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How Many Games Do You Need to Play to Unlock Competitive Mode in Valorant?

Do you need to play a specific number of games to unlock Competitive mode in Valorant? Let’s find out!
How Many Games Do You Need to Play to Unlock Competitive Mode in Valorant?

Riot games' popular first-person shooter game Valorant offers different game modes that players can choose from. This includes Unrated, Spike Rush, Deathmatch, and Competitive, which serves as Valorant's ranked mode.

What are the requirements that need to be met to unlock Valorant Ranked Mode?

Before Episode 4, players needed to play 10 Unrated matches, but that isn't how it works now.

In order to enter the ranked competitive play in Valorant,

  • Your account level should be twenty (20)
  • There isn't a specific number of games you need to play to unlock ranked mode. As long as you are level 20, you are eligible to play Competitive mode.

Having to reach level 20 first gives players plenty of time to improve and be familiar with the agents, maps, and game mechanics before entering ranked mode.

After you unlock Valorant ranked, you will now play placement matches to determine your rank!

What are Placement Matches in Valorant?

Placement games are the next thing you should focus on, given that you are already level 20 and can enter ranked mode. Five placement matches will determine your starting rank. Those games you've played before unlocking Competitive mode may act as practice rounds for your placement matches. Moreover, the highest initial placement rank is Ascendant.

The ranking system mainly revolves around your wins and losses in competitive play. Your personal skill level is also observed. The following are Valorant ranks (lowest to highest) starting from Episode 5, Act 1. They all consist of three tiers except for Radiant.

In order to have a good placement in Valorant's ranking system, Riot Games devs stated that "Winning games is the most important factor in gaining rank." So, always try your best to win matches and perform well as much as possible!

Why are Placement Matches Important in Competitive games?

Placement matches immensely impact your MMR, deciding who you're placed against during matchmaking.

  • Playing badly during the five placement matches would give you a lower MMR, and you'll most likely be placed in a lower ELO in the ranking system.
  • If you did well during the five placement matches, you would have a higher MMR and likely be placed in a higher ELO in the ranking system.

MMR is the hidden indicator of your skill level. MMR means matchmaking rating-- This is a number linked to your account that increases and decreases depending on the result of your past matches and performance.

So, how you'll play in those five placement matches is crucial and will be the foundation of your Valorant Competitive ranked mode journey!

Factors That Are Taken to Account During Placement

Winning games in ranked matches aren't the only determinant of Valorant ranks. The following are the components of deciding your initial rank

  • MMR from previous matches
  • Personal Performance
  • Win Ratio of your placement matches

What Happens If You Lose a Placement Match?

Although winning a placement match would help you obtain a higher rank and MMR, don't worry about losing games. If you played well and steadily topped leaderboards, your performance would be considered in deciding your initial rank even if you lose all of your placement matches!

Does Difficulty Increase When You Win a Placement Match?

As aforementioned, winning games are necessary to climb ranks. As your MMR becomes higher, you might constantly run through players with the same or a higher MMR and rank than you. For that reason, it may become more difficult to win at some point.

No ranking system would automatically surmise where you belong, especially if determined with only five matches. It drives you to play many games to know your actual rank. In the long run, you will get to the MMR and rank you belong to, and games will seem more effortless as you will be against players of the same skill level.

How Does KDA Affect Matchmaking in Placement Games?

Eyeing to be a top frag shouldn't be your number one priority if you dream of reaching immortal and radiant ranks. Even though you perform exceptionally and have a good KDA, your MMR is the basis for matchmaking in placement games in Valorant competitive mode. Remember that winning is a more important factor than your KDA!

Do You Only Queue With Unranked Players During Placement?

During placement games, you wouldn't only queue with unranked players like you. There might be players on the opposing team who already have a determined rank and MMR higher or lower than your predicted initial rank! You can see their act rank badge, which displays their rank (if shown) on the loading screen before entering the match.

Can I Play With My Friends If I Am Still Unranked?

In spite of being unranked, you can still play with your friends if you're a five-stack (full party). Additionally, it is still based on MMR. If your MMR is close enough to your friends, you can play with them. Five-stacks do not need to follow party restrictions but will receive RR penalties if some members are ranked outside of a standard party restriction.

Valorant Ranked Party Restrictions

Riot games published in their FAQs corner their Valorant party restrictions. Although 4 members in a party can't enter ranked matches, 2 to 3 party members can queue in accordance with the rank disparity restrictions:

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