Immortal 2 Valorant Rank | All You Need To Know

With more players trying out Valorant for the first time, more and more players are entering the Competitive game mode. In this article we will be discussing the Immortal 2 rank.

immortal 2 valorant rank
immortal 2 valorant rank

Is Immortal 2 good in Valorant?

In Valorant’s Competitive mode, Immortal 2 is the second rank in the Immortal division. This means that you are entering the highest tiers of the ranking system. You probably have extensive game knowledge but need to iron out some skills.

How to rank up from Immortal 2

Use verticality

We have talked a lot about verticality in our map guides and now we are going to explain why it is so important. Apart from holding angles that very few players will expect, verticality also plays with the other aspects of the game.

Crosshair placement, utility usage, spray transfers and much more. It skews the entire perception of the map a player might have and can be the difference in games with these talented players.

Skill jumps on maps

And our previous tip leads us to this one, which also applies some of the features but can be accomplished without using abilities. You don't need to be a Jett, Chamber, Raze or Omen player to get in these positions. There are various skill jump spots on every map, where you can get on with jumping and crouching.  All you need is practice and to bind your Jump key to the Down Scroll. Also learning what air strafing is really helps.

Angle advantage

A lot of players that haven't grown up in the FPS genre have never heard of this concept before, but it sure does work in Valorant. Playing around angles is the small difference between these elite players, and you need to do it as well. Basically, if two players are separated by any object that creates an angle of vision, the player further away from the object will see more and have a better angle. This is crucial in taking close range duels and our next tip covers the same topic.

Phantom user

In the end it’s not just preference. At this high rank, the smallest details make a big difference, and here the Phantom outperforms the Vandal by a lot. Larger magazine, better first shot accuracy, no tracers, no sound after 40 meters, better spray control and much more. Sure the Vandal has its perks but in high elo, all of the things that we mentioned have a bigger impact.

What percentile is Immortal 2 in Valorant?

Immortal 2 in Valorant holds around 0,4% of the entire playerbase participating in the Competitive game mode. We see a declining trend the higher up we go in ranks, with almost 99,7 % of the player base below Immortal 2.

Rank Rank Icons Rank Distribution
Iron 1 iron 1 2.3%
Iron 2 iron 2 3.1%
Iron 3 iron 3 7.8%
Bronze 1 Bronze 1 8.1%
Bronze 2 Bronze 2 12.8%
Bronze 3 Bronze 3 10.8%
Silver 1 Silver 1 13.0%
Silver 2 Silver 2 9.3%
Silver 3 Silver 3 7.6%
Gold 1 Gold 1 6.0%
Gold 2 Gold 2 4.6%
Gold 3 Gold 3 3.6%
Platinum 1 Platinum 1 2.8%
Platinum 2 Platinum 2 2.0%
Platinum 3 Platinum 3 1.5%
Diamond 1 Diamond 1 1.6%
Diamond 2 Diamond 2 1.2%
Diamond 3 Diamond 3 0.7%
Immortal 1 Immortal 1 0.2%
Immortal 2 Immortal 2 0.2%
Immortal 3 Immortal 3 0.1%
Radiant Radiant 0.02%