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Valorant Error Code 61: How to Deal With It

Fix Error Code 61 Valorant: Why you are getting this Error Code and how to Deal With It.
Valorant Error Code 61: How to Deal With It

Riot Games’ tactical shooter Valorant game has been widely criticized for each and every error code it shows. Ranging from game problems with the Riot Client and a network issue to problems with the party system and platform issue, every error code can be frustrating.

One of these error codes is the Valorant Error Code 61. If you have encountered this error code, do not worry as here you will learn why you are getting it and how to deal with the Valorant Error Code 61.

The Reason behind Valorant Error Code 61

If you have encountered the Valorant Error Code 61, the chances are you have done something bad that violates the Valorant terms and rules they have set out for the game. Unlike other error codes that usually deal with the Riot Client, the Valorant Error Code 61 appears with the error message “You have been banned fom playing Valorant”

Being a morally bad player in the Valorant game is unacceptable, and that is why you have been hit with a Valorant ban. If you think you can play god by avoiding the set of rules the Valorant game has set out for its game content, just so you can have a bit more fun and make the game less fun for every other player, then you deserve the Valorant Error Code 61 with its ban.

In this case, you should just quit the Riot Client with its Riot Client process and take your time off the game. But if you are ready for a change, then follow up to see what could get you a Valorant ban, so you can avoid it and deal with the Valorant Error Code 61properly. 

How to Deal with Valorant Error Code 61

So you just got banned in the Valorant game. If you are not following restrictions, you curse and type bad words and content in the chat with the sole reason to offend, then you will be hit with the Valorant Error Code 61. The ban system in Valorant has 3 different paths, it can either lead to a simple in-game restriction, a 72-hour ban, or a full-on restriction on starting the Riot Client and playing the game. Depending on the severity of your actions, the Valorant Error Code 61 will let you know which kind of ban you have gotten.

That is why next up you will learn what you should avoid doing as to not get banned, and if you have a chance to revoke this ban to get back your Riot ID, open up the Riot Client once more and start shooting!

Abusive and Racist Language in Chat

Every Valorant player can get angry and frustrated at his teammates in the game. But this does not excuse you to send every player in the party and the game to the gutters with abusive and racial slurs in the chat. That is why you should be careful what text content you write in the chat. Not everyone can have a great game and do their best 24/7. Or even if the other players are beginners, if you bombard them with bad content in chat, then you will get banned resulting in the Valorant Error Code 61. This same reasoning also applies to Voice chat.

If you lash out in chat on every occasion you have, then you should really consider taking a break from the Riot Client and the game, and focus on your patience and manners so you can avoid getting hit with the Valorant Error Code 61.

Chat System Ban

Trolling your Teammates In-Game

One of the golden rules that apply not only to games but in real life too, is to treat everyone like you want to be treated yourself. So if you are purposefully playing the Valorant game with the sole reason to troll your teammates, then do not get sad when you are hit with the Valorant Error Code 61. I can get why you might be frustrated to go to such lengths to troll, but do note that makes the game not fun for everyone, including the enemy team. You will most probably be hit with a 72-hour ban from trolling, though if you continue with your devious acts, you will be hit with a permanent Valorant Error Code 61 ban in the Riot Client.

The only acceptable trolling is if you are with friends you cherish and if everyone in the team accepts the troll as light-hearted. Trolling does not always mean making the game unplayable, and in some situations, it can be fun. But the moment it starts to frustrate your teammates or anyone, you should just stop.

Valorant Trolling

Using an Offensive Username or Riot ID

If you have used a bad username to represent yourself in the game and login in to the Riot Client, then the only one to blame is you. Bad usernames can offend everyone and make the gaming experience of Valorant a bit unnerving. That is why you should avoid using offensive usernames, and if you got hit with the Valorant Error Code 61 because of this, you should be given a chance to change it up.

Cheating and Using Cheating Software

Not only are you going to be hit with the Valorant Error Code 61, but for cheating and using cheating software you will also receive a permanent ban. There is no going back from this because cheating makes the gaming experience of the enemy team downright unenjoyable. The Riot Vanguard anti-cheat system can also detect cheating threats really fast, so you should stay far from any cheating software.

Though sometimes players have found themselves in a situation where they get banned with the Valorant Error Code 61 on the Riot Client even when they followed all the rules and the restrictions of the Valorant game. In this situation, you should

Contact Riot Support

Valorant can also make mistakes on its behalf. A lot of Valorant players have been hit with the Valorant Error Code 61, even when they did not break any rule. So you can contact the Riot Support team if you feel like you have been done wrong.  You can submit a request to the support team here.

From the Session Service and the Riot Client to actual bans, error codes can really appear in the game for any reason. If you have encountered the Valorant Error Code 62, you can check it out here. Though if you want to check up on fixes for other Valorant Error Codes, you can pay a visit to the Valorant Error Code Hub.

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