Valorant Lore Story Skye Explained

Lore Story Skye Valorant: the full explanation behind Skye’s life in Valorant’s lore.

Updated on Oct 24, 2023
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Valorant Lore Story Skye Explained

Every single game out there has some kind of a story to share. And Riot Games’ tactical shooter Valorant also has its story to share with lots of players being interested in it. Riot Games’ David Nottingham, the creative director behind Valorant definitely has Valorant lore planned out!

All the Valorant agents have their own stories in the game. One of these agents is Skye, so let’s take a look at the lore story Skye Valorant!


Firstly some basic Valorant lore you should know: The First Light is what gave the world the resource Radianite, which gives players the agents they play special powers and abilities in the game. There is a massive corporation called Kingdom, which uses and experiments with the resource Radianite, controlling 3/4 of the world’s power supply. With this they betray people, pollute lands and destroy the world in a way Now let’s continue.

Is Skye a Farmer Valorant?

Let’s first start the Skye story from the very beginning. Skye was born and raised in Nimbin, Australia. This is a part of Australia that doesn’t have a lot of people but is populated with forests and farmlands. So Skye was raised on a farm, living with nature and overlooking the animals. This is very important going forwards in exploring Skye’s character.


Skye became very fascinated with nature, thus became very fond and loving of it. Players also saw from her agent takeover that she loves traveling. Living her best life, everything went great for Skye in the game, but then the First Light happened.

The First Light incident gave Skye Radianite powers to reanimate objects into living things, aka the Skyes Abilities. Her Guiding Light ability, Regrowth ability, the Trailblazer stun ability, and Seeker’s ultimate ability are the beasts that came from the powers of the First Light to Skye in the game. The First Light gave life to our best agents’ powers, but it also grew the Kingdom corporation out of the ground…

Skye vs Kingdom

We established that Skye loves nature. So what would she think when the Kingdom corporation goes destroys that nature for personal gains? This made Skye furious, vowing her life towards being an eco-warrior and defending nature against Kingdom’s pollution with her ability, viewing them as enemies. We can see this through details scattered across the game, but most notably have to be the possible new agent release Blackmailer’s dossier which was added a new Valorant Act and patch, and Skye’s player card.


Before Skye became an agent of the Valorant roster of agents, the VALORANT Protocol in the game, she performed a lot of Anti-Kingdom projects concerning her hostile territory and lands in Australia, for saving nature. Kingdom or not, what’s interesting is Skye’s real name!

What is Skye's Real Name Valorant?

We can see Skye’s name on the Blackmailer’s dossier: Kirra Foster! On Skye’s player card we can even see Skye overlooking Kingdom’s pollution. The “Great Reclaimer” of the lands, that’s what everything alludes to. And although Skye was looking forwards to helping out nature and defeating the enemies with her Phantom or Vandal in the game, the First Light was causing more problems than everyone thought.

What is Skye’s Role in Valorant?

While doing her Anti-Kingdom projects defeating the enemies for her homelands, Skye was contacted by Sage. It’s unknown how in Sage’s lore and Skye are allies though. Sage explains to Skye that tons of First Light incidents are happening across the world, and she asks Skye for help so this problem can become a fixed issue. Skye breaks her mind walls, understanding that the world is more important than Australia, and joins the VALORANT Protocol as Agent 13 in the game. This happens after the DUALITY cinematic, and it’s perfectly captured in Skye’s Agent Reveal cinematic.


After Skye joins the VALORANT Protocol, nothing much happens for her story, lore, or in the game, except the Blackmailer teasing her character. But there is one more thing Riot Games gave us about Skye’s importance concerning her allies.

KAY/O is Afraid of Skye’s Abilities

Skye may be powerful as she is right now, but there is evidence that she can become much stronger with her abilities. There are a lot of details about Skye’s untouched potential, but the most notable one has to be a KAY/O’s voice line towards Skye from the enemies team: "I've seen what the enemy Skye becomes. Deal with her now. Trust me.". This voice line holds much more ground once you consider KAY/O comes from the future lore-wise.


So could we possibly see our teammate Skye have a power-up so big she will reanimate wooden dragons into life in the game? Probably not, but it’s interesting to know that Skye has untapped potential to beat the opponents real hard. If she’s so strong, one may wonder: how old is Skye?

How Old is Skye in Valorant?

Skye’s one beast of an agent with the flashiest of flashes. Skye is around 30-35 years old, and being raised on an Australian farm, she has probably seen a lot of unnerving things! Yet her age defining, one is left to ask:

What’s next for Skye in the Valorant Lore and Story?

In the overarching Valorant story, fans are left to speculate. Skye has a lot of potential going forwards in Valorant lore, but only time can tell. In the meantime, you should check out some Valorant related articles and visit the Valorant Lore Hub!

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