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Best Fade lineups on Breeze | Haunt | Seize

Being a very open map, Fade can reveal a lot of enemies, but also struggle with lineups. Find the best Fade Breeze lineups here!

Updated on Jan 06, 2023

Breeze has a lot of open spaces as well as some tight corners and hallways, neither of which Fade enjoys. Whilst she can use her Haunt in the open spaces, she really wants verticality, something Breeze severely lacks when compared to maps like Split. The Initiator somewhat struggles on Breeze so lineups have to be inch-perfect to help her out!

Best Attacking/Post Plant Fade Lineups

Attacking A Site Fade lineups

A site Post Plant Seize Tethering at A Pyramids

This Seize lineup is best used for preventing enemies from defusing the spike. What you can do is plant the spike behind the back pyramid and then hide until enemies defuse. Then jump out, use this lineup and it will prevent the defuse!

Stand on the box by the container at the back of A Site and aim to the middle of the cross on the roof by the vines.

As you can see it will tether any enemies trying to defuse the bomb or nearby, meaning you can prevent the defuse and hopefully grab a kill! To keep in mind is that it will not tether enemies in the very corner so be careful!

A site Haunt watching A Pyramids and A Site from A Shop

This lineup is surprisingly safe, as you will be behind a wall in A Shop when you throw this Haunt. It will give you vision over A Pyramids and A Site, meaning if you are trying to push you can Reveal enemy agents who are lurking!

Stand in the middle of the A Shop exit and aim at the second brown oval on the left side of the cross in the roof.

The lineup lands high above A Site and can also give vision over Mid Doors, meaning you will Reveal almost everyone on A Site and your team can move and rotate accordingly! Use this first as initiation if your team are trying to push onto A Site.

Attacking B Site Fade lineups

B site Haunt watching B Site from B Main

This lineup is one of the most simple in this guide, although it will immediately be shot down. Stand safely around the angle in B Main so enemy agents cannot see you and aim at the top of the second brick on the left above the shrubbery.

This is where the Haunt will land, meaning that you can spot enemies all over B Site and B Back, and although you won’t get intel for too long with it, there will be some! This is crucial for helping your team push and secure site as it will also see the corner immediately to the left that enemy agents love to camp as you push through from B Main!

B site Haunt watching B Site from Mid Top

This is a very good lineup if you want to push B Site from Mid. Make sure to clear B Tunnel and Mid Nest as enemies can easily peek you and kill you with your Haunt out! Stand on the hill in Mid Top and aim at the top brick on the right on the further back part of the wall.

This does not have to be exact, but you will need to run and jumpshot the Haunt, just before you reach the wall directly in front of you!

The Haunt will land on the roof where you aimed, meaning that you can see all over B Site, including most of B Back and B Wall! This is a very good lineup as Fade needs verticality and is one of the few that provides it for her!

Other maps might be better for Fade, but the lineups are equally as important! Find our other Fade lineup guides for all of the other maps below:

Best Defending/Retake Fade Lineups

Defending/Retake A Site Fade lineups

A site Defending Haunt Lineup Watching Mid Tube from Mid Top

Utilising Mid Tube is crucial for attacking A Site on Breeze, so why not learn a lineup to spot enemies lurking there! Stand on the rock in the middle of Mid Top, if you are quick you can pull this off at the beginning of a round without dying from enemies pushing Mid Pillar. 

Aim just up from the left corner of the brown wooden beam on the roof, then run, jump and throw. 

Sneaking through a hole in the roof of Mid Tube, the Haunt will reveal any enemies pushing through it, meaning that you will not need a teammate to watch down the tunnel and risk peeking an Operator or a Chamber with Tour De Force!

A site Retake Haunt Lineup Watching A Site from Mid Top

Similar to the last lineup, you want to stand on the rock and running jump throw. Aim in a similar place, but this time in the corner where the building and balcony connect. 

It will land on the roof which can watch over the whole of A Site. If the enemy team has taken A Site and you need to do some recon, this Haunt lineup will give you vision over A Site and A Pyramids!

Defending/Retake B Site Fade lineups

B site Defending Seize Tethering at B Main from B Back

This Seize lineup is very simple but effective, you will be able to hear enemies pushing from Attacker Spawn to B Main with their footsteps so just aim at the edge of the archway then run forward and throw the Seize!

The Seize bomb will land in the entryway, tethering enemy agents and preventing them from pushing for several seconds, and providing your teammates watching B Elbow are focusing, you should have no problem preventing a B Site push!

B site Defending Haunt Watching Mid Cannon, Mid Pillar and B Main

Arguably the best lineup in this guide is saved for last, as it can spot enemy pushes in Mid and B Site at the same time! You can use this at the beginning of the round to give your team a massive advantage!

Aim at the dip in the top of the wall from B Back, then aim up into the sky a little, so that the top of your Haunt throw icon starts to contact the middle vine on the wall then run forward, jump and shoot!

The Haunt will land on the wall, meaning that the height of it will prevent enemies from seeing and destroying it! Being able to see so many angles is a blessing and you should learn this ASAP!

There you have it, the best Breeze lineup guide for Fade out there, do you have any more Fade lineups on Breeze? We would love to know them! If you want to know any other Agent lineups for Breeze we have those too:

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