Best Cypher Trapwire | Cybercage | Spycam | Ultimate lineups on Breeze

A complete guide for the best Cypher setups and line-ups for all abilities on Breeze.

Updated on Oct 23, 2023
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Best Cypher Trapwire | Cybercage | Spycam | Ultimate lineups on Breeze

All agents in Valorant present different strategies with their abilities on all maps. And how you win depends on how you execute those abilities.

One agent we’ll check out here is Cypher. He’s an information gatherer agent who gets and reports the whereabouts of enemies with his traps, cages, and camera on any map, including Breeze. But those abilities often require lineups and setups. So here we’ll check out the best Cypher setups Breeze Valorant!


Best Defending / Retake Cypher Setups on Breeze

Defending A-site Cypher Setups

A-site Cameras

Best A-site Camera

The best Cypher camera for A-site on Breeze can be placed next to the big pipes on the wall at the left pyramid. Stand on the high ground, jump, and spam left-click to place the camera.

The enemies will find it hard to notice this camera because pipes cover it. And you’ll be getting a good sight of the site alongside the Mid doors too. You can view where you’ll generally have to be to place the camera below alongside the whole overview.

Sneaky A-site Camera

If the enemies start noticing the above camera, you can place a sneaky one on the same side. Go to the fence, aim at the rock behind it and place your camera as shown below.

This camera is hardly noticeable by enemies from A-Main, although it’ll be seen instantly on-site. But you’re getting good insight on the site, which is nice.

It’s best recommended you use this camera once you hear the spike plant audio queue. 

A-site Cages

A-site Mid Wood Doors One-way Cage

You can protect the Mid Doors with a one-way cage from the back-site.To place this cage, stand at the corner of the boxes beside the Mid entrance where the crosshair aims below:

Aim above at the corner of the little opening, and throw your cage. You can see the corner at the crosshair underneath.

You can effectively use this cage at the back-site besides the Yellow container. Here’s how you’ll view the enemies’ legs from there.

A-site Pyramids One-way Cages

Other one-way cages you can do are at both of the Pyramids on A-site. You’ll want to stand at these corners of the pyramids before you throw the cage.

At both of the pyramids, you’ll want to aim at the black corner shown below and place your cages.

With these cages, you use the one-way effectively from the place you’ve thrown them. Here’s what A-Main looks like with these cages activated:

The middle section is a bit revealing, so either stand a bit more on the left or right side of the pyramids.

A-site Planting Spot Cage

There’s no lineup for this cage. Just throw it in the general direction where the underneath cage is activated.

Albeit a simple cage, it’ll help you out tremendously when combined with the Default plant Cypher trap below.

A-site Tripwires

A-site Default Plant Tripwire

To trick enemies who plant at Default, you can place a trap under the fence where the platform is rising. The trap should connect with the pyramid.

A-Main Tripwires

If the enemies don’t use damaging abilities at the entrance of A-Main, these traps are for you. The first trap will go at the rock really low beside the barrier.

The second trap to cover the A-Main cave entrance will be placed similarly on the right at the double box.

The enemies aren’t careful most of the time, so they’ll get caught unless these traps are destroyed.

A-Hall Tripwire

The final trap you can utilize on A-site of the map Breeze is to catch enemies coming from A-Hall above. It’s a simple trap to catch them if they try lurking and backstabbing.

With this tripwire, you’re set to defend A-site on Breeze with the best Cypher setups!

Defending B-site Cypher Setups

B-site Cameras

Best B-site Camera

To place the best camera at B-site on the map Breeze, you’ll want to stand on the high wall near the entrance of B-Main and B-Back. Aim at the inward wall part like below, jump and shoot your camera.

You can see where you’ll have to be exactly to place the camera underneath, as well as its overview.

The best part about this Cypher B-site Breeze camera is that you can catch enemies trying to come through B-Tunnel or head towards Mid Nest!

B-site Hidden Tree Camera

A bit hidden camera you can use on Breeze’s B-site is on a leaf of a palm. Stand on the high wall at the end of B-Lane. Aim at the specific palm leaf below, and place your camera.

You can see below where exactly you’ll have to be to place this camera. Although you won’t see B-Tunnel with this camera, you’re still getting a small peek onto B-Main.

B-site Cages

B-Back Lane One-way Cage

You’ll mostly defend B-site on Breeze from B-Back. So next up’s a one-way cage to defend this lane. Firstly stand at the window frame where the crosshair aims beneath.

Now, look at the abilities UI below, specifically the camera. Align the camera dot with the far-right corner of the pillar in front of the B-Main entrance, and throw your cage.

Here’s what the one-way cage will look like if you’re crouching and defending from the back of the B-Back lane:

B-Tunnel Mid One-way Cage

Another one-way cage for Breeze’s B-site can be placed at B-Tunnel. Stand at this corner of the box in B-Tunnel.

It’ll take you some time to remember this, so better practice it in a custom game with cheats. Aim at the corner of the triangle black bar above, and throw your cage.

If you take notice of enemies coming through mid, activate the cage and crouch to see the enemies’ legs while they don’t see you.

Although enemies that are further back from B-Tunnel may notice you, so keep track of that.

B-site Tripwires

B-site Default Plant Trap

The first Cypher trap you’ll want to utilize at B-site on the map Breeze is at the box near the Default plant spot. Aim the trap really low under an angle, and place it.

The trap’s bound to catch at least a single enemy trying to either cross over or plant the spike.

B-Back Lane Traps

B-Back is an important choke-hold point of B-site on Breeze, so you’ll definitely want to protect it with traps. There’s a single slim pipe that runs on the wall on the left after the B-Main entrance, you can place a trap connecting to the stairs there.

You can also place a trap connecting to the pillar on the same pipe for more B-Back security.

B-Tunnel Mid Trap

If some enemies insist on pushing through Mid into B-Tunnel, placing a simple trap there will help you a lot.

And with this final tripwire, you’re set to defend Breeze with the best Cypher setups out there!

Best Attacking Cypher Setups on Breeze

Attacking A-site Cypher Setups

A-site Attack Tripwires

A-Lobby Flank Tripwire

When you’re attacking A-site on Breeze with Cypher, you’ll want to place both traps for protection of flanking. The first can go right at the entrance of A-Lobby for flankers from B-site and Mid.

A-Hall Flank Tripwire

After that, place a trap at the entrance of A-Hall. Place this tripwire for flankers especially if not a single teammate goes for A-Hall.

A-site Post-plant Tripwire

If you have a trap remaining once you plant the spike, you can use it at the right pyramid’s A-site cubby to catch enemies off-guard.

A-site Attack Camera

To get a simple peak of the site, you can place a camera on the rocks right after A-Main’s entrance like below. 

The camera will be instantly destroyed by campers, but by that time you’ll know where the enemies are located.

A-site Attack Cage

You can also throw a cage near the left pyramid from A-Main’s point of view. This will protect you from enemies coming from Mid.

Attacking B-site Cypher Setups

B-site Attack Tripwires

B-Main Flank Tripwire

First off, place a tripwire right after the barrier on the door entering Breeze’s B-Main. This’ll protect you from all sorts of flanks, mostly B-Elbow. But do watch out for enemy flanks from A-site and Mid headed towards B-Window.

B-site Post-plant Tripwireire

If you have one last trap remaining, you can use directly on the big middle pillar of the site under the spike.

B-site Attack Camera

To get a quick peek at the site, you can use a camera on the pillar below. Keep in mind that it’ll probably get destroyed instantly.

B-site Attack Cage

You can throw a cage toward B-Tunnel to protect yourself against rotating enemies from Mid Nest. With this cage, you should try to plant the spike at Default.

And that’s the last thing you need to know about the best Cypher setups for Breeze in Valorant! If you want to know how every single location on Breeze is called, you should check out Breeze’s callouts.

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