How Long is an Average Game in Valorant? [All Game Modes]

On average, a Competitive Valorant match lasts 30-40 minutes, but it can extend up to 70 minutes in overtime.

Updated on Sep 05, 2023
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How Long is an Average Game in Valorant? [All Game Modes]

How Long is a Competitive Valorant Match?

The average match length for a Valorant game is around 30-40 minutes. One-sided games where you can win or lose all 13 rounds instantly can make a standard Valorant match early at around 20 minutes.

Although this applies to Competitive and Unrated, they’re both best out of 13. And Competitive can go into overtime rounds up to 25 rounds if it ends in a 13-13 draw. This means that the absolute maximum match time for a Competitive game can go up to 70 minutes.

What this means is that theoretically, a competitive multiplayer game of Valorant can even go higher than the 40 minutes mark up to 1 hour. And Riot Games has approved this with the longest Valorant match taking over 1 hour and 30-40 minutes in a VCT match between TSM and GenG. Makes you wonder what’s the Valorant pros’ average salary!

Valorant Pro Play Match

Now 20-40 minutes for a normal game of a Valorant ranked play for players using the best Phantom skins may be a lot. In situations like these, you’ll want to reconsider other shorter Valorant game modes.

How Long is a Spike Rush Valorant Match?

An average game for a Spike Rush match in Valorant is around 8-15 minutes. Unlike other multiplayer game mode Valorant matches, Spike Rush packs the most action with the best ultimates for the shortest period of time. Spike Rush is a best out of 4, so the maximum number of rounds a match can reach is 8 rounds.

Valorant Spike Rush

How Long is a Deathmatch Valorant Match

The average match length for Deathmatch in Valorant is around 7-9 minutes. Deathmatch is the shortest game mode in Valorant. A Deathmatch match either ends once a player has reached 40 kills, or if the timer reaches 9 minutes, in which case the player with the most kills wins. So if you’re up to train your aim like TenZ or just a quick Valorant match, Deathmatch’s the best solution for you!

Valorant Deathmatch

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