Best Fade Lineups on Fracture [Attacking & Defending]

Learn all of the best Fade Fracture lineups in Valorant, for both attacking and defending!

Updated on Feb 28, 2024
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Best Fade Lineups on Fracture [Attacking & Defending]

Best Attacking/Post Plant Fade Lineups

Attacking A Site Fade lineups

A site Haunt watching A Site from A Drop

For the first A Site attacking lineup you want to stand at the bottom of the ramp by A Drop, in the right hand corner. Aim the tip of the triangle of your Haunt throw icon into the small corner where the two beams meet then throw! Make sure to clear A Drop first though! 

The Haunt lands on the building and has a perfect view of so many angles! These include all of A Site, A Heaven, A Ropes and part of A Link! As most enemies will be looking the other way through the tunnel of A Main (especially if you send a decoy agent there to distract enemies), your Haunt should be alive long enough to Reveal all of these enemy agents!

A site Haunt watching A Site and A Rope from A Drop

This lineup is very similar to the previous one and is good if you want to keep the enemies on their toes by interchanging. Stand in the opposite corner from before on the left. This is the hard part. Go to the top right edge of the stone rectangle behind the diagonal beam then move your crosshair diagonally right up as well, until it is in the middle of the panel about two thirds up.

If you have got the lineup correct, it took us a while too so don’t worry if you didn’t, it will land on the roof above the entrance to A Link and will give you a better view of A Ropes and A Hell than the previous lineup. The tradeoff is that you can see less of the entrance to A Main.

Attacking B Site Fade lineups

B site Haunt watching B Site from B Tree

Stand on the metal box on your right just as you come out of Attacker Spawn near B Tree and make sure you are on the front left corner. You then want to aim the tip of the faint triangle on your Haunt throw icon at the leaf hanging down over the line on the wall.

This lineup will require some practice, but when you master it, this is where it will land. It will reveal enemies on most of B Site, in B Generator and rotating through B Canteen. It will get shot very quickly but your team can swing your Haunt from B Main!

B site Haunt watching B Generator and B Tower from B Bench

The next lineup in the guide is from the other side of B Site, if you are ever attacking from there! Stand on the right hand side of B Bench, against the box, look up and place your crosshair on the bottom right corner of the broken roof piece.

The Haunt will not travel far, but it will land on top of the pipe in front of you, meaning you can safely see any enemies lurking in B Generator and B Tower waiting for your team to push round the corner. Once again you can swing this lineup too as enemy agents will likely go to shoot it!

Fade needs to learn her lineups for every map to be utilised properly and for you to become the best Fade player you can be. Luckily we have full indepth guides on all the rest of Fade’s lineups for all the rest of the maps in Valorant:

Best Defending/Retake Fade Lineups

Defending/Retake A Site Fade lineups

A site Retake Haunt Lineup Watching A Site and A Rope from A Link

This Haunt lineup will allow you to safely spot enemies lurking all over A Site, and is most commonly used if you are rotating from B Site and the enemy team control A Site. Fire your Haunt through the hole in the roof from the corner of A Link and it will land on the roof above!


The Haunt will reveal almost every enemy on A Site, including A Heaven and A Hell, as well as any lurking in A Ropes and part of A Drop!

A site Defending Haunt Lineup Watching A Site and A Drop from A Rope

Using Haunt from this position in A Rope requires you to stand in the middle of the opening, there is a grey line on the floor to help you, then aiming to the tall building and on the right hand side, there is a small yellow panel, place your crosshair where the top of it hits the grey trim!

As the lineup might take a few attempts, especially as you want to use this early (it can also be used for retake too) jump into a practice game first! The Haunt lands on the roof and allows you to watch over A Drop to see if any enemy agents are pushing, meaning your team has one less angle to worry about!

Defending/Retake B Site Fade lineups

B site Retake Haunt Lineup B Green and Mid Blue from Mid

If your team has lost B Site and you are rotating through Defender Spawn from A Site, stand against this wall in B Link. Aim loosely into the sky, roughly diagonally down from the top right corner and throw. This lineup does not need to be super accurate so don’t worry about messing it up!

The Haunt will land on the roof in front of you and Reveal any enemies on B Site, in B Generator and lurking around B Arcade. This is really good if you do not want to peek into three or four Vandals!

B site Defending Haunt Lineup B Long from B Tower

Stand at the top of the stairs going from B Site to B Tower and aim your crosshair into the fourth dark square from the right. You want to jump throw this Haunt lineup, and it is best used at the beginning of the round to see if any enemy agents are pushing along B Long to B Site!

The lineup lands very high up and is very useful for telling if the enemy team is pushing B Long or lurking in B Tree. Very few people use B Tunnel at the beginning of a round, so if you do not see anyone, likelihood is they are going to A Site or through B Bench to B Site!

There we are, the full comprehensive guide to lineups for Fade on Fracture. Let us know if you learnt a few ways to Reveal your enemies from angles they were not expecting and if you need to know Fracture lineups for other agents, we have those too:

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