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All Valorant maps | Ranking | Overview

Learn all the most fundamental information about Valorant Maps!
All Valorant maps | Ranking | Overview

The term "map" is often used in multiplayer games to describe a place where players compete against each other, and it is no different in Riot Games’ FPS game – Valorant. If we were to compare it to classic sports, the map in Valorant is like the field for soccer players or the pool for swimmers; it’s a space where the competition takes place.

How many maps are in Valorant?

There are currently 7 official maps in Valorant that are available in the competitive play. Riot ultimately plans to release 2 additional maps per year, and so far, it's working. The maps usually come out with new Battle Passes and have never been part of a separate update in the middle of an Act. Here are all of the Valorant maps:

All Valorant Maps | Ranked from Best to Worst


This specific map strongly favors the Defenders, especially if they have two skilled Sentinel Agents; because of how narrow the entrances to Spike Sites are for attackers, one well-placed trap or thrown smoke can really help you to control the map. Split has two "heavens" on both A and B sites, and you can get access to them quickly from mid, which is another thing that gives Defenders a considerable advantage.

Valorant Maps Split

However, due to a large number of small corners, Attackers can win a fair number of rounds with good grenade lineups that can deal a lot of damage to camping opponents.

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Haven is currently the only map with as many as 3 Spike Sites. Unlike Split, Haven is tough for Defenders to control, but Attackers don't have an easy task either, making it one of the most exciting maps in official eSports games.

Valorant Maps Haven

Haven's map design makes it very enjoyable to watch, as it often requires thoughtful lineups and very strategic gameplay. The Haven’s map size makes it essential to collect as much information as you can, so Agents like Cypher or Sova will work great here. Plus, even though the map is wide, it only has two Ultimate Orbs, and neither of them is all that convenient to catch due to the open space and the possibility of being killed in a matter of seconds.

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Bind is currently the only Valorant map with portals to move between areas. On the one hand, these portals allow for easy rotations between Spike Sites, but on the other, they make a loud noise that reveals our location and will help enemies position themselves favorably.

Valorant Maps Bind

So, they may not be the most useful invention in the game, but portals definitely change the whole gameplay dynamic, and despite the pretty basic map design, this is one of the unique Valorant maps precisely because of that.

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This map was released along with the first Valorant Episode Battle Pass, which means that it appeared in-game on the same day the game came out of beta.

Valorant Maps Ascent

Ascent is very focused on controlling the mid, and that should be your main priority when playing it. It makes the map kind of balanced, as neither side has much easier access to it, yet mid control gives a considerable advantage. However, the Defenders team may have it a little easier here if they have a good Operator player, as this weapon is the best pick for long-range area control.



Icebox is another map with long-distance areas and two relatively small Spike Sites. However, it is pretty hard to control the map for Defenders because of the many convenient ways to get to the bomb site for Attackers.

Valorant Maps Icebox

Moreover, Defenders have no easy option to rotate, making this map even harder for this side. Without good smoke and wall lineups, it is impossible to win Icebox on high ranks, which makes this map annoying for many players, but it also makes it one of the most skill-rewarding maps in the entire game



Breeze is probably the most extensive Valorant map, although this new Fracture map also seems broad. Just like with Ascent, mid control is a priority, as this can give you access to both Spike Sites.

Valorant Maps Breeze

Breeze has numerous open areas with two big Spike Sites that are pretty difficult to take over by Attackers. Long-distance encounters on this map are a regular thing, so if you want to win games consistently here, make sure to get yourself a good Operator player



Fracture is an extensive H-shaped map with two small Spike Sites. Defenders spawn right in the exact center of the map, while Attackers can attack Spike Sites from four different sides with an incredibly convenient option to rotate between them, which allows for all sorts of fakes and more tactical plays.

Valorant Maps Fracture

That said, Fracture is a really tough map for Defenders, and it's probably the most favorable map for Attackers in Valorant. Matches on Fracture are always vibrant, not only due to its unique map design but also since there are as many as 4 Ultimate Orbs, which allows for frequent power plays and therefore more dynamic gameplay. 


So, as you can see, each map has its own unique vibe and favors different playstyles, which is one reason why Riot has managed to keep the game so fresh. We know that Icebox, for example, doesn't have a lot of fans, and it's a shame that you can't select maps in the queue yet. However, we feel optimistic about this and think that Riot will finally implement such a feature with more maps coming to the game. If you are having trouble playing a specific map or Valorant in general, we encourage you to check out other guides on our blog, where we try to solve all the most common problems that you might encounter in your games. 

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