Best Cypher Trapwire | Cybercage | Spycam| Ultimate lineups on Bind

Cypher is still impactful, IF you know how to use his abilities correctly. In this article we will show you the best Cypher lineups on the Valorant map Bind.
Best Cypher Trapwire | Cybercage | Spycam| Ultimate lineups on Bind

In our Bind map guide, we discussed how important having a proper defense is on this map. Even though the Moroccan intelligence broker is not the best Sentinel agent on any Valorant agent tier list, he still does a fine job. Riot Games might have created the agent with the most versatile kit when designing him because Cypher’s Cages and Cameras can serve so many purposes.

Best Attacking Cypher setups

Attacking A Site Cypher setups

When attacking the A Site as Cypher, you can do a lot of different things because his kit is so versatile.

You can trapwire for a potential flank, and even use Cage lineups to smoke off sightlines.

This helps you enter the site and protects you from crossfire or Operator users.

You can use your Camera for information as you are entering the site or palace it here for post plant.

If the enemies smoke off the bomb, you can tag them in the smoke and shoot them.

Also, this is a cool one-way Cage if you have time to push up towards Defender Spawn.

Attacking B Site Cypher setups

When attacking the B Site the best thing you can do as Cypher is use your Camera for information.

Flank trapwires on B Long and Hookah can be good, and this Cage can help you enter the site safely if you don't have a smoke agent.

Just make sure to not go in first, since your utility is more useful than your life.

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Best Defending/ Retake Cypher setups

Defending A Site Cypher setups

A Site Cameras

Best A Site Camera

If you are looking for the best A Site Spy Cam on Bind for Cypher, then this is the one for you.

You need to get up on the small wooden box next to Lamps and jump while aiming for the corner of this building.

You have to make sure the Camera is placed on the corner so you can see both Short and Showers with it.

Another variation of this Camera is the one on the street light but that one is a lot easier to spot and destroy, especially for players coming from A Short.

Most Hidden A Site Camera

If the attackers have learned your sneaky ways and keep looking when pushing to find you camera, you should switch it up between rounds.

This Camera placement is almost never expected yet it does a similarly good job at revealing enemies.

You can see both entrances to the site if someone has entered Lamps, how many players have teleported, and the entire backside of A Site.

Best A Showers Camera

If the enemy team loves slowly pushing up showers late into the round we got Camera and Cage placements to combat this.

While on the Showers entrance, aim for this right wall and above the wooden boxes. This is the view the Camera gives and is great for spotting enemies trying to break a Sage wall or your trapwires.

The chances of this camera being discovered and destroyed are so slim, and even then it would force the enemy team to respect you.

A Site Cages

A Showers right one-way cage

These are the cages that you need to combo with you Showers Camera to create the perfect Cypher setup

Get in the corner created by the three green boxes, aim a bit below the first notch on this cable and move your crosshair a bit to the left.

Throw your cage and it should stick on top of the Lamp and create a one-way that can be abused from behind triple box and behind the tank.

A Showers left one-way cage

This one is a lot easier to do since all you need to do is aim above this corner on the roof over Showers.

You also need to be aligned next to this left steel wall. Just throw your Cage and it should land on top of the other lamp light.

A Lamps one way Cage

Cypher players love combining these next Cages with their trapwire because they can wall spam while playing U-Hall. Hug the left post of the Lamps entrance like this and look up.

Aim for the middle of this wooden post in Lamps and throw your cage. It should bounce off the wall and get stuck in the lamps, creating one of the deadliest Cypher setups on Bind.

A Site Trapwire

A Short Trapwire

Apart from the usual trapwire any Cypher player can place, we recommend that you practice using these Cypher trapwires.

These are great because they are placed specifically there so they can't get destroyed by most utility.

They prevent enemies from casually pushing up and planting on the default plant spot.

Also, they are really effective combined with the first camera we mentioned because if any of your utility tags them, you can wall spam out of U-Hall.

A Showers trapwires

Similarly, enemies will be expecting trapwires right at the entrance, but once they get caught off guard by these two, they will be dead.

Combined with the one-way Cages we showed for Showers, this is how Radiant level Cypher players carry games.

Defending B Site Cypher setups

B Site Cameras

B Long Camera

Get on top of the green box on the B Site and aim for this metal corner while jumping

This Camera will show you most of the site and give you a clear look at B Long.

Above Hookah Camera

You can place this camera anywhere on the Hookah building but this placement is more hidden and harder to destroy.

For this and every Hookah camera placement you will need to jump while placing it.

Entire B Site Camera

If you are playing backside or inside the metal box, you should use this camera.

Its fairly easy to spot and you and you can place it anywhere on this wall, but it has a great sightline on both entrances.

B Site Cages

Hookah one-way Cage

Aim for this spot so when you throw your Cyber cage it gets stuck in this spot.

With this you will create one of the deadliest one-way sightlines, which combined with good Hookah trapwires, will net you easy rounds.

B Elbow Cage

The rest of the cages for B Site are not one-ways but still serve a good purpose to block out sightlines.

If you switch up your utility placement you will always avoid enemies destroying your setup.

B Backside Cages

If you like backside instead of B Elbow you should use these two Cages to be safely able to reposition yourself and play off your utility.

Regardless of your camera placement, you should be able to defend this part of the site with your cages.

With these trapwire placements, you can score a lot of free kills on unsuspecting enemies.

B Site Trapwire

B Plant spots Trapwire

There are a ton of trapwire spots on the B Site on Bind but these are the best ones to prevent the plant.

Regardless of where they are coming from or where they are going, enemies will get tagged and spammed by you in the backside.

Elbow and Site Trapwire

These two trapwires do an amazing job of preventing enemies to take control of the entire site.

Blocking crucial corridors that funnel them into your fire.

B Hookah Trapwires

If you don't like giving control over an area for free, you can use these Cypher trapwires to protect the Hookah window.

With these two trapwires, enemies playing Hookah will be stuck in there, taking heavy fire from you while being stopped by one-way cages.

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