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Best Yoru Fakeout| Blindside| Gatecrash| Ultimate lineups on Pearl

The meta on the new map Pearl still isn’t decided but with lineups like these, we believe that Yoru will be a part of it.
Best Yoru Fakeout| Blindside| Gatecrash| Ultimate lineups on Pearl

In our Pearl map guide we explained the intricate design of the new Valorant map called Pearl. In this article, we are going to show you how you can exploit these long corridors and tight corners using Yoru. Our Japanese Stealthboi has been seeing an increase in popularity ever since his rework, and this new map that replaced Split might be the best one for him yet. We’re not sure if that’s enough to push him into the class of the best Duelist agents, but he might be impactful enough to become a must-have agent on Pearl.

Best Attacking Yoru lineups

Attacking A Site Yoru lineups

A Main to Defender Spawn Gatecrash lineup

Yoru is one of the rare agents that can sneak into your spawn without anyone noticing.

For this lineup get next to this dot on the wall in A-Main. Aim for the middle of the left wall and release the lineup.

It will quickly travel to Defender Spawn and you can surprise your enemies on both sites.

A Main to A Link Gatecrash lineup

From the same spot but with a few strafes to the right you can do a shorter lineup that end in A Link.

Aim for the middle of the second tile on this left wall on the A Site entrance.

Mid Top to A Link Gatecrash lineup

Get on top of this flower on the far side in Mid Top after you have flashed the angle so you don't get shot at from A Art.

Aim for the left side of the stone frame and release the Gatecrash lineup.

It should bounce around A Art a bit and land in A Link.

A Art Flash from A Main

A cool flash play you can combine with an A Link Gatecrash lineup is this one.

Get in this corner in A Main next to the generator. With your flash aim for the top left brick.

It flies through the hole and bounces of the wall flashing everyone holding A Art. Combined with an A Link Gatecrashm you can score easy kills on flashed enemies.

Just be careful if someone is holding your teleport in A Link or holding from A Site.

Attacking B Site Yoru lineups

B Ramp to A Secret Gatecrash lineup

For this Gatecrash lineup you need to be next to this wall, aligned with the first line after the ramp ends.

There are multiple dots on the surface of this pillar and you need to aim for this one to get the A Secret teleport lineup.

This is one of the many examples of Yoru trickstery and how you can navigate the entire map.

If you aim for the dot below you can get another version of the same lineup that ends up in Defender Spawn.

This one is also right between the sites so the chances of getting heard while teleporting as smaller.

Attacker Spawn to B Hall Gatecrash lineup

One of the craziest teleport lineups for Yoru on the new Pearl map is this one.

Get in this corner in Attacker Side Spawn. When looking at B Club you need to locate this dark spot on the wall which is actually a brick and aim to the right of it.

Release the lineup and towards its end teleport so you can get to B Hall extremely fast.

B Site Flashes

The B Site and the entire B Main area leading up to it are wide open, which means you can flash almost anywhere but not without flashing your teammates. If you’re looking for that kind of flash lineups we got these two for you.

The first one is this one, where you bounce the flash above the building on B Ramp and it catches everyone looking at B Ramp.

For the second one it’s just another pop flash where you bounce the flash behind B Screen and peek the enemy holding from B Tower.

If you want to know about all the other lineups you can do on Pearl with all the other agents make sure to check out these:

Best Defending Yoru  lineups

Defending A Site Yoru lineups

A Secret to B Tower Gatecrash lineup

If you want to play on the A Site and still be able to rotate to the B Site safely and quickly, you will need this lineup.

Get in this corner next to this lamp in A Secret, and you should be able to spot the Jett and Omen statue behind you.

Aim for the end of the wall and this lineup will bounce all the way through to B Tower rather quickly.

A Backside Flash

As a duelist on defense, your best bet is to use your spells to peek offensively.

If you are playing behind the site aim a bit below the window so the flash goes through it and bounces wider. This flash should blind everyone on the site, A Main and A Link.

Defending B Site Yoru lineups

B Main to A Secret Gatecrash lineup

One of Yoru’s main strengths is that he can flank and rotate extremely fast.

This lineup is a clear example of that and for it you need to get in this corner next to the spawn barrier in B Main.

Aim at the middle of the sign on the screen and release the Gatecrash. This lineup will bounce around and end up in A Secret or Defender Spawn if you miss it.

Whatever happens, you will always have a way out if enemies push you at B Main and you can rotate to the A Site with ease.

B Main to Attacker Side Spawn Gatecrash lineup

From the same spot you can do another similar lineup, but this one leads to Attacker Side Spawn and is great for a fast flank.

Aim a bit to the right of the edge of this wall and the lineup should bounce around until it hits this corner in Attacker Spawn.

Defender side Records to B Main Cubby Gatecrash lineup

If you want to play on the A Site, you can use this Gatecrash lineup for a risky but unexpected B Site retake teleport.

Get in this corner in Defender side Records and aim for the middle of the third tile on the wall, starting from the left side. Fourth tile if you start counting from the right side.

This lineup goes below B Tower and ends up in the cubby in B Main.

You can flash out of B Tower and use the teleport for a nasty flank on the retake.

Mid Doors one way Flash

If you recognize that your enemies keep peeking mid at the start of every round you can use this flash lineup for easy kills.

Bounce the flash of the wall above and peek through the door. It should look something like this and you cant flash yourself.

That’s it. All the lineups for our favorite agent: Yoru. If you want to check out all the other lineups that we have for our Japanese Stealthboi make sure to check out these: 

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