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What Ranks Can Play Together in Valorant Competitive?

Want to queue up with your friends in Valorant Competitive? Here we'll see what Valorant ranks can play together in a team!
What Ranks Can Play Together in Valorant Competitive?

Playing alone in Valorant's competitive ranked mode can often be boring. So getting one or more members and friends to play with together can get you more wins to climb Valorant ranks!

But when it comes to getting into a competitive queue with your friends, there are restrictions to what Valorant ranks everyone can be. So here we'll see the ranked restrictions in Valorant's ranking system to see if you can play with your friends! 

What Ranks Can Play Together Valorant?

There are different ranked restrictions depending on the number of players there are in a party. And alongside that come some Rank Rating gains restrictions (RR) players can gain based on the rank disparity.

The first thing we have to mention though is that a party of 4 can't get into Ranked play with 1 random remaining solo queue player. That's because that remaining solo queue player will be met with a relatively poor play experience. Riot Games doesn't care even if he's got a high-Rank Rating within the Valorant ranks or if they're Radiant!

With that solved, there are 2 options left for a party to get into a competitive queue: a party of a maximum of 3 and a party of 5. So let's see what Valorant ranks can play together for both of those options!

Valorant Ranks That Can Play Together in Party of 3

Here's what Valorant ranks can play together if there are maximum 3 members of your group:

  • Iron and Bronze players can play with Silver teammates at the highest
  • Silver players can play with Gold teammates at the highest
  • Gold players can play with Platinum teammates at the highest
  • Platinum, Diamond, Ascendant, Immortal, and Radiant players can play with teammates at 1 higher tier 

So Silver and Gold players can be members of your group if you're sitting in one of those ranks. Though if you're Bronze, for example, Gold players are out of the question. But if you're Platinum or higher, the restriction says that your teammates have to be 1 full rank tier higher out of all Valorant ranks.

What this means is that a Platinum 2 player can queue with a Diamond 2 player, and a Diamond 2 player can queue with an Ascendant 2 player at the highest. But an Ascendant 3 player can't queue up with a Diamond 2 or lower player, though they could get into a competitive queue with an Immortal 3 player at the highest.

What Valorant Ranks Can Play Together 3 Party Member Queue

And that's all the current rank restrictions rules there are if you wanted to get into Ranked play The rank disparity is pretty honest only going 1 rank higher with the exception of Iron where one or more members of your group can be 2 ranks higher up to Silver. So that leaves us with the ranked restrictions set for a party of 5 players.

Valorant Ranks That Can Play Together in Party of 5

There are no ranked restrictions in a party of 5 to enter a competitive queue and earn some Rank Rating (RR). What this means is that any Valorant ranks can play together in a party of 5 even if one or more members are Iron and another member is Immortal. So basically the Valorant ranking system isn't taken into account!

But for competitive integrity, Riot Games has set some restrictions depending on how far away the Valorant ranks are within the competitive queue party. The first downside is that you can expect increased queue times since Valorant's finding an equal match to your party.

Alongside the fact you'll expect increased queue times, the second downside in a party of 5 players is lower Rank Rating gains. You can't expect to get the same Rank Rating (RR) if you're just getting boosted by one or more members that are in the Immortal and Radiant ranks! So here are the Rank Rating (RR) reductions for all Valorant ranks in a party of 5 players:

  • If one or more players are outside the ranked boundaries we saw above and the whole team is below Ascendant 3, a 25% Rank Rating (RR) reduction is ensured
  • If a player is in Immortal in any tier in the party, a 25% RR reduction is ensured
  • If a player is Radiant in the party, a 75% RR reduction is ensured 
  • if there's a Radiant player in a 5-player party with another player being below Radiant, a 90% RR reduction is ensured
Valorant Ranks RR Reduction 5 Players Party

And that's how the ranking system works if you want to enter the competitive queue if your friends are in different Valorant ranks! If the ranking system still confuses you, make sure to see how Valorant ranks function. But with all of these Valorant ranks restrictions set in stone, if you're playing Valorant for fun, just know that there are no restrictions in an Unrated match, be it for Immortal and Radiant ranks alike!

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