Best mouse settings in Valorant

The mouse is the tip of the spear for an FPS gamer, so having the most optimal mouse settings can make a lot of impact.

Updated on Oct 21, 2023
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Best mouse settings in Valorant

Valorant best mouse settings

When playing team-based tactical shooter games like Valorant and CS2 (CSGO) among others, it’s been proven that your mouse is your primary weapon. In games of milliseconds and frames, most rounds boil down to who can get the fastest and most accurate shot off. The mouse should feel like an extension of your arm, and through it you control your character in FPS games.

Best Mouse Sensitivity settings

The most important feature about your gaming mouse, should be the mouse sensitivity you’re going to be using it at. Keep in mind that this is the main way to control your agent, angles and shots, so you need to be comfortable in any situation.


Regardless if you are a wrist or an arm aimer, your sensitivity needs to be set so you can do a 90 to 180 degrees turn in one motion. Playing anti flash or returning fire to the enemy shooting you in the back, are some of the cases where sensitivity settings affect gameplay.

Best DPI settings

If you are new to FPS games and have been wondering what’s the big deal about it, we’ll explain it. Unlike their older mechanical counterparts with the rolling wheels, modern mice use extremely sensitive lasers and sensors to detect movement. The way to quantify how much distance the cursor has passed with the movement of modern mice is DPI. It’s short for Dots Per Inch and it calculates how many pixels or dots on the screen the cursor has moved, when the mouse has been moved by exactly one inch. That means that mice with a high DPI settings of like 16000 are flying across the screen while low DPI mice move the mouse cursor by just 400 or 800 units per inch.. This is all very important for tactical shooters and we’ll explain why.

Best EDPI settings

While the DPI is the speed your mouse moves the cursor at, an EDPI is something different. In different games you can have different mouse sensitivity settings, affecting your gameplay. EDPI or effective dots per inch is a measure that is calculated by multiplying the speed of your mouse(DPI) and your in game sensitivity. Many players fail to realize, but this is the most important number you’re looking for when searching for your perfect mouse sensitivity.

Best Mouse Acceleration settings

Mouse acceleration is a feature that determines the distance covered by the cursor on the screen depending on the speed the mouse is moving at. In practice when this feature is turned off, the mouse will move only as much as you have moved it. When it’s turned on however, it will move the cursor more by trying to calculate your movement depending on your speed.


If you haven’t figured it out yet, that’s pretty horrible for someone trying to hit nasty flicks in Valorant. Your muscle memory and mouse sensitivity settings are aligned to help you hit the flick but your mouse might be holding you back. To find these settings you need to search for Mouse/ Mouse Settings/ Pointer Options/ Enhance Pointer Precision. With this you will turn off the mouse acceleration feature and have proper and crisp mouse movements.

Finding your perfect sensitivity in Valorant

If you are actively playing this game, it’s in your best interest to find your preferred mouse sensitivity as soon as possible, so you can build muscle memory and continuity. But for many Valorant players that’s easier said than done. So here are some tips to help you find your perfect sensitivity.

Use a sensitivity convertor

The general rule for finding your optimal sensitivity is tied to your deskspace and aiming style. You should start at higher DPI settings and work towards lower sensitivity settings. Your sensitivity should be high enough that you can do a 90 degree turn in each direction with one motion. But that is dependent on a lot of factors like deskspace, aiming style, and high DPI mouse setting among others.


So your best bet is to try and calculate your Valorant sensitivity based on your sensitivity in other FPS games by using a sensitivity convertor. What this tool does is basically calculate your EDPI in one game and convert it in another. Riot Games don’t allow third party software, but luckily these tools are available online for free and are one of the  first steps to finding your perfect sensitivity.

Testing pro settings

If that isn’t working out for you or you’re just not satisfied with the results, you should experiment with the DPI setting of some pro players. They are among the best players in the world so they must be doing something right, even though it boils down to personal preference in the end. When looking for the best mouse DPI setting keep this in mind. Most pros use an EDPI of around 280 and an average scoped sensitivity setting of 1 in competitive games.

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You need to do a lot of testing and give each setting a few days to see how your performance varies.  We have entire articles revealing the mouse settings that some of the best Valorant players use, so if you’re curious about their mouse sensitivity and EDPI, check out the links below:

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