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Why does Valorant update keep on pausing?

Don't worry! You dont' have to upgrade your PC and It has nothing to do with your computer.
Why does Valorant update keep on pausing?

Riot Games releases new Valorant updates now and then to make the game exciting for its million players. Unfortunately, these updates take up a little time, and many players face a bug that pauses downloading these new patches.

If you got unlucky and experienced this kind of bug, here's how to fix it. Suppose you're experiencing an issue where a Valorant update keeps on pausing. In that case, it is primarily because of either these two things: unstable internet connection or insufficient space on your computer.

Valorant Update Keeps on Pausing

Valorant needs specific system requirements to run smoothly on any Windows computer. Additionally, after every act, and sometimes within an act, Riot Games releases new patches to fix bugs, update the maps, and buff or nerf agents, so it's best to have a stable internet connection when updating the game.

Aside from the two that were mentioned above, here are some other reasons why a Valorant update keeps on pausing:

  • Running too many applications at the same time
  • Many devices connected to the same internet
  • Faulty DNS
  • Windows Defender Firewall blocking Riot Client and Valorant game files

How to Fix Valorant Update that Keeps on Pausing

If you're one of the unlucky Valorant players who experience minor bugs such as this one, here are some solutions that can help:

Fix Unstable Internet Speed

One of the main reasons an update keeps pausing is that you don't have a stable internet connection. If you think this is the reason, you can try resetting your network settings to fix the error.

Here's how you can reset your network settings:

  1. Launch the Settings app by pressing the Win+I hotkey, then navigate to the 'Network & Internet tab.
  2. Scroll down to the bottom of the window, then click on the 'Advance Network Settings Option.'
  3. Now, click on the 'Network Reset' option and press the 'Reset Now button.

Reset Router

If you've already tried resetting your network settings on your computer, but the issue persists, it's time to reset your router manually. You can easily reset your router by unplugging the router and modem, then replugging it after waiting for a minute.

Doing it will reset your router's cache and eliminate any other errors that may be hindering the speed.

Close Background Apps

We know that it can be too tiring to wait for Valorant update for a couple of minutes, but remember that minimizing Valorant then multitasking is not encouraged since these apps consume your internet speed and bandwidth, especially if you are using low-end PCs.

To be sure that no other applications are running in the background, open 'Task Manager and close all other unnecessary applications.

Allow Valorant to go through the Firewall

You can fix Valorant bugs by allowing the game to pass through the Windows Defender Firewall, the built-in anti-virus system of Windows. It might sound too hard to do, but trust us, it is easy as A-B-C. Just follow these steps:

  1. Open Control Panel, then select 'Windows Defender Firewall;
  2. Select 'Allow an app or feature through Windows Defender Firewall' on the left side
  3. On the next screen, press 'Change Settings' and add Valorant

Other Fixes

If the above fixes still do not work, here are other things that you can do to update Valorant without encountering any errors:

  • Cancel the download, restart the game, then try to download the updates again
  • Update your graphics drivers, and other things on your computer
  • Restart your computer
  • Check DNS settings for any proxy that is on.

Valorant has its fair share of bugs and errors like any other apps. If you tried all the methods above to fix the issue, but it's still not working, it's best to contact Riot Games.

For more errors and issues in Valorant, TheGlobalGaming has it covered with tips and tricks on how to fix it like a pro.

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