How to watch replays in Valorant

Do you want to check how you did in your previous game, or do you just want to share your ace to the public? No problem since you can replay your Valorant game.

Updated on Mar 09, 2024
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How to watch replays in Valorant

Playing Valorant with your friends is fun, but boasting your best headshots to the public feels over the moon. So why not share it since you've been playing for hours for that clip?

Although Riot Games has yet to introduce a native play system, you can still record your game and watch Valorant replays on your own time.

How to Watch Replays in Valorant

As of the moment, there is no in-game replay feature in Valorant. However, we should not expect it anytime soon since Riot Games only released the feature in League of Legends seven years after its launch.

However, thanks to third-party software, we can still watch our Valorant gameplay even after finishing the match.

Through Nvidia Instant Replay

Suppose you are using a good gaming PC with Nvidia graphics cards, congratulations since you have a built-in replay system. Nvidia Instant Replay is one of the functions of Shadowplay, which can be found inside the Geforce Experience app.

If you happen to be using Nvidia graphic cards, here are the steps on how to use their replay function:

  1. Launch Valorant, then press Alt + Z to open up the Nvidia overlay
  2. In the Nvidia overlay, click the 'Instant Replay' setting and set a replay length.

Unfortunately, Nvidia Instant Replay is limited to 20 minutes, much less than the usual match time of around 30 to 40 minutes.

Through OBS Studio

If you are not using Nvidia GPU, there are other ways to record Valorant and other e-sport games, like OBS Studio. However, if you already downloaded the application on your computer, you need to tweak some settings so that its effect on the performance of your PC is not noticeable.

  1. Open OBS Studio, then go to 'Settings' in the bottom-right corner
  2. Go to the 'Output' tab, set the 'Video Bitrate' to 6000 Kbps, Encoder to Hardware, and Audio Bitrate to 256. You can also change where the recorded video would be saved in these settings
  3. Go to the 'Audio' tab, and set Desktop Audio to 'Disabled.' If you have an external microphone, set up the device in the same tab
  4. Go to the 'Video' tab, then choose the setting based on the capability of your computer.
  5. After pressing the 'Apply' button, click the 'Scene' button on the bottom left corner of the screen.
  6. Press the plus (+) icon under the sources tab, and add 'Game Capture and Audio Output Capture' in the drop-down menu.
  7. Open Valorant, Alt+Tab to OBS Studio, select the mode as 'Capture Specific Window,' then select 'Valorant.exe' window.
  8. Lastly, click on Audio Output Capture, then select the device that is taking Valorant's audio output.

Aside from Nvidia instant replay and OBS Studios, other applications have the same feature as the two, which can record Valorant gameplay.

By Recording Valorant Gameplay

If you want to record your gameplay, you need to be careful since it can affect the performance of your computer. Before recording using third-party applications, check all the settings to ensure that you have selected constant bitrate so that it cannot affect Valorant's FPS.

In the end, you can't share the clips you just recorded if your computer keeps on lagging. So remember, always prioritize your game before any third-party recording software.

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