How To Save Valorant Replays

As Valorant currently does not have a replay system, here's other methods to save replays!

Updated on Aug 23, 2023
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How To Save Valorant Replays

Unfortunately, Riot Games still has not implemented a replay feature in Valorant. As a result, Valorant players are unable to obtain replays of recent games. Even though tons of players are requesting a replay feature, there has not been news about it from Riot devs.

League of Legends, which is also under Riot Games, got the feature 7 years after the game's release. If Valorant also needs to go through those years, we got your back as we will list down other ways and methods to save replays in Valorant!

Why Do Players Want to Save and Watch Valorant Replays?

It takes a lot of practice to become more successful in Valorant. There are various ways to grow better at the game, from honing your aim to being familiar with all the callouts. However, if you watch replays, it might significantly help you!

Watching yourself play Valorant is sometimes regarded as one of the most fruitful workouts for any player, even though practice makes perfect! You can find errors and misplays by reviewing your gameplay. Once you identify your weaknesses, you can concentrate more on making progress in those areas.

Other than saving replays to get better in the game, some users would like a replay feature to rewatch awesome or funny moments they have encountered. Who would not like a good laugh from hilarious teammates?

The Different Recording Tools to Save and Watch Replays in Valorant

Since it was mentioned that Valorant currently has no replay function in the game, here are some 3rd-party recording tools that you can use as an alternative!

Nvidia Instant Replay

Players with Nvidia graphics cards can record their gameplay using the recording tool known as Nvidia Shadowplay. Both Shadowplay and Instant Replay are features featured in the Nvidia or Geforce Experience app.

  1. Download the Nvidia Experience app if you do not have the app yet


  1. Open and run Valorant
  2. Press Alt + Z for the Nvidia in-game overlay to appear.
  3. Search for the Instant Replay setting and set a recording or replay length (take note that the app only caps at 20 minutes), video quality, resolution, frame rate, and bit rate.

However, if you do not have an Nvidia GPU, there are still a handful of other options for you!


Another alternative to using a replay system is the Outplayed by Overwolf, which can be utilized by any graphics card user! Not only can you save your replays in this application, but you can also record the whole game if you like! Here's how:

  1. Install Outplayed on their official website
  2. Open and run Valorant
  3. To start or stop recording your game, press Ctrl+F4 as this is your default keybind when recording
  4. If you only want to save your replay, press Ctrl+F
  5. All your recordings and clips will be saved on their application



Medal.TV is another recording application that is famous among players as it is user-friendly! It also has features like sharing your clips on its platform and engaging with other users.

  1. Download and Install Medal.TV
  2. Set your clip length, resolution, and set your hotkey for recording.


  1. Launch Valorant
  2. Press the hotkey that you have set to clip Valorant!


Cons of Using 3rd-Party Recording Tools

Even though 3rd-party tools such as Nvidia Instant Replay, OBS studio, and Medal are quite handy for those who want to watch Valorant replays, there are also downsides to it.

Any recording software uses system resources to carry out its tasks. A background recording program can negatively impact your PC's performance, speed, and frames per second (FPS). However, this impact depends mostly on your PC's specs and won't be noticeable on the top gaming PCs with the newest technology.

It is understandable advice to put your recording devices aside during crucial games if you have a budget or low-end PC to make sure your PC provides the finest gaming experience.

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