Best Cypher Trapwire | Cybercage | Spycam | Ultimate lineups on Icebox

A complete guide to the best attack and defend setups with Cypher for Icebox in Valorant

Updated on Oct 24, 2023
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Best Cypher Trapwire | Cybercage | Spycam | Ultimate lineups on Icebox

When it comes to Riot Games’ tactical shooter Valorant, all agents play on a levelled battlefield. Every single player has different strategies they have to follow alongside their team depending on what agent they play

One of these agents is Cypher. He gathers information with all the Cypher setups he does on the specific map. So here we’ll check out the best Cypher setups Icebox Valorant!


Best Defending / Retake Cypher Setups for Icebox

Defending A-site Cypher Setups

A-site Cameras

Best A-site Camera

When you’re trying to defend A-site on Icebox with Valorant Cypher Setups, the best camera can be placed from the top of the zipline on-site building. Aim at the metal rod like below, you must jump and shoot your camera.

You’ll be able to peek into enemies coming early on from A-Main. The camera’s pretty noticeable, so watch out for opponents destroying it.

You can see where you have to be placed to jump and throw the camera above. A-site’s visible from here too, which is pretty nice to pull off some Valorant tips-tricks.

Sneaky A-site Camera

If the enemies start noticing the above camera, what you can do is place the camera at the building connected with the zip line right when the barriers drop like below:

You should wait until the enemies push onto the site a little. Then they won’t be able to see it unless they turn back fully. If you activate it early, enemies atop of A-Belt will notice it.

You’ll be able to see those enemies perfectly though. And you can peek at the main entrance below.

A-site Cages

A-site Normal Cages

Normal cages are ones you simply place on the ground at entrances. What you can do on Icebox’s A-site is place 1 cage per entrance onto the site to cover and block enemies’ vision like below:

There are no complicated lineups as far as Valorant tips-tricks go for normal cages. So just throw the cages near the entrances and they should be fully covered.

A-site One-way Cage

To do a simple one-way cage on Icebox’s A-site, stand on the box shown below.

Now you’ll have to throw the crosshair when the barriers are down. So align your crosshair with the T at the centre like below, and throw it.

Here’s what the one-way cage looks like when you defend the site from the right entrance as looked from below when you’re crouched:

This one-way cage combined with a trap will definitely score you a free kill or two!

A-site Tripwires

A-site Normal Tripwires

First come the normal set of tripwires for the best Cypher setups you can do. Just place 1 trap per site entrance, and you can do your first trap like below:

The second trip for the second entrance can be normal, but you can also place it under an angle on the pipes as shown below:

A-site Sneaky Tripwires

If the enemies start noticing the above tripwires, you can do some sneaky ones once the barriers are down. You can place the first one at the entrance of the generator on the barrels.

The second tripwire can be placed at the other entrance normally between the walls.

Combine all cameras and cages with these traps, and you’ve got the best Cypher setups for A-site on Icebox Valorant. But what if you want to defend B-site?

Defending B-site Cypher Setups

B-site Cameras

Best B-site Camera

For the best Cypher camera on Icebox’s B-site, you’ll want to stand on the top of the zip line building. Then aim for the snow pile at the containers on the left towards the entrance like below:

The overview of B-Main with this camera spot is phenomenal. Under that angle you can see enemies heading for Yellow too.

You can also see the site pretty well, and the fact lots of enemies won’t peek above for this camera makes it one of the best.

Sneaky B-site Camera

If the enemies start noticing your above camera, you can do a sneaky one. First, stand on the box at the corner in front of B-Main.

Then, aim the camera at the wall in front of the boxes. Now it’s a bit of a tricky camera, but practice in a custom game with cheats and you’ll get the hang of it. Jump backwards, and spam the left click of your mouse to place it on the wall above as shown below:

The camera will be protected from enemy vision by the building edge next to it. Here’s the overview you’re getting of Icebox’s B-site:

Although you can’t see B-Main, the vision behind Yellow is significant as enemies tend to camp there.

B-site Cages

B-site One-way Yellow Cage

This is a one-way cage that will cover enemies behind Yellow. You’ll want to stand at the corner near the high building.

On the abilities UI below, near the health bar, there’s a little line rising. You’ll want to align it with the below K letter at the double boxes and throw your cage.

Here’s what the cage looks like if you stand at the back-site crouched:

You’ll definitely see the enemies’ feet, and they won’t see you unless they wide-swing.

B-site Box B-Main Entrance Cage

Nowadays enemies tend to climb atop the container at the entrance of B-Main. To counter this with a cage, stand at the box at the corner in front of B-Main. Then align your crosshair with the corner of the black part of the building above, and throw your cage.

Here’s what the cage will look like from the enemies’ perspective:

B-site Normal Cages

Next up are the normal cages. No line-ups or anything, just place them beside both sides of Yellow.

These will cover the most essential part of the B-site on Icebox. But combine them with traps and you’ve got one of the best setups out there.

B-site Tripwires

B-site Default Plant Tripwire

You can align a trap with the container under the right angle with the double box at the default plant spot as below:

This is a tripwire for enemies heading to plant the spike at Default. They’ll get caught instantly. 

B-site Normal Tripwires

The normal tripwires for this setup go besides the Yellow container. You can place one at the first entrance such as below:

The second tripwire will go behind the Yellow container, effectively covering both sides of it.

With this last tripwire, you know the best setups alongside simple Valorant tips there are to defend and retake all sites on Icebox!

Best Attacking Cypher Setups for Icebox

Attacking A-site Cypher Setups

A-site Attack Tripwires

Mid Flank Tripwire

When you’re attacking A-site with Cypher on Icebox, you can place 1 tripwire on Mid for flankers before the barriers fall down. A bit of a tricky placement, but hittable.

A-Main Flank Tripwire

You can double-down with the above trap or place a single trap towards A-Main for flanks too.

A-site Heaven Tripwire

When you plant the spike, you can throw in a trap at the door from Heaven. You can combine it with a cage that’ll be shown later on for the best outcome.

A-Site Attack A-Pipes Camera

There’s also a camera you can utilize at A-Pipes from the high stairs platform at A-Belt. Jump and place the camera at the big pipe at A-Pipes like below:

Even at post-plant, you’re getting a good view of the whole site. The view may be a bit obscured directly at the big generator, but it’s a good payoff.

A-site Attack Cages

A-Main Generator Cage

Attacking from A-Main, you’ll want to place a cage. Nothing hard, no line-ups, just general direction, and placement. Here’s what area you’ll want to hit and cover:

A-site Heaven Cage

Remember the Heaven cage we mentioned before? It isn’t anything to hit hard, a simple jump and throw at the Heaven door would do.

Once an enemy gets trapped in the trap you placed, you can activate the cage for an easy kill.

Attacking B-site Cypher Setups

B-site Attack Flank Tripwires

When you attack B-site on Icebox with Cypher, you’ll want to cover both entrances towards the site with traps for flanks.

B-site Attack Big Tower Camera

You can place a simple camera at the big tower from behind Yellow at the below spot to overwatch the spike and if an enemy tries to defuse it.

B-Site Attack Default Plant Cages

You can throw both cages at the same spot you’ll see below. First, stand at this corner in B-Cubby.

Now aim high for the snowmen far away, aim at this specific snowman’s head from below, and throw your cages.

These cages will cover a big portion of the site. Big enough you’ll only need to clear behind Yellow and the top of the zip line building to plant the spike safely. 

With this last cage, you’re set with the best setups for Cypher on Icebox! Since you’ll want to tell your teammates where the enemies are located based on your traps, you should check out Icebox’s callouts.

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