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The Longest Valorant Match Ever

Do you know that the longest Valorant match was played for over an hour with multiple overtimes?
The Longest Valorant Match Ever

In Valorant competitive matches, if both teams get to a 12-12 score, two overtime rounds will be played on different sides, and one team must win both overtimes to win the whole game. If the game is still tied, there's a draw vote that lets the players decide if they want to continue the match or not.

But in the professional leagues, there is no option to draw the match, which means that the game could run forever or until someone wins two consecutive rounds in overtime. In fact, some matches were played for over an hour!

Longest Competitive Match

According to Riot Games, the world record for the longest Valorant game was played for one hour and 28 minutes, and it happened in 2020 on Ascent, with over 56 rounds being played in a single game. Although Riot Games did not release any more details about the match, we can only imagine the fatigue the players had to endure to win the match.

Longest Game in Valorant

On Reddit, a user named PerdoxEd1ting shared his experience playing a Valorant competitive match that lasted 52 rounds. Luckily for him, they won the game, 27-25.

Long Valorant Match submitted on Reddit

Longest Pro Valorant Match

The longest professional match in Valorant history happened during the second game in the lower-bracket playoffs of VCT 2021 EMEA Stage 3 Challengers between Forze and FunPlus Phoenix, with Forze taking home a 24-22 victory.

Longest Professional Match in Valorant

FunPlus Phoenix took an early lead by winning the first match on Icebox, 13-4, as Forze failed to stage a comeback. In game two, Forze's gameplay dramatically changed as they extended, and extended, and extended the match to record 22 overtimes to win the game.

Forze proved that the momentum was still on their side and won the match with a comfortable 13-8 victory in game three.

While it may be hard to believe that a single Valorant could go on for over an hour, it is unusual in first-person shooting games. Just be ready if this ever happens to you!

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