How To Check Your Valorant Shop Online? [Using Discord]

You can check your Valorant store without opening the game using a Discord bot that you can access with your mobile device.

Updated on Dec 14, 2023
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How To Check Your Valorant Shop Online? [Using Discord]

Sometimes, you're waiting for that Reaver Vandal skin to appear in your shop, but you're too lazy to open Valorant daily. Here's how to check your Valorant shop online using the Discord application.

On top of a Valorant account, you will need:

  • A Discord Account

  • A Discord Server Where You Have Admin Permissions

The Discord bot we will use is called the Valorant Shop bot. It is a Valorant store checker bot that lets you track your store items and weapons, including your Night Market. Since the store refreshes every day, the bot will also refresh your store daily.

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Add The Valorant Shop Discord Bot To Your Server

Go to the official Valorant Shop bot link. Then, click on "Invite this bot".

official Valorant Shop bot link

You will be redirected to the Discord website, which will ask you which server you want to add it to. You must have admin permission in a server to add the bot.

Add bot to a server

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Log In To Your Valorant Account Through The Bot

Now that the Valorant shop checker bot has successfully made it into your server, the next step is to log in to your Valorant account through the Valorant Shop bot. The bot can only check your Valorant store for you if it has access to your account. Any other bot or website offering this service will ask you to log in, so logging into your account is unavoidable.

To log in to your Valorant account, type /login and fill in your account details. After filling in your account details, the bot will ask you for the two factor authentication code sent to your email address.

Log In To Your Valorant Account

two factor authentication code

The bot has been added to 16,000 different Discord servers and is used by tens of thousands of users daily. If you're skeptical of your Riot Games account data being misused, I suggest changing your Valorant password right after this.

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Use The /store Command

Now that your account is set up, you can finally check your Valorant item shop without opening the game. All you need to do is type "/store" in a text channel that the bot is in.

The Valorant Shop bot will show you all bundles and weapons available in your store right now, how much Valorant Points each of the skins cost, and how many hours it takes until the store refreshes.

Use The /store Command

You can also use the"/nightmarket" command if the Night Market is available.

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Use The Add Alerts Command (Optional)

If you're waiting for specific skins to appear in your Valorant store, the Valorant Shop bot has you covered. You can make a list of skins you want, and the bot will notify you when it appears in your Valorant store.

For example, let's say I want the Reaver Vandal. In that case, I will type the command: "/alert add Reaver Vandal". Once a Reaver Vandal appears in my shop, the bot will notify me.

Use The Add Alerts Command

However, this feature is covered behind the Discord bot's premium version.

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