Best Fade Lineups on Pearl in 2024 [All Abilities]

Master the best Fade lineups on Pearl with our setups for attacking, defending, and retaking sites!

Updated on Feb 28, 2024
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Best Fade Lineups on Pearl in 2024 [All Abilities]

Best Attacking/Post Plant Fade Lineups

Attacking A Site Fade Lineups

A Site Haunt Watching A Main From A Restaurant

For the first Pearl lineup of this guide, you need to stand against the corner of these boxes in A Restaurant and equip Fade’s Haunt. This lineup will scout out enemy agents lurking in A Main around the corner, and in the entryway to A Site.

You then want to aim at the lowest metal bar in the roof of the dome, then throw! This is best used at the beginning of a round, before your team push.

As you can see, the Haunt lands on the roof in front of you, just by the blocked off area. Although on Pearl there are many inaccessible areas, Fade has the advantage of still being able to use them!

A Site Haunt Watching A Site From A Main

Moving further up the corridor to A Main, you want to position yourself in this corner in A Main - right by the crane. This is only best used when your team has control of A Main, and the enemy team are retreating!

Next, you need to aim at the higher of the two metal bars. Make sure that your crosshair is vertically in line with the left edge of the broken wall! Casting Fade’s ultimate works brilliantly with this lineup, as you will know where to aim!

The Haunt lands on your side of the wall, meaning it is quite hard for enemy agents to spot. It will watch all of A Site, including A Cafe and A Flowers. If you can push to A Main uncontested, this is a great place to use your Haunt if you haven’t already!

Attacking Mid Fade Lineups

Mid Haunt Watching Mid Plaza From Attacker Side Spawn

The middle of the map is crucial to winning on Pearl, so we have some attacking lineups for Mid Plaza on Pearl! Stand in line with this left corner leading into A Restaurant from Attacker Side Spawn.

You want to make sure you are also in line with the right side of the metal beam above, and aim at the area where the beam and the roofing in front of you meet. You will need to jump throw this Haunt lineup, but it is very easy!

The Haunt lands on a roof above Mid Top, giving perfect vision of any enemy agents peeking Mid Doors or A Art. We recommend getting a teammate ready to swing Mid Top as the enemy team shoot your Haunt!

Mid Haunt Watching Mid Plaza From Attacker Side Spawn

For our second Mid attacking lineup on Pearl, you need to stand on the edge of this double stacked box in Mid Shops  every agent in the game can reach it.

Look almost directly upwards, right at the corner where these metal beams all meet. You then want to throw the Haunt. We suggest using this lineup at the beginning of the round to scout out enemy agents peeking Mid Plaza.

The Haunt does not only see enemy defenders peeking, it also looks into A Art and Mid Doors. Make sure to switch between these two Mid Haunt lineups to keep your enemies guessing!

Attacking B Site Fade Lineups

B Site Haunt Watching B Site From B Long

Moving over to attacking Pearl B Site Fade lineups, you want to start in B Ramp. Stand against the back wall, and aim at the left side of the archway, on the mural opposite. This lineup is very safe, but be careful of enemy agents hiding in the deep corner on the left side of B Main!

You will need to aim at the top of the lower metal beam on the dome. Place your crosshair in line with the middle of the pillar in B Main as well. Then run forward a couple of steps and throw!

This Haunt is really effective as it lands on your side of the pillar, meaning enemy agents will not always see it coming! It should distract any enemy — usually a Chamber or Operator player — holding B Hallway at the bottom! 

B Site Seize Tether B Main Cubby From B Ramps

The small cubby on B Main we mentioned earlier is possible for enemy agents to lurk there and kill you if you don’t clear it. Luckily, this Seize lineup will clear it for you! Stand against this wall edge, just by the B Club entryway.

You then want to edge out a little, so there is a slight gap between the mural wall and the gray wall opposite. Aim in the top right corner of the gray wall and throw!

The Seize lands on the half-wall, tethering all enemy agents lurking in there. If you peek afterward, you will be able to get a free kill if there is anyone to kill!

We also have fully detailed lineup guides for Fade for all the maps in the game including:

Best Defending/Retake Fade Lineups

Defending A Site Fade Lineups

A Site Defending Haunt Lineup A Main

For the first defensive lineup of the guide, you want to stand against the corner of this wall, just by the A Main entryway to A Site. You should use this a couple of seconds after the round starts, as you will be able to scout out enemy agents pushing A Main.

Aim into the corner where the lower roof and the wall in front meet, then jump throw Fade’s Haunt! The Haunt, similar to the attacking one, will land on the small roof!

This will reveal enemy agents all along A Restaurant and A Main, so you can position accordingly! If you cannot contest A Main, this is a great Haunt to have in your armory!

A Site Retake Haunt Lineup From Mid Connector

Pearl is very easy to rotate on, so if your team has lost A Site, you can rotate through Mid Connector and use this Haunt lineup to gather intel on the enemy! Stand against the corner of this wall.

Aim at the top right corner of this piece of roof jutting out, then jump throw the Haunt. Be careful of aggressive enemy agents swinging Mid Connector however, as they should be watching it!

Fade’s Haunt lands on the roof above, giving you vision over the whole of A Site, including A Dugout and the A Site Cubby. You can also see if enemies are lurking off-site in A Main!

Defending Mid Fade Lineups

Mid Haunt Watching Mid Plaza From A Art

This is the coolest lineup in the guide with a bouncing Haunt! You want to stand in the corner by the smaller box in A Art, headed into Mid Plaza! Using this at the beginning of a round will safely gather you intel on enemy agents peeking Mid Plaza!

This is very hard, so make sure to practice it first! You need to crouch, and aim at the left side of the small ledge sticking out. Place your crosshair just above where the lower brown part and the upper gray bit connect. Continue crouching and throw!

Watch Fade’s Haunt bounce up and land on the small roof above the A Art entryway, which will scout out B Top and most of B Plaza. We recommend swinging with your Haunt to kill enemies in B Top who are distracted by your Haunt!

Mid Haunt Watching Mid Plaza From Mid Doors

If you are defending Mid Plaza from the other side of the map, and preventing a B Site push, we have a Haunt lineup to do just that! Stand against the corner of this wall, just by the Mid Connector entryway.

This lineup is also quite tricky. Aim at the thumb on the statue then throw. This might take a few attempts, and although you do not need to be exact, make sure to not attempt it first time in Rated!

The Haunt should land like a necklace on the statue - pretty cool, isn’t it! It will do its job of scouting out Mid Plaza as well. It will also spot enemy agents peeking Mid Top and Mid Shops.

Defending B Site Fade Lineups

B site Defending Haunt Lineup B Main

The penultimate lineup of this Pearl guide requires you to stand on this corner of the B Tower balcony. There is only one way up, so make sure not to fall off!

Aim at the top right corner of the roof edging in front of you, then jump throw. 

The Haunt will land on the bell tower, scouting out the enemy team pushing B Main. Be careful however, as it won’t scout out the back corner of B Ramps!

B Site Retake Haunt Lineup from B Link

The final lineup is a retake Haunt lineup from B Link. Stand in this corner, near the defender end of B Link.

Aim at the wave-style roof in the distance, right at the peak, and throw!

The Haunt will land on the B Tower Balcony, allowing you to scout out enemy agents lurking in B Hallway, B Screens and B Site!

Hopefully you stomp in competitive queue, enjoy seeing enemies caught left, right and center. All our agents with lineups have guides, and this is no different for the Valorant roster on Pearl. Right here, so you can dominate, whoever you play!

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