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Is Valorant free to play?

Valorant is one of the largest Esports titles at the moment, so no wonder you want it! But is it free to play? Find out here in this article!
Is Valorant free to play?

The Riot Games FPS is a masterpiece that has dominated the Esports scene ever since its release, and considering that League of Legends, Riot Games main free to play title that is a large part of the Esports scene is as we said, free to play, you would think that Valorant would be too! Well here is your answer!

Is Valorant a free-to-play title?

The short but very sweet answer is Yes. Valorant is free to play! Unlike other games such as Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, there is no purchasable content that will enhance your gameplay experience in Valorant.

When you download Valorant you can just get up and running, let your gunplay shine, use your tactical abilities, lethal abilities, and spend all of the money you saved on not buying Valorant on some awesome weapon skins instead!

With roughly 14 million monthly players - a statistic that is constantly growing - all battling it out against the enemy team on their Windows PC, using team strategies, sharp gunplay, and generating clutch moments on the daily, you wonder how many of these players would still be playing if Valorant was a purchasable game instead of a free-to-play title.

Why is Valorant free-to-play?

Valorant is obviously owned by Riot Games, one of the forefounding companies in the early 2010’s who decided to make in-game purchasable cosmetic content their primary way of making money from their games, probably had the debate about making Valorant a paid game, but ultimately as we know decided against it.

Whilst we thank them for that, we believe that they still could have made the game a purchasable game and gotten away with it. A lot of Esports titles are hugely popular and still require purchases, such as Fifa, Call of Duty, and back in the day, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive!

How does Valorant make Riot Games money?

Well this is probably obvious, but the $20 to $25 you spend on a basic gun skin in Valorant is where all your money goes, and as this is digital content, Riot Games has no tangible costs to make the skins - they just need to pay the designers!

It is obviously harder and more in-depth than this, but next time you are considering purchasing a skin, just remember, you didn’t pay for the game, but it doesn’t mean pumping hundreds of dollars into Valorant is necessarily a good idea - so just be careful!

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