Gold 1 Valorant Rank | All You Need To Know

As Valorant’s player base keeps growing, more and more players are playing Competitive mode. In this article we will be discussing the Gold 1 rank.

valorant gold 1 rank
valorant gold 1 rank

Is Gold 1 good in Valorant?

Well in Valorant’s Competitive mode, Gold1  is the lowest rank in the Gold division. But that’s nothing to be ashamed about. 80% of all Valorant players are in ranks below Gold! On average you are better than every four out of five Valorant players on the planet. Great job so far.

How to rank up from Gold 1

Tell your team what you want to do

Communication is something all Valorant players struggle with, even in higher elo. Nobody can expect some highly coordinated shot calls or too much useful information in a Gold lobby. But just telling your team what you want to do in a round goes a long way. 

Especially if you are playing a Duelist or Initiator on offense. Naturally, better players will make a decision if the call is good or bad, but at least they will think about how to play off it.

Forcing your team to think about the economy

Managing the economy is another aspect many players below Radiant struggle with, but it is the deciding factor in many close games. The entire point is to try to steal a round or two without buying expensive weapons and full utility, to have a better chance at winning a string of rounds when fully buying. Many players know this but can get carried away in the game and completely neglect it. Be sure to always be mindful of this.

Proper positioning on defense

If there is anything that screams Gold elo, it's overly aggressive positioning on defense. Yeah that montage play with a four man Breach stun looked sick, but you’re one KAY/O knife away from making the round 4vs5. Especially if you are holding a site alone.

Find your main agent

Yeah we all play Valorant because it’s a really fun game, and most of that is the agent choice. But if you want to climb, playing one agent will give you the best chance. The theory behind this is that with enough time and practice, the agent’s kit becomes like second nature to you. You develop muscle memory and now you don't even think about how to double satchel on Raze. You are going in naturally and focusing on clearing corners.

What percentile is Gold 1 in Valorant?

Only 6% of all players that play in the Valorant Competitive mode are currently in Gold 1. This number is slightly lower than previous ranks, and it’s here where competitive gamers start separating themselves from the crowd.

Rank Rank Icons Rank Distribution
Iron 1 iron 1 2.3%
Iron 2 iron 2 3.1%
Iron 3 iron 3 7.8%
Bronze 1 Bronze 1 8.1%
Bronze 2 Bronze 2 12.8%
Bronze 3 Bronze 3 10.8%
Silver 1 Silver 1 13.0%
Silver 2 Silver 2 9.3%
Silver 3 Silver 3 7.6%
Gold 1 Gold 1 6.0%
Gold 2 Gold 2 4.6%
Gold 3 Gold 3 3.6%
Platinum 1 Platinum 1 2.8%
Platinum 2 Platinum 2 2.0%
Platinum 3 Platinum 3 1.5%
Diamond 1 Diamond 1 1.6%
Diamond 2 Diamond 2 1.2%
Diamond 3 Diamond 3 0.7%
Immortal 1 Immortal 1 0.2%
Immortal 2 Immortal 2 0.2%
Immortal 3 Immortal 3 0.1%
Radiant Radiant 0.02%