know this through a player card and a voice line: "For you, hermanita." - “hermanita” translated from Spanish means sister. So Viper probably took Reynas sister's life through experiments. But from other voice lines, it seems as Reyna doesn’t know that Viper did the experiments.


Even though Reyna has some kind of a grudge for the loss of her sister, there is something far more sinister behind her eyes. A lot of players have noticed this: Reyna holds a bigger grudge for the Kingdom corporation and hates normal people.

How did Reyna get her Powers?

Every Valorant agent is classified into 2 groups: Radiants infused with Radianite power and agents that use Radianite for technology. Reyna is a Radiant that holds a big grudge towards powerless people, thinking of them as inferior. Let’s take a look at Reyna’s abilities for a second: whenever Reyna kills someone, they spawn a soul orb. With a nearby soul orb, Reyna can use soul harvest abilities to heal herself or become invincible. Every nearby soul makes Reyna to be played with the raw skill to dominate single combat. She can even blind people with her eye ability, and empower herself with the ultimate. Players may notice a pattern here: Reyna is a ruthless killer which steals literal souls from what she views as enemies.


The ruthless killer Reyna does this to prove Radiant superiority, but some of her voice lines even lead to the conclusion that Radiants are treated poorly by other Non-Radiants. But Reyna still loves Earth somehow: "As much as this world hurt's mine...and I will kill to defend it.". Although here Reyna is controlling herself to some kind of degree, that isn’t the case in the near future, no rights reserved.

Valorant Reyna Lore: The Future with KAY/O

To understand this, go ahead and check out KAY/O’s lore. But for simplicity: KAY/O comes from the future where this conflict between Radiants and Non-Radiants became too much, so a war struck out between both sides. In this future, Reyna becomes the leader of the Radiants’ side. She may have even started the war, but KAY/O kills her and comes back to our present to prevent this war. As a gamer you can see the connection: a ruthless killer only focused on killing inferiority.


A killer entering the VALORANT Protocol as Agent 11… how did she even enter the ranks of other Valorant agents? Will Reyna leave the VALORANT Protocol because of the superiority complex? That leaves the players wondering:

What’s next for Reyna in the Valorant Lore and Story?

Reyna has a lot more going on for her story. Although Riot Games gives other agents a bit more attention, we can wait and see what they have planned out for Reyna. She has a lot of room for improvement, maybe even for esports, but until then check out the Valorant Lore Hub to see what Valorant has ever given us!

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