Gold 2 Valorant Rank | All You Need To Know

With more players trying out Valorant for the first time, more and more players are entering the Competitive game mode. In this article we will be discussing the Gold 2 rank.

Valorant Gold 2 Rank
Valorant Gold 2 Rank

Is Gold 2 good in Valorant?

In Valorant’s Competitive mode, Gold 2 is the second rank in the Gold division. This means that it’s somewhere right in the middle of the ranking system. And with our help you can quickly pick up some easy concepts.

How to rank up from Gold 2

Destroy the enemy economy

This is a concept that many players fail to realize, even in high elo, but it’s completely dependent on your game knowledge and decision making. In rounds where you are left one versus four, and you have an expensive weapon, it might probably be better to try to save the weapon.

But if you have anything below 2000 credits, your best play is to look for picks as they run away from the site. Imagine the impact you could have if you killed their Operator before the round ends with a Spectre. 

Play for retakes

A really valuable tip that many players still don't like to use. It’s fine to have confidence and think that you alone can stop the four man push. But look at the bigger picture. At best you will trade one for one,  then again it’s Gold so you might get more. But after that you are leaving your team at a numbers or utility disadvantage. Just back off and play for retakes with your team.

Ultimate management

Another game deciding factor we will discuss in this article is ultimate management. This game is balanced around the agents, their abilities and ultimates. With high impact ultimates like Vipers, KAY/O and Jett, rounds and games can be decided with proper usage and tracking the enemy teams progression.

Positive consistent climb

With all this talk about climbing I feel like many players get lost in the sauce. Most of the time you will climb according to the quality of your play. Playing after a bad loss, while on a loss streak, or a long gaming session doesn't bode well for your RR. Remember three chill wins a day are better than a mindless grind that might end with a negative grind.

What percentile is Gold 2 in Valorant?

Gold 2 in Valorant holds around 4,5% of the entire playerbase participating in the Competitive game mode. We see a declining trend the higher up we go in ranks, with almost 85% of the players base below Gold 2.

Rank Rank Icons Rank Distribution
Iron 1 iron 1 2.3%
Iron 2 iron 2 3.1%
Iron 3 iron 3 7.8%
Bronze 1 Bronze 1 8.1%
Bronze 2 Bronze 2 12.8%
Bronze 3 Bronze 3 10.8%
Silver 1 Silver 1 13.0%
Silver 2 Silver 2 9.3%
Silver 3 Silver 3 7.6%
Gold 1 Gold 1 6.0%
Gold 2 Gold 2 4.6%
Gold 3 Gold 3 3.6%
Platinum 1 Platinum 1 2.8%
Platinum 2 Platinum 2 2.0%
Platinum 3 Platinum 3 1.5%
Diamond 1 Diamond 1 1.6%
Diamond 2 Diamond 2 1.2%
Diamond 3 Diamond 3 0.7%
Immortal 1 Immortal 1 0.2%
Immortal 2 Immortal 2 0.2%
Immortal 3 Immortal 3 0.1%
Radiant Radiant 0.02%