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How to Double Rank Up in Valorant

Want to rank up faster in Valorant? Check out how to double rank up in the game!
How to Double Rank Up in Valorant

The cutthroat competitive scene in Valorant makes players desire to get a higher rank in the game. The competitive mode in the game began to take place after patch 0.49 in 2020. With Valorant's complex rank system, there would always have mixed reactions as to how the game treats them. Some players who perform well in competitive games get double rank-ups that significantly help them get a higher rank faster. So, what exactly is a double rank-up in Valorant?

What is a Double Rank Up?

EvrMoar, a Riot Games' Senior Competitive Designer in Valorant, explained what double rank-ups mean on Twitter. According to EvrMoar's ranked fact Friday tweet, "When your rank is "out of the range" of your MMR (Matchmaking Rating), you gain two ranks. The highest MMR range you can have is 3 ranks, therefore, if you ever deviate 4 ranks from your MMR, you will definitely gain a double rank!"

Also, your MMR range measures how you play in a good vs. bad game. Your MMR range may become smaller as you play more, but it never increases over 3 ranks

How to Double Rank Up?

After every act, there is always a rank reset, and your current rank is demoted by one or two ranks. Moreover, a double rank-up is quite helpful at the beginning of a new act. If you get the chance to have it, you can quickly regain your previous rank or a new rank after just a few games. Here are some ways to possibly get a double rank-up!

Perform Well in Ranked Games

You must play well in your games and increase your MMR if you want to have a good chance of receiving a double rank. Your current rank is determined by your MMR, which stands for matchmaking ranking. Moreover, top fragging, being the match MVP, and garnering a high combat score will strongly influence your MMR.

Additionally, your MMR growth will be significantly influenced by how well you perform at your current rank, lower ranks, and how well you defeat players with a higher rank than you.

play well

Gain a Win Streak

Your MMR will increase even more if you go on a win streak while you play at your competitive rank. Longer winning streaks will lift your MMR significantly, but even a small streak of two victories can still have a major impact.

win streak

Earn a 100-rank rating

If your MMR is four tiers or higher than your current rank, you will receive a double rank increase if you attain a 100-rank rating.

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