Ascendant 1 Valorant Rank | All You Need To Know

As Valorant’s player base keeps growing, more and more players are playing Competitive mode. In this article, we will be discussing the Ascendant 1 rank.
Ascendant 1 Valorant Rank | All You Need To Know

Ascendant rank is a new rank tier that Riot Games added to the rank distribution in Valorant Episode 5 Act 1 update. This Valorant rank tier comes with 3 new Competitive Play ranks (Ascendant 1, Ascendant 2, and Ascendant 3) and is founded between Diamond and Immortal.

Is Ascendant 1 Good In Valorant?

Ascendant 1 is one of the higher ranks to have in Valorant. By reaching Ascendant rank in Valorant, you are virtually in the top 4% of the current Valorant rank distribution. This means that, in theory, if you would find yourself in a room with 100 players, you would statically beat 96 of them, and that is an excellent score.

How To Rank Up From Ascendant 1

Play With Ambitious Players

There’s no place for people who don’t care about winning in your squad. Since Riot Games added the Ascendant rank to the ranking system, Diamond has lost its value, and as a result, being in Ascendant 1 is a struggle for many not to fall to the lower rank tier. You will face numerous tryhards, and if you and your teammate won't be one of them, you will simply lose games.

All in all, if you are looking for people to climb Valorant ranks with, choose the ones that are serious about the game. And if you want to play Valorant for fun, choose the ones that are fun, but don’t expect to climb.

Focus On The Weak Parts

Ascendant rank players should also try to get out of their comfort zone and start practicing things that they actually can’t do. Look, we know that it’s convenient to play the same Agents, use the same best guns, and the same strategies, but that’s not how you grow.

Get better at things that you are terrible at, and that will make your entire gameplay quality much better.

Start Competing

Online community tournaments are great practice, and also an opportunity to learn the meta and explore various strategies.

Even though there are lots of players competing in such events from lower ranks, you will mostly find people from relatively high ranks like Platinum and Diamond, as well as Immortal players. You may even meet some players that will help you in your ranked system climb.

Plus, by being in the Ascendant rank, you can hardly be denied your skill level, so it’s a great way to build your brand as a player if you would ever like to go pro and become the second TenZ, as well as win some prizes.

Consider Smurfing

By playing at low ranks, you will see the basic mistakes lower ranked players make, and it will be a reminder for you not to do them yourself. Look, we know it’s not the most ethical way of doing things, but you know, the end justifies the means.

What Percentile is Ascendant 1 in Valorant?

Around 4% of all players in the current rank distribution are currently in Ascendant 1. Here is what the exact distribution for all ranks in Valorant looks like:

Iron 1

Iron 2

Iron 3

Bronze 1

Bronze 2

Bronze 3

Silver 1

Silver 2

Silver 3

Gold 1

Gold 2

Gold 3

Platinum 1

Platinum 2

Platinum 3

Diamond 1

Diamond 2

Diamond 3

Ascendant 1

Ascendant 2

Ascendant 3

Immortal 1

Immortal 2

Immortal 3



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