How to Mute People in Valorant

While playing Valorant, you may run into an occasional toxic teammate, thankfully, we have the option to mute all the noise to focus on the game!
How to Mute People in Valorant

Toxicity in games is an issue that persists and is prevalent now. Toxic teammates may tilt online video game players making a crucial play in the game or ruin the overall team dynamic. Of course, the team voice chat is vital for in-game communication. But, if it's disturbing your peace, here are some actions you can take to mute people in Valorant!

The Different Ways to Mute Players in Valorant

Disable Team Voice Chat in Valorant Settings

Our other article states that team voice chat differs from party voice chat. You can mute other players outside your party when you turn off your team voice chat so you can still communicate with your friends. To mute your teammates, you can disable the team voice chat in your audio settings.

  1. Click the gear icon on your main menu
  2. Click Settings
  3. Select Audio, then go to the Voice Chat tab
  4. Find the Team Chat Option and turn it off
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Disabling Team Voice Chat in Communications Window

You can also turn off team voice chat without going to the in-game settings! This can be done when you're in a lobby or are selecting agents already.

  1. Click on the Audio Icon underneath your username in the lobby or the Audio Icon beside your name in agent select.
  2. Turn off the Team Chat option
  3. Click Save & Close to apply changes

You can also mute players in agent select by clicking the little speaker icon next to the target player's name.

Remember that when your team's voice chat is disabled, you can't send out voice chats to them too!

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Disabling Team Voice Communication In-game

You know how toxic teammates can affect your in-game performance. But communication is also crucial in playing. So, you can just mute a specific player that bothers you!

  1. Press Esc button
  2. Click on the Match tab
  3. You will see the Team Voice option under the Allow Communication box
  4. Uncheck voice chat to block audio of a certain player

Additionally, you can also lower the team voice volume if their mic is too loud.

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Mute Written Messages

You can also mute text chat in Valorant. Here are a few ways to completely mute an occasional toxic teammate's chatter so you can concentrate on the game!

  1. Press Esc button
  2. Click on the Match tab
  3. You will see the Text Chat option under the Allow Communication box
  4. Uncheck the box of players you want to mute

You can also mute all enemy chat if you don't want to see their messages!

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