Unlocking Competitive Play in Valorant [Required Game Count]

To unlock Competitive mode in Valorant, you need to reach account level 20, and there is no specific game count requirement.

Updated on Jan 20, 2024
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Unlocking Competitive Play in Valorant [Required Game Count]

How Many Games Do You Need to Play to Unlock Competitive in Valorant?

In order to unlock Valorant's Competitive play, your account level must be at least level 20. And yeah, that's basically it!

Interestingly, there isn't a set number of games you need to play to unlock the Valorant ranked mode. Once you reach level 20, you're eligible to play in Competitive Mode. Still, before getting your first rank, you will need to play placement matches! 

What are Placement Matches in Valorant?

Placement matches in Valorant are your next step after unlocking the ranked mode, and after playing them, you will be assigned a rank.

  • You will need to play five placement matches. The results of these matches will set your starting rank in Valorant's competitive scene.
  • Notably, the highest rank you can initially achieve through placement matches is Ascendant. This sets a benchmark for new players entering the competitive rankings.

Valorant Placement match

Placement matches have a significant impact on your Valorant MMR (Matchmaking Rating), which is crucial in determining who you're matched against.

Performing poorly in these five placement matches could result in a lower MMR. Consequently, you'll likely be placed in a lower ELO within the ranking system. On the other hand, if you perform well during these matches, you can expect a higher MMR, leading to placement in a higher ELO, which could lead to double rank up early on.

Can You Play With Your Friends If You Are Still Unranked?

Even if you are unranked, you can still enjoy playing with your friends, especially if you form a five-stack (a full party).

However, there are a few things to keep in mind if you are wondering about what ranks can play together in Valorant Competitive:

  • The ability to play together is still influenced by your MMR. If your MMR is close to that of your friends, then you can team up with them.
  • For five-stacks, standard party restrictions do not apply. This means you can play together regardless of individual ranks.
  • It's important to note that there might be RR (Ranked Rating) penalties if some party members are ranked outside the typical party restrictions. This is to maintain a balanced and fair matchmaking system.
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