Best Fade Lineups on Breeze in 2024 [Haunt & Seize]

Check out the best Fade lineups on Breeze, such as the Seize tactic at A Site preventing spike defusal, and the Haunt maneuver in A Shop.

Updated on Feb 29, 2024
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Best Fade Lineups on Breeze in 2024 [Haunt & Seize]

Best Attacking/Post Plant Fade Lineups

Attacking A Site Fade Lineups

A Site Post-Plant Seize Tethering at A Pyramids

This Seize lineup is particularly effective for preventing enemies from defusing the spike at A Site. After planting the spike behind the back pyramid, find a hiding spot and wait for the enemy team to attempt a defuse. At the right moment, jump out and execute this lineup to stop the defuse in its tracks.

Position yourself on the box next to the container at the back of A Site and aim towards the middle of the cross on the roof by the vines.

Executing this lineup will tether any enemies attempting to defuse the spike or those nearby, significantly increasing your chances of preventing the defuse and potentially securing a kill. However, be aware that it won't tether enemies located in the very corner of the site, so plan your strategy with this limitation in mind.

A Site Haunt Watching A Pyramids and A Site from A Shop

This lineup offers a surprisingly safe way to gather intelligence while positioned in A Shop. By executing it correctly, you can gain crucial vision over both A Pyramids and A Site, which is invaluable if you're preparing to push or if you need to reveal enemy agents lurking in these areas.

To perform this lineup, position yourself in the middle of the A Shop exit. Aim for the second brown oval on the left side of the cross in the roof.

When executed correctly, the Haunt will land in a position that not only covers A Site but also offers visibility over Mid Doors. This comprehensive coverage means you can reveal almost all enemies on A Site, allowing your team to strategically move and rotate based on the information gathered. It's an excellent tactic to initiate a push onto A Site, giving your team the upper hand.

Attacking B Site Fade Lineups

B Site Haunt Watching B Site from B Main

This lineup is among the most straightforward to execute in this guide, designed to offer a quick glimpse of enemy positions on B Site and B Back. Although it's likely to be quickly neutralized by vigilant opponents, the brief intel it provides can still be pivotal.

To use this lineup, position yourself safely around the corner in B Main, ensuring enemy agents cannot spot you. Then, aim at the top of the second brick on the left, just above the shrubbery.

The Haunt will land in a spot that allows you to observe enemy movements across B Site and B Back. While the information it gathers may be fleeting, it's sufficient to make crucial decisions, especially when attempting to push and secure B Site. Notably, it also covers the corner immediately to the left as you advance from B Main, a common spot for enemies to ambush from. This intel is essential for your team's push, helping to clear out or anticipate positions where enemy agents are likely to be waiting.

Best Defending/Retake Fade Lineups

Defending/Retake A Site Fade lineups

A Site Defending Haunt Lineup Watching Mid Tube from Mid Top

Gaining control over Mid Tube is a strategic move for attacking A Site on Breeze, making it equally important to have a lineup ready to spot enemies attempting to use this route. By positioning yourself on the rock in the middle of Mid Top, you can execute this lineup quickly enough at the start of a round to avoid being caught by enemies advancing through Mid Pillar.

To perform this lineup, aim slightly above the left corner of the brown wooden beam on the roof, then run, jump, and throw your Haunt.

This cleverly placed Haunt travels through a small gap in the roof of Mid Tube, revealing any enemies moving through this area. This means you can save your teammates from having to risk peeking down the tunnel, allowing them to focus on other areas or save their best Operator skins for later engagements. This lineup ensures that you keep a watchful eye on Mid Tube without direct confrontation.

A Site Retake Haunt Lineup Watching A Site from Mid Top

Building on the approach of the previous lineup, this strategy is also deployed from the rock in Mid Top. However, this time, it's tailored for retaking A Site. After a running jump throw, adjust your aim towards the corner where the building and the balcony meet.

This well-placed Haunt will land on the roof, granting you a comprehensive view over A Site. This is particularly valuable if the enemy team has successfully taken control of A Site and you're in need of gathering intelligence for a retake.

With this lineup, you'll gain crucial visibility over both A Site and A Pyramids, allowing you to plan your retake with better information about enemy positions. It's an effective way to scout the site without exposing yourself to unnecessary risk.

Defending/Retake B Site Fade Lineups

B Site Defending Seize Tethering at B Main from B Back

This Seize lineup is both simple and highly effective for defending B Site. When you hear enemies approaching B Main from Attacker Spawn, position yourself to aim at the edge of the archway, then run forward and throw the Seize.

The Seize will land perfectly in the entryway, tethering enemy agents and temporarily halting their push towards B Site. This gives your team, especially those positioned at B Elbow, a significant advantage in preventing the enemy's advance. If your teammates are alert and focused on the area, you'll effectively block the push and protect B Site from being overrun.

B Site Defending Haunt Watching Mid Cannon, Mid Pillar, and B Main

To execute this lineup, position yourself at B Back and target the dip at the top of the wall. Adjust your aim slightly upwards, ensuring the top of your Haunt throw icon just touches the middle vine on the wall. Then, run forward, jump, and release the Haunt.

The Haunt will secure itself on the wall, its elevated position making it difficult for enemies to spot and destroy. The ability to surveil such a wide array of angles from a single lineup is invaluable, offering insights into enemy strategies and movements.

There you have it, the best Breeze lineups for Fade out there! And hey, if you want to know lineups for all Valorant Agents on Breeze we have those too:

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