The complete Bind Valorant map guide

The portals on Bind are a unique feature that change how the map is being played. This guide will help you understand how to win on the Valorant map Bind.

Updated on Oct 24, 2023
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The complete Bind Valorant map guide

If you asked any Valorant player to describe the map Bind the first thing they would mention are the two one-way portals. Riot Games knew what they were doing when they designed this unique map, with the main ingredient being deception. One end of the map is linked to the other, allowing for split second rotations which are unheard of in most FPS games. Apart from the two portals, the reason for the Bind map being one of the player's favorites are the mind games and off angles. In this Bind Valorant map guide we will try to explain how you can easily become a better Valorant player and dominate on this map.

Valorant Bind Map Callouts

The attacking team on this map can choose between the two spike sites on the map after they have spawned in Attacker Spawn. They can get to the B site through Link, B Short and Window. They just need to watch out for enemies coming out of ‌A Portal and Hookah. Another option for getting onto the B site is through B Lobby, B Long and Garden. Once onto the B site you need to be watch out for enemies waiting in Elbow, B Cubby and B Hall coming from Defender Spawn.


If you meet a strong defense when entering the B Site, maybe a better option would be to go to the A Site through the B Teleport in B Long. With this you ‌exit the Teleport in A Lobby and your fastest route to the A Site is through Showers. If there is a Sage’s Wall stopping you from entering the A Site through Showers maybe going through A Short is a better option. From there you can get on to the A Site, take the A Portal to the B Site, or just take control of U Hall, Vents and Heaven all the way up to Defender Spawn.

Understanding Bind

Apart from the teleporters, what separates Bind from the other maps is her intricate design. Both sites have a similar design with long sightlines for sniper users, compact rooms that determine the round by skirmishing and key sections that link very important parts of the map.


To get to these positions you need to maneuver through the Portals, Link, Cave and the Spawns which makes it seem like going through a maze. Both Ultimate Orbs are positioned in areas that are hotly contested, which means that execution and coordination are a greater determining factor to the winner of the map than skill.

Bombsite A

How to attack Bombsite A

If you are attacking the A Site through A Short, your first goal will be clearing A Cubby. It’s unlikely that someone pushes up that aggressively as a defender but it can happen. Next you would want to plan your attack carefully because it’s almost guaranteed that someone will be holding U Hall.


You should always smoke the area from A Port to Pillar because it covers so many angles from where you can get shot at like Heaven and every corner on the A Site. Other good smoke spots are Heaven, Vent, and the corners of backside A.

How to defend Bombsite A

When defending the A Site, you will always want to have your best sniper player in Heaven, while the others can hide behind the boxes on the site, below Heaven to the left or in Vent. These positions can cover both Showers and A Short effectively without exposing themselves to crossfire.


Peeking A Short out of U Hall can be dangerous because there can be multiple enemies waiting for you there, but if you do it successfully you can gather a lot of information and retreat safely through U Hall. You generally don't want to waste a lot of utility to defend the A Portal, because it does not cover a lot of distance and you can still rotate in time through Vent and Defender Spawn to the B Site.


Playing the Heaven position on the Bind map brings a lot of opportunities and responsibilities. The player there will most of the time be trusted with an Operator or another sniper because it’s the best place for those weapons apart from B Long. From there, with proper positioning you can safely cover both entrances to the A Site like Showers and A Short.


The opposing team will try to deny your long sightlines with smokes and other types of utility, so you need to learn to play around that. In general you will always have the advantage when taking any duel from there because of the higher ground, and you can rotate the fastest to the B Site while not using the Portal.

U Hall/ Lamp room

This is one of the most important parts of the map solely because of the control it gives you. You can smoke off Heaven and every other area but having control of U Hall lets you do so much more. As a defender you can peek A Short while having the Showers entrance in your sights to be able to help your teammates. On Eco rounds you can play back in the Lamp room with a Shotgun or other fast rate weapons and score a few kills of enemies that are pushing.


The attackers want to rush into U Hall to get a massive flank on everyone else that’s holding the site. From there they can target the Heaven player, anyone on the site behind the boxes and in the corners, and push through Vent and Defenders Spawn to intercept the rotating players from B.


Just like Hookah, Showers is another tight entrance to a site with many corners and angles to be cleared before entering. Ideally you would want to push with two players, one sitting at the boxes in A Lobby near the B Portal exit and the other pushing and clearing the corners of showers. There are so many places where a defender can wait for you so you will need to hug the walls when proceeding.


You can expect a lot of utility being used ‌here with Sage’s wall being the most game changing one because you can use it both defensively and offensively. When exiting Showers you will need to clear the angles in Vent, behind the boxes on the site, Heaven and those annoying campers that sit on the box next to the entrance.

Bombsite B

How to defend Bombsite B

While defending the B Site there are a few good angles that you can take that will give you an advantage over the Attacking team. Peeking from B Cubby or from behind the spike site you can cover both B Long and the Window. If you get forced out of position with usage of utility you can fall back to B Hall and still cover Window and Hookah, but you will be vulnerable to rushes on site and Elbow.


You can also position yourself in Elbow and cover both the Garden entrance to B and Window with a small flick, but this is an off angle where you don't have cover if they fire back. As the defending team you would almost never want to push through B Lobby but Hookah and B Long should always be the top of your priority.

How to attack Bombsite B

As the attacking side again your main goal should be getting control of B Long. It’s crucial because the Ultimate Orb and the Portal entrance are there, but actually getting onto the B site might be more tricky than expected. When entering the site you will ALWAYS want to clear the B Cubby angle, because most of the time there will be someone there. Next you will want to clear the Garden angles by hugging the wall, and once you move into the Garden you will need to clear the angles behind the boxes on the Site.


Entering from here you will almost always be in danger of crossfire, so you need to communicate with your Window player to help you clear Elbow. Once you have control of Elbow and B Hall, you will have complete control of the B site and make retakes very hard. When entering good smoke spots are B Hall, Elbow and Garden to enable your Duelists to take several duels and not get caught in the crossfire. We have an entire article dedicated to which agents are the best suited for this map that you can check out.

B Long

The most important task for both sides will always be getting control of B Long. There is an Ultimate Orb next to the B Portal, which gives the attacking side so much more resources and options.


They can get the Orb, rush onto the site, look for picks with aggressive peeks, bait out utility and spells or just rotate to the A Site in an instance and leave the defense scrambling. This area is a sniper and other large caliber weapons playground, where relying on skill is often punishable because the wooden entrance to the garden from where the defenders would most likely peek is pierceable.


If you decide that you want to push through Hookah, always take a friend. The room has a narrow entrance, with many corners and angles that need to be covered so having someone with you to trade kills and clear the area helps a lot. Spells will be flying all over the place from both teams, even through the Portal so be careful.


All those corners and angles behind the boxes that can be abused on Eco rounds or with Shotguns against careless enemies that push without clearing angles. And even if you make it out of Hookah alive you might run into crossfire from Elbow, B Hall and backside B so use your spells wisely.



Personally this is one of my favorite positions as a defender on this map because of all the options that you have as the round progresses. You have an off angle to peek at attacking players in Window, while having your crosshair in close range to the players rushing out of Garden. If the spike is planted on B you can reposition to B Hall and stop rotations coming through Defender Spawn and A Portal into Hookah.


If they decide to go to the A Site through the Portal you can follow them at your own risk but it will be the fastest way to get to the A Site from Elbow. Some agents can also abuse their mobility and get hard to clear angles on opponents for some cheeky round wins that add up over the game.

Attacking Spawn

The design of this map makes it so that Attacking Spawn and Cave are really not utilized unless you’re going for long flanks with Omen. Most of the time the Defenders will want to position as close as they can to the sites, while the attackers shouldn't be returning to their spawn after the round starts unless they forgot the spike.


Defending Spawn

The Defender Spawn however is a much more important section, because it is the shortest route between both sites. It’s sharp angles offer good coverage for anyone waiting to pick off rotating enemies and from here you can access two of the four site entrances, so it’s no wonder this map is considered defender favored.


Tips and tricks for Bind

Utilizing ‌Teleports

Here are some useful tips and tricks to help you squeeze out a few more round wins the next time you play on Bind. Drafting plays an integral role in the outcome of each map so make sure you always draft the best agents for the map. Choosing the correct agent affects the other tips like utilizing the Teleports properly.


Agents that have projectile abilities can send them through the Teleport to gather information or assist their teammates on the other side of the teleport. Another cool way to use the Teleport is to deceive your enemies. This can be done by throwing weapons in the teleport or by doing the fake Omen teleport with his Shrouded Step.

Key spots and execution

Using Smokes is extremely important on every map and the A Site on Bind has some of the most impactful smoke spots. As for the Attacking side you can smoke Heaven, U Hall and another spot on the site to combine it with a Sage wall and get off an easy plant. This can be done through Showers and A Short with different wall placement. The Defenders also have the option for a powerful one way smoke on the box in A Cubby, where players on the A Site or Heaven can see the legs of the attacking players because of how elevation works, but the attackers can't see anything but U Hall.


The A Site is much easier to take and retake, which makes the B Site defense execution a lot more valuable. Most of the time you would want three players on the A site and your best two defenders on the B site. The last few tips are for the most important areas of the map and those are B Long and Showers. They hold both Ultimate Orbs which are very valuable because they power your most impactful ability. Apart from that they make for great flank opportunities  and they are a great place to utilize the Operator as a Defender. 

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