How Do Valorant Pros Earn Money [Avg Salary Revealed]

Professional Valorant players earn money through competitions, tournaments, and salaries, with some top players exceeding $25,000 in average salary.

Updated on Jan 20, 2024
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How Do Valorant Pros Earn Money [Avg Salary Revealed]

How Much do Valorant Pros Earn?

The average Valorant pro salary is around $5,000-$20,000. This info was given to us by a popular Sentinels player from the North American region, ShahZaM. Still, he states some pros can earn even way more money depending on their standings in Valorant’s competitive scene.

For example, TenZ’s average salary is speculated to be even higher than the $20,000 border. This is because Sentinels paid a hefty price at a seven-figure deal for TenZ’s acquirement. Though TenZ is strong on the competitive scene, it’s believed he makes most of the money through his successful streaming career.

Even Kyedae has come out stating that for professional Valorant players like Nitr0 and Sinatraa the average salary exceeds $25,000. So there’s so much more value to hitting a higher average Valorant pro salary if you had success in previous titles like Overwatch. But hey, how do these pro players exactly earn such high salaries?

How do Valorant Pros Earn Money?

The first way pros in Valorant earn money is by winning competitions and tournaments for prize money. Then that team’s prize money earnings are divided among the pros and the organization. And former twitch superstar streamer Shroud has given us an estimate that the organization takes a cut of around 5%-20% of the prize money.

A successful event circuit at the VCT Masters Reykjavik 2023 getting 1st place is $200,000. So the organization could get anywhere from $10,000-$40,000 according to Shroud, with the rest of the money being split among the teammates.

Although Valorant esports organizations pay high salaries, Shroud goes on to say that a more lucrative career option for a good Valorant pro salary would be streaming. 

Having a pre-defined fan base supporting you through donations and subs while you host a Valorant esports watch party is much more stable and less stressful than betting yourself on those wins while others watch you.

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