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The best Valorant agents for Haven

As a map with three spike sites instead of two, Haven might be a map harder to conquer than the others. These are the best Valorant agents for Haven.

Updated on Sep 28, 2022
The best Valorant agents for Haven

With a map as big as Haven, most of the time the player's goal is to bait out rotations. That means having agents who can gather information is key. Skye and Sova both do an incredible job of clearing out areas and making it easier for their teammates to reposition. If an area is clear, you can take it over safely on attack or rotate more players elsewhere as the defenders. Apart from those two, these are the agents that will give you the best chance of winning on Haven.


Astra is one of the best agents at reacting to the push and can do it very fast as well. Mostly due to her ability to put stars wherever she wants, regardless of where she actually is.

Valorant Agent Astra

Enemies pushing on C while she is on A, are not an issue to handle for her. Unlike Omen and Brimstone who only have smokes, Astra's stars can concuss or pull players, making them vulnerable and easy targets to finish off. With so many good positions to place them on this map, it's no wonder why she stands out from the rest of the agents. She really puts her power on display with her Ultimate, with the map being so linear you can fake plants on each site because it can cover all three.

valorant agent astra

With a meta-defining Ultimate like hers that shapes up post-plant strategies on its own, it's hard to beat an Astra in position. When an experienced Astra enters Haven, you're gonna have a very hard time trying to take or defend a site.


Skye has been threatening to overtake Sova as the best Initiator in the game for quite some time now and she keeps making a case for herself on Haven.

valorant agent skye

Skye's win rate on this map seems to be explained by the fact that this is a very large and open map, thus giving her utility the opportunity to shine. Her Trailblazer is great at clearing out areas like Garage and Short, and her Flash is excellent at gathering info.

valorant agent skye

The same applies to her Ultimate as well, even after the nerfs it's still a great tool to obtain information especially on a map where you can lose track of your enemies very easily. She fits well in every kind of comp on almost every map, making her a great agent to pick up and main for players across all valorant ranks.


Haven is no different from the majority of maps, where there is enough open space for a Sova player to maximize his value with his Recon Bolts.

Valorant Agent Sova

As always, he is almost a must-pick agent on Haven with Skye coming in to replace him the few times he's not there. With three spike sites, Sova's Recon bolt and Drone are too valuable pieces of utility to not have in a composition. Gathering information before ‌enemies can make their move, and staking sites in advance can be the crucial difference between winning a round or losing it. And Sova is the only agent that can offer that aspect to a team.

Valorant Agent Sova

Also his Ultimate is really strong for breaking into sites on retakes because positions are pretty limited on site. Getting a tag on enemies can force them into ‌open fire, or trying to dodge with limited space and thus give up their position.


Killjoy has proved to be an incredibly useful agent on this map regardless of where she is placed. None of us are strangers to the fact, how annoying can a Killjoy Ultimate be.

valorant Agent Killjoy

Haven is easily the biggest retake map in the game, for obvious reasons like multiple sites and multiple site entrances. And her Ultimate is the best one at doing just that. Locking down the entirety of each site makes her disgusting to verses on this map. Her Alarm Bot is great as an early warning and can be used to make rotations easier. Placing the Alarm Bot in the Garage and putting a molly on top of it, so that you can activate the trap as soon as the Bot is triggered, is a great way to score some kills for your teammates that are rotating. On the other hand, until it's triggered nobody needs to be covering Garage, which allows for better stacking on other sites.

valorant Agent Killjoy

She is great at watching out for flanks and does a tremendous job of holding down an entire site on her own on defense. Regardless of whether she is on the A or C site, her abilities allow her to be a nuisance long enough for her teammates to rotate. Her win rates and pick rates on this map only go up with the level of competition, as we saw on the most recent Valorant Champions tournament.


Haven is a map that can be considered a paradise for Operator users, mostly due to the long straight angles on this map. One glance at the map's layout is all it takes for most players to figure out why some champions do better than others here.

Valorant Agent jett

Areas like A long, C, and Middle  are the perfect playground for an agent like Jett, where she can dominate in various ways. Smoke and dash plays are incredibly powerful on Haven because there is so much ground to cover after you enter the site until you reach the plant spot. This creates an opportunity in which players can  cover a lot of space and draw a lot of attention, which leads to breakdowns in communication and resulting in picks. With so much high ground for her to take with aggressive pushes, it becomes more clear why Jett on Haven is a nightmare to deal with. She can boost on the B containers, C containers or onto the boxes in A short, for which you don't even need to use abilities and can just glide over them.

Valorant Agent jett

No other agent is capable of taking advantage of these unusual angles like Jett, and that reflects on her win rate and pick rate on Haven. Also considering that every spike site acts as a separate segment, a Jett splitting from her team, and attacking the site from multiple entrances, can create a lot of confusion and pressure. Her knives are great as always and with a large number of up-draft spots on this map, making close-range encounters more often that result in montage-worthy right clicks. But we can't underestimate the power her smokes hold, especially on entrances like A Heaven, Garage, A, or C Link.

The beauty of this map is all of the different tactics that can be used to win a round. Having three spike sites allows for some creative gameplay, but in general some things to keep in mind are these. Defensive aggression is one of the most important aspects of success on this map and looking at the map explains it. With three sites that all have three different entrance points, it’s impossible to expect a clean defense even if everyone is on the same page.

Valorant map Haven

Mistakes will happen no matter what and one way to counter that is to stack multiple players on one site or entrance and have them advance. Doing so will gather much more information that staying put alone on a site, and allows for successful rotations and retakes. This is also most preferably done on A and C long, preferably with the coverage of an Operator. Apart from establishing control and getting good flank position, with this strategy of overloading a side, you get access to at least one of the Ultimate Orbs, which can be crucial in the fights moving forward. Another point of contention when playing on this map must be Mid Control.

The B site is located next to it and through it you can access most of the areas on the map in the shortest time possible. That's why we see so many utility focused agents appearing on our tier list apart from Jett. Another tool to help you achieve this besides abilities is wall banging. You probably know most of the popular spots like Mid Windows, Garage and shooting towards A Sewer from the corner of B site. Every point of damage you are able to apply to the opponent before the engagement in the round starts, is likely to affect the outcome in more ways than you could imagine.

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