Best Yoru Fakeout | Blindside | Gatecrash | Ultimate Lineups on Haven

Yoru’s abilities with specific placement can win entire Valorant games. So here we’ll see the best Yoru lineups in Valorant.
Best Yoru Fakeout | Blindside | Gatecrash | Ultimate Lineups on Haven

When it comes to playing Valorant, all agents with their different abilities can open all kinds of opportunities for winning games. Include all the different maps, and you’ve got tons of strategies.

Yoru is a specific agent that has sick ability lineups that could be essential for each map, including Haven. That’s why here we’ll check out the best Yoru teleport lineups Haven Valorant!

Best Attacking Yoru Lineups for Haven

Attacking A-site Yoru Lineups

A-Long to Below A-Tower Hell Gatecrash Lineup

You can get into the heart of A-site’s Hell from A-Long with the next Valorant Yoru teleport lineup. Stand at the corner of the big box on the right after A-Long’s entrance.

Aim above for the second window on the right as below, and use your teleport. Specifically, aim at the mid-top section of the window.

Do watch out though, this teleport can be very risky. You can also use it as a fake.

A-Heaven Flash from A-Long

You can flash A-Heaven from A-Long by aiming high above at the tower from A-Long like below. There’s a little panel, throw your flash at the lower half of the panel.

If there are Operating wielding enemies on Heaven, you can catch them by surprise with this flash.

A-Sewer Wall Flash

Albeit a specific location, some enemies tend to push into A-Sewer. You can get them with this Valorant Yoru flash by aiming at the box right into A-Sewer from the right wall.

Once you throw the flash, instantly move to the left wall to not get flashed yourself.

Attacking B-site Yoru Lineups

Mid-Courtyard to A-Tower Spawn Stairs Gatecrash Lineup

For this Yoru teleport to work, you must progress far into Mid-Courtyard. Then stand at the cubby right beside B-site’s entrance, and aim for the little crack on the left doorframe of the entrance.

With this Valorant Yoru teleport, you can either flank to defeat enemies at B-site or take control of A-site, making it one of the best Yoru teleport lineups out there.

B-site Flash from Mid-Window

To progress through Mid-Courtyard and use the above teleport, you can utilize this Yoru flash. Simply aim for the left frame of the Mid-Window under an angle and throw your flash.

Not only will this get enemies from B-site, but it’ll also blind players at C-Garage so keep track of that for easy kills. 

Mid-Doors to C-Garage Fakeout Trick

If you go towards B-site from Mid-Window, then this trick is for you. Place your teleport with a right-click heading towards C-Garage before the barriers drop.

When the barriers drop, you can use them to confuse enemies trying to push C-Garage. And with simple Valorant tips like the best guns, you can definitely win over B-site.

Attacking C-site Yoru Lineups

C-Long to Defender Spawn Gatecrash Lineup

You can cross the entire map right into the enemy spawn with this Valorant Yoru teleport lineup. First, get to the far left corner of C-Long as viewed from the attackers’ entrance.

Then place your crosshair at the far wall edge of C-Cubby and use your teleport.

As Valorant tips go, you shouldn’t always head into the enemies’ spawn. But surprising them from time to time can be fun!

C-Long to Back of C-site Gatecrash Lineup 

You can go into the back of C-site by standing on the left corner right after C-Long’s door entrance.

Now aim high above, and you’ll notice 3 rocks/pillars. Aim for the right pillar, but not on top of it. Make sure your crosshair is right next to the pillar and use your Valorant Yoru teleport. 

C-site Flash from C-Long

To support the above Yoru teleport lineups, you can use the below flash. Just aim at the building on the back, and you’ll flash anyone trying to peek onto C-Long.

Best Defending Yoru Lineups for Haven

Defending A-site Yoru Lineups

A-site to Defender Spawn Gatecrash Lineup

Simple Valorant tips say that rotating is important. With this teleport lineup, you’ll do that instantly from A-site to Defender Spawn to go to either B-site or C-site. Stand behind the boxes on A-site atop the left power line.

Align your crosshair on the top left corner, the specific one shown below, of the door leading out of A-site, and use your teleport.

A-Long Flash from A-site

If enemies are pushing A-Main, you can punish them with this easy one-way flash. Simply aim at the wall on the left like beneath and use your flash.

This will definitely punish the enemy team on A-Main, but don’t throw the flash at the same spot over and over again. They’re bound to learn and avoid your tricks!

A-Long Doublebox Flash

Here’s a bonus flash for A-Long if you’re stuck behind the double boxes. Place your crosshair above the boxes, and throw your flash on the little wall outing.

You can easily peek as you won’t get flashed and you can get back onto the site easily with this flash.

A-site Retake Flash

If the enemies already planted the spike, you can retake A-site with this Yoru flash from A-Link. Aim above at the wall shown below and throw your flash.

This Yoru flash is overpowered since it’ll get the whole site blinded and surprised. Combine it with a simple teleport, and you’ve got yourself an easy retake. But be aware of enemies at A-Sewer since they won’t get flashed!

Defending B-site Yoru Lineups

Mid-Doors to Attacker Spawn Gatecrash Lineup

You can get into the Attacker's spawn from C-Garage. Stand at the corner leading towards the C-site of the first staircase. 

Then aim and align your crosshair with the red diamond mural like below, and use your TP.

We mentioned getting into the spawn of the enemy team is risky, and that’s the case with this one too. So be careful of what you’re doing.

B-site to Mid-Courtyard Gatecrash Lineup

Albeit a really simple teleport lineup, it’s a pretty effective one since it punishes enemies pushing from Mid-Window and Mid-Doors. First, stand on the right side of the B-site’s entrance.

Aim for the wall on the left of Mid-Window but make sure your crosshair doesn’t align with the box. Then use your teleport and activate it once you feel like you need it.

Mid-Courtyard and Window Flash from B-site

This simple flash will instantly punish any enemies trying to push onto B-site. Just aim for the right doorframe of B-site’s entrance and use your flash.

If you’re using this flash a bit further away from the door, you can instantly peek and won’t get flashed. So this Yoru flash serves a kind of as a one-way flash.

Defending C-site Yoru Lineups

C-site to Defender Spawn Gatecrash Lineup

There’s a simple rotating teleport like the one we saw for A-site. Stand behind the big boxes of C-site, aim at the wall shown below and use your flash. 

This doesn’t require extensive aiming unlike other teleport lineups, so rotating will be really simple from C-site with Yoru.

C-Long Flash from C-site

This Yoru one-way flash is a tricky one where the enemies won’t notice it half the time. Stand at the big wooden frame below the big graffiti on C-site.

Then aim your flash above at the tree like below, and use your flash.

This is one of the hardest flashes here, so you should definitely practice it before you use it.

C-Garage Window Flash

C-Garage has never been easier to clear of enemies with Yoru’s flashes. To use this flash lineup, aim at the wall shown beneath the window and use your flash. Then align your aim towards the right instantly to not get flashed, and you can take control of C-Garage had any enemies try to enter it.

With this flash, we conclude the best Valorant Yoru lineups! Although you may be ready to take onto Haven with Yoru, you may still be missing how the map functions alongside its callouts. So, you should check out all the Haven callouts!

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